How to Remove Layers of Paint?

Removing old paint and layers of it becomes a tough and demanding task when you do not have a clear method on how to do it. Let’s see today at some of the best quick methods to get rid of layers of paint.

You can see tough layers of paint on mostly anything which can be painted. It could be wooden doors, houses or windows. The first and most effective method to remove the tough layers of paint is through stripping paint technique.

This paint shedding method involves further three subtasks that involve removing paint through grinding, through heating, and lastly using strong chemicals. First, let us focus on the grinding technique for paint elimination.

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With this technique, you can use tools with the grinder such as a rough sandpaper disk and get to work to remove old and tough layers of paint. This is one of the trusted methods which are ideal for removing layers of paint which are high in lead as well. Just slowly run the grinder in horizontal movements over the layered paint area and it comes off eventually after some time.

Removing layers of paint through heating is the second step in our guide. This one is simple you use a heating element and some chemicals. This process removes paint by heating the layered surface of paint for a brief time and then applying the chemical on it to strip it.

However, word of caution with this method is the risk of getting fire in most cases. If you want to try this heat and chemical method use it with utmost care.

Moving on, another great trusted method is using the nasty chemicals to get rid of paintjobs. Again, since chemicals are hazardous to health, you should wear masks and an apron for safety. With this method, simply apply your sand paper wet with chemical on the paint surface and then scrub it off roughly.

The chemical proves effective when it’s more concentrated and breaks down the chemical molecules of the old layered paint easily after some hours. After the breaking down of old paint is done your job is to carefully scrub the entire scene and make it paint less.

Last but not the least, if you think the chemical method is the best method for you. Then you can nowadays buy those chemical strippers which are environment friendly and less toxic. Meaning they work the same way but are much safer to use with, while promising satisfactory results.

Conclusively that’s all for our guide on removing tough layers of paint.



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