How to Reduce Noise Through Walls?

Noise is always an irritating element whether it be across rooms or through walls. So here we present a guide showing effective ways in which you can reduce noise through walls for good.

First, you need to understand why does the noise comes through your walls in the first place. It is simply the fault lies mainly on the contractors which built your wall at cheap prices. The material used during construction of shared walls contains often dry walls with a 2 by 4 area on both sides. This contributes to the ugly noise.

So, the remedy for this problem is something like this. The first thing you can try out is the use of foam panels to cover these noisy walls. These panels are basically of the form of boards which are effective in absorbing noise.

These panels with their particular chemistry of wall molecules increase resistance in the air around the foam panel and as a result reduce noise. Another method to adopt is using the drywalling technique to increase the thickness of your walls. Since noise is less effective on thicker walls so your noise will on auto be decreased through this technique.

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More on, you can also choose the special points of noise inside your walls, and then you can start sound defeating procedure on those points. With the same above foam panel procedure, we defined above.

Another technique to sought out is choosing a spacious area where noise is a problem and filling it up with furniture. Furniture is said to be a good source of sound-absorbing and does help to reduce sound in whatever way it can by reflecting the sound waves from the empty space.

Not only furniture but even bookshelves, some wall paintings, are good options. If the sound is coming close from a window then you can try placing the furniture near those spots. As a result, the sound is effectively diminished.

Take note here that the material used in the sound eliminating process depends highly upon that point from where it originated. For instance, as an alternate to furniture for noise reduction, you can also buy sound eliminating curtains these days to reduce noise from the windows. Cool right?

Apart from the normal wooden and so-called hard furniture, you can also choose softer furniture such as rugs, carpets, etc. These effectively help to absorb the noise waves into their surfaces instead of reflecting them back to other furniture.

That is all for the effective measures we had for you to reduce noise through walls. We hope our guide proves effective in solving your problem.



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