How to Remove Hair from Clothes in the Dryer?

A dryer and some DIY tricks are enough to get rid of the pet hair from clothes. There are a few steps to follow.

  • You can take out the maximum hair with bare hands. The rubber gloves also help to clean the fabric from pet hair. Shake your couch or bed well while cleaning.
  • Use the dryer sheets to grab the hair from the floor, clothes, or furniture.
  • You can use a dryer to clean the pet hair. You can set the timings to heat up the dryer and put the fabric into it. The hair will be out of the clothes. Now shake the clothes well and wash them for proper cleaning.
  • After washing, dry the clothes again.
  • A lint brush also helps a lot to take out the hair. You’re supposed to rub the lint brush on the hairy fabric. The hair will stick to the brush all over. Clean the lint brush for the next use.

Similarly, stubborn stains take a lot of time. To have an efficient spot cleaning machine would be a smart idea to get rid of them.

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