How To Play Vr Games On Android: A Complete Guide

You must be wondering How To Play Vr Games On Android. Finding that your phone can go about as the cerebrum for a VR headset is truly extraordinary. You attach the telephone with a headset, tie that headset to your face, and out of nowhere you approach several applications and recordings all remarkably worked for computer-generated reality.

Changing your phone into a pocket theater, an arcade loaded with special games, and entry to see pretty much all aspects of the world as if you’re there is both mind-blowing and shockingly reasonable.

Large name players from a variety of businesses are for the most part dynamic towards a VR objective, every one of them utilizing somewhat various methodologies.

From cost to specs to space accessible in your home or office to hardware you effectively own, various variables assist you with choosing which gadget is best for you.

Basics You Need to Have

The most important thing that you will require to play vr games on android is to have a pair of headset, a gadget that resembles a thick pair of goggles that go over your eyes.

As the headset is extremely important so it should be one with great quality regardless of its price. To have the best vr game experience the headset quality is the most essential thing.

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The headsets should be accompanied by excellent quality earphones and other extras such as hand controllers. All these things collectively will upgrade your experience of playing and reenact the understanding of being in a different universe.

Hand controllers interpret your genuine signals into whatever game or application you’re utilizing, although standard gaming joypads can likewise be utilized.

Other Basics

The vr gadgets now have their app stores, like the application stores on your mobile phones, where you can go and download different applications and games.

A portion of these stores can be utilized only with the gadget itself, while others – the VR segment of the Steam advanced games store, for instance – can be perused on your PC.

What kind of headsets should be used?

The first VR regarding choice is to decide whether the pc control or android control headsets should be used.

PC- Controlled VR

PC-controlled VR headsets are incredible, for the most part all around fabricated, and are regularly top of the line, giving you a definitive VR experience.

A drawback of PC-controlled gadgets is that they’re frequently fastened to a PC and that equipment must be genuinely ground-breaking to run very good quality VR, or even run the gadget by any means.

In any case, that limitation has gotten somewhat less of an issue with time.

VR on Andriod

Andriod VR offers the unmistakable favorable position of being convenient. You can fly on a Gear VR or Daydream headset and use it anyplace you need.

These types of headsets can easily be connected to your phone and they are also travel-friendly. To enjoy Google’s daydream you must have a top of the line phone, but there are also other alternatives present there to make your experience fun.

Samsung’s Gear VR requires a Samsung gadget however you don’t just have the most recent lead to make it work.

The drawback of these telephone controlled gadgets is that they don’t pile up to PC fueled VR as far as a power.

And keeping in mind that versatile fueled headsets are constructed well, they aren’t as burly as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Moreover, if you don’t have a telephone that can run VR you’ll need to get one.

This is to a lesser degree an obstacle for some individuals since telephone carriers make it simpler to get very good quality gadgets and on the off chance that you go the purchasing by and large course, the vast majority are accustomed to purchasing new telephones each couple of years.

How To Play Vr Games On Android: Step to Step

If you are having any difficulty to set the VR settings on Andriod, don’t worry we have got you covered, with this step to step instructions on how to play vr games on android.

Stage 1: Supplies

  • At first, go through the installation
  • Then get Google Cardboard (or any android vr watcher)
  • Then get your hands on Trinus Vr application on telephone Free or Paid Version (The applications are the equivalent yet one has a period limit)
  • Become a Trinus Vr customer
  • Choose a Game (any game ideally on that utilizations mouse to glance around)
  • Get Lashes For google cardboard

Stage 2: Download Client

  • Go to click the download tab and become a customer.

Stage 3: Download App and Prepare to Pair

  • Download the application on your telephone utilizing one of the connections
  • Presently that the application is downloaded interface with similar wifi as the PC (or LAN).

Stage 4: Start the Server

  • Open trinus vr and select wifi mode. At that point Turn on by tapping the triangle. (triangle should turn blue or purple)

Stage 5: Open Your Game

  • Start your game.
  • It doesn’t make a difference what game it is, nevertheless, games that utilize the mouse to glance around are useful.

Stage 6: Connect

  • Presently open the application on your telephone and snap wifi then the triangle. The application ought to rapidly change screens to a split adaptation of your game.

Stage 7: Play

  • Have some good times playing every one of your games in VR.

Stage 8: Configuration

  • That is all you needed to know before starting your game. Further, you can explore the advanced settings.


The information given above is a small but informative guide on how to play vr games on android to make your experience more friendly and somewhat easy. ..



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