How to pick a door lock with a hairpin?

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Lock picking has never been considered as an ethical act, however it becomes essential sometimes. Picking locks with a hairpin gives you a sense of confidence and satisfaction that no other act would give you. Basic locks are very easy to pick on. Nothing can be made perfectly, which is why a basic lock has an acceptable error tolerance. This tolerance becomes our key to cracking it with a bobby pin.

90% of the locks are made in the same particular way. They consist of six main features, namely: – shear line, driver pins, springs, key pins and housing but we will only focus on the shear line. The shear line is the reason why a lock can be opened through a particular key because it separates the plug of the lock from the housing. When the correct key is used, the key pins and driver pins come to the same difference as the shear line and after that rotation cause the lock to be unlocked. As we mentioned before, nothing is made to perfection. When holes are drilled in the centerline for the plugs, there is a chance that they are not dug at their original places. This slight error gives us a chance to pick the lock.

How to form a bobby pick lock?

First of all, you need to remove the rounded rubber tip on the straight side of the bobby pin using your fingernails. Then hold the pin from each side and start pulling it apart. When it has been bent to a rough shape, stick the straight end of the pin into the lock and apply enough pressure to bend the end of the pin into the hook. After this, take the other side of the pin and bend it downwards in such a way that it crosses the other side and forms a loop. This will help with the pressure and rotation.

For the next step you need to use another pin. You can use pliers or your fingers, depending on what you have available. You might have to spend a lot of energy you are using your fingers. Bend this next pin at a right angled degree, and this will create a shape that acts as a lever.

Insert your bobby pin lever into the lower end of the key. Keep it as low and deep as possible. Then take the bent pin and station it over the lever securely. After this, start moving the pin and push it upwards. If you find it difficult, push harder and further until you hear a click sound. This means that you have finally been able to match the keys in center line, and now your pin will be able to move. Repeat this same process over all the other inside keys until all of them have been pushed aside.

How to form a bobby pick lock

Adjust the tension in the lever if you are having some difficulty, or else the pin will size to move and you will have to start over again. After hearing all the 6 clicks you can rotate the lever (made out of the second pin) and open the door easily. Remember to rotate the lever after every click, it won’t completely rotate itself, but it will cover some more distance each time.

How to form a bobby pick lock

Bottom line:

Lock picking with hairpin becomes easy after a lot of practice. If you do it the right way, you will only need seconds to pick any lock you want. However we suggest you to not use it for any illegal means. Use this trick only when needed!




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