How to Remove Paint from Drywall Without Damaging the Wall

Are you thinking of starting a home project? Then finding How to Remove Paint from Drywall can be the first thing that you should start from. Whether you need to change the color of the paint or the previous paint is damaged and coming off, then removing it from the walls should be the first task.

Due to the excess moisture and humidity, at a certain point, the paint gets damaged and starts to peel off, this is a very unattractive thing for your house as it makes it look old and out of fashion.

But keep this in mind that you can’t just scrape down the paint it will damage and tear the drywall. Multiple techniques are there that won’t damage the wall when you remove the paint.

Method 1

The first option for you is to sand the wall by using grit sandpaper. The sanding by this method will make the wall surface smooth and peel off the paint that is already coming off.

After you are done with step 1 use a wet cloth to wipe off the dust particles on the wall and clean it. After that use a drywall compound on the areas where there are holes and also on the uneven areas.

Now, when the joint compound is dry, check if the holes are filled or not and if they need more compound on them. Repeat the process until you are satisfied.

The last step to this process is sanding with the grit sandpaper again to smooth the whole surface of the wall and then your wall is ready to have new paint on it.

Method 2

If you don’t want to put so much manual effort then you can use chemical paint strippers. But be careful as they can be harmful so use some good chemical resistant gloves, plastic sheets for the floor and also remove all the furniture from the room.

Use a chemical paint stripper that has a thick consistency so it doesn’t drop off on you or the floor. The layers of the chemical paint stripper should be as thick as 1/8 inches on the wall and let it dry for the time mentioned on the box of the chemical stripper. The process can take a few minutes or in some cases a few hours to show its magic.

After the specified time on the box, the bubbles will start appearing on the wall, which indicates that it’s time to take it off.

Use a paint scraper to peel off the paint. When you are done peeling off the paint then use a neutralizer suggested on the box, so the wall is ready to have new paint.

Method 3

If the methods that are mentioned above don’t work for you the last suggestion would be to use a heat gun for scrapping the paint off from the surface.

If you follow this process, you will need glasses to cover the eyes, long sleeve shirt, and good thick gloves fo your safety. Also, keep a paint scraper with you to remove the paint after a heat gun.

Then point the heat gun toward the area from where you want to remove the paint. Keep the gun 2 inches away from the surface of the wall, stop the process when you see the paint starting to melt off and move on to the next section. This way you can completely remove the paint from the wall without damaging the drywall.

If you just want to remove the paint from a specific area then use a cardboard cutting to cover the rest of the area and expose the targeted area through cutting on the board.

When the paint is loose and melting then use a paint scraper to remove the paint.




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