How to Run Security Camera Wires Outside?

If you are confused about how to install security camera wires outside? Then stress no more as we have prepared a brief guide for you to give you the basics of running security camera wires installation.

Since security these days is a must to look into and to make sure it delivers all-day your wires should be properly run outside. While also making them not too visible for the thief to spot and take a shot at.

Even if it is your first time doing something like this, we will make sure our guide gets you covered. So, you can easily run security cameras in any portion of your house without problems.

First off, make a plan for the route which your main wire will follow. You should plan it such that it’s mostly discreet and not easily seen for the first time. Make sure that the route you find is not that hard and that is short, so you need less wire. This also makes the wiring job easier, trust us!

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A second, now you need to use the wires themselves, you would also be needing some metal protective casing for your live security feed wire. The casing would help the wire to be damaged from outsider intruders or animals.

Thirdly, this step depends upon the type of camera you have installed outside. If it’s a Poe camera then its suitable cable would be enough to make a connection with the main power outlet of your house.

On the other hand, if your security camera is wifi controlled, then just run the security wires for the wifi system to the outlet. Job is done till there folks.

The next step involves finding the point where you want to cut the hole for your outside security camera wires. Afterward drill that hole, for your security wires to enter make sure the hole is of ideal diameter to accommodate the security camera wires.

Moving on, the next step involves hiding your security camera wires either underground or through the metal casing as we explained above. The next step focuses on the completion of the wires and on how they will run. Use them with a fishing tape wire by placing it at the endpoint of that tape and then start the wiring process.

The last step involves slowly start to pull the security wires from their desired entry and exit points. Make sure that your wires do not get tangled otherwise a mess awaits you. Keep pulling the wires slowly as explained above to maintain continuity of the signal inside and to increase the efficiency of the signal.

Conclusively, that’s all for the brief basics on how to run security camera wires outside. We hope it helped clear your questions and helped you with your installation.



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