How to organize a mechanics tool chest?

Last updated on August 17th, 2021 at 01:01 pm

A mechanics tool chest is a very personal and a very important aspect of a person’s life that enjoys fixing broken objects. These tools are frequently used causing the whole box to be chaotic. Nothing goes where it belongs and everything just lies on top of each other. There are some particular boxes that are solely made for mechanic tools but users don’t realize their proper uses. This is why we have compiled a proper layout for you to organize your mechanics tool chest.

mechanics tool chest

Having separate drawers:

You should start by sorting the tool types. Choose which tool belongs to what sect and list it down. For example all the metric tools e.g. a veneer caliper or a meter rule should be compiled separately. Moreover, you can sort out the driver or the screws in terms of their sizes as well. This way you will know where to look for, for a specific sized tool.

Make three drawers and place your tools in them. The upper drawer is usually smaller as compared to the other two, which is why it can act as a good socket organizer. Use foam for the second drawer and place all the tools that have to be protected in it. These tools might include screwdrivers, chisels etc. The lower drawer is reserved for the heavier tools because it provides stability for the whole tool box. Moreover, the tools are closer to the ground which makes them easily portable. Lower drawers are usually wider in terms of space and tools like drills and cutters can be kept in them.


You can organize the tool box by using labels as well. Choose a certain pattern and stick to it. At the end of the day, it is you who has to rummage through the tool chest and get what you want. It can be labeled in terms of colors, models, design or usage. You can either keep all the red tools in a certain box, or keep all the cutting tools at one place. Just make sure that the heaviest tools are at the bottom.

cutting tools

Complete customization:

Another great way to organize your mechanics chest is by creating one yourself. For this, you need hard foam. Take out all your tools and set them over the foam. After you’ve decided the perfect place for each tool, start cutting them out with the proper tools. Create finger holes for tools like screwdrivers so that they can be picked up easily. Moreover, a lot of space can be saved if you keep all the small tools together, along with creating a horizontal line in between the foam to pick up the tools easily. A lot of space can be saved if you alternate the direction of tools with handles, especially screwdrivers. There should be a separate compartment for cords and wires and heavier tools should be kept over thicker foams, which can be cut by a retractable blade. You can carve upright wrenches and custom drawer inserts can be created if you have extra tools.

custom drawer

Bottom line:

An organized place leads to better and efficient work and leaves less capacity for mistakes. We have given you several ways to make the whole working process more productive through a clean and organized tool box. We hope it helps you make the dram mechanic tool chest!!



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