How to research New Topics / Keywords for your Blog for FREE?

You researched an expired domain, made a simple WordPress Website, started publishing some initial content, and installed the necessary Plugins.

Here is how to install a theme

Let’s dig into some free tools to use for keyword research. How can you fill in your content calendar? easily without having to be an Expert in the niche.

The Goal: Work like you have a passion for creating an ultimate source of information and answers in your niche.

  1. Google Alerts

    Think of all the keywords related to your niche. For example, you picked a baseball niche news blog. Simply Google all the teams and major baseball leagues and tournaments in the US.
    If you have a celebrity blog, simply put in the names of all the celebrities, the megastars, tv actors, news anchors, upcoming models, and any name of a potential celebrity.
    Create a Google Alert for all the related terms you can find and soon you will start getting news articles in your email.
    Every time, Google Alert appears in your inbox, look at different blogs and news articles. Try to cover those topics with different angles and include more details in your blog posts.

  2. RSS Feed Reader

    This Chrome extension is super useful for keeping track of successful blogs in your niche. Add their URLs to this extension. How to do that?
    After you install this Chrome extension, you will get its logo on your Google Chrome browser. You will be asked to sign up. Put in your email and create a password you can easily remember.
    After you log in, Click Add New and it will open a dashboard on their website. Simply put the url of the website you want to follow and it will display the feeds you can follow.
    Follow the whole website or specific categories according to your website/niche.
    After this, you will get notified right in your browser of all the new blog posts that come online. Go on, read those, get inspiration, and create better, more and faster. DO NOT compromise on quality for the sake of speed. Be thoughtful!

  3. Google Search Keyword Suggestions

    For the sake of understanding let’s say you have added a couple of blogs to follow in your Feed Reader. You are also getting news articles in your inbox. The ideas are now overflowing and before they become overwhelming, let’s break down the process to “Targeting Low Competition, High Volume” Keywords.
    When your website is new, you should consider low competition keywords to give it initial push in search rankings.
    Simply put keywords from topic suggesstions in Google and it will autofill the related keywords people are searching for.
    For Example: you received news articles from Google Alerts
    “iphone 15 release date, know about exciting new features”
    Take “iphone 15” as a keyword from above topic and put it in Google Search and write just “a” “b” and note down the keywords.
    Find keywords using Google suggestions
    Now Verify your keyword for low competition in Free ahrefs keyword competition tool. You can also find keyword suggestions with this free feature from ahrefs.
    For most keywords it will show “No data found”. Don’t be discouraged.
    Keep searching for new keywords or different variations until you find Keywords that
    1. Contain at least 4 words
    2. Traffic Volume of at least 300
    3. Keyword difficulty score not more than 10 or 15 to start with.

  4. Start publishing new Content on these low competition keywords according to our Guide on Content Writing.



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