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How to Research an Expired Domain

Last updated on September 19th, 2023 at 11:53 am

Why Expired domain?

Because the domain has been around for some time. If we register a brand new domain. It will take at least 8 to 10 months before search engines even consider ranking our content as the business is new. 

However with expired domains, the content has already been there, it would be just like the change of ownership.

Where to search expired domains?

Go to, register an account, and apply these filters

Go to the “Majestic” Tab

And put in these values 10, 5, or 1. If you don’t get domains by 10, put 5 and try 1 in the end.

How to research an Expired DomainThe idea here is just to see some sort of authority that the domain possessed. 

Now go to the “Common” tab and put in the keyword for your domain.

For example we are going to make a website on dirt bikes

SELECT A DOMAIN YOU LIKE (Try to google every technical term you will see on this page. You will learn a lot. We need it later)

Now search for “spam score finder” on Google      

I use

Put in the domain name you just finalized

We need to make sure that there are not too many spammy backlinks made on the domain.

If the spam score is more than 30 we will drop that domain and find another one.

The last part is to check the same through 

Put in a domain name and see if the website doesn’t show any prohibited content.

If you find a site that looks like a blog or a site that can be rebranded to make a content website, congratulations we just found the right domain.



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