How to open schlage lock without key?

Last updated on August 17th, 2021 at 01:43 pm

If you have lost the key to your schlage lock, you might be in trouble. How to open schlage lock without key? must be a question. These locks can only be picked by a very professional pickpockets and not everyone can do this. However one easy way to unlock a schlage lock without the actually key is to make a bump key.

How to open schlage lock without key?

How to make a bump key?

  • The first step is to measure the key size you require. It should be of the same length as the older one. Then you need to review the basic parts of the key before forming them into a proper shape. Length is the longest measurement of the key. Grooves are the dips on the serrated end of the key. A peak located right after each groove and it can either be straight or shaped outwards. The maximum depth is the length of the deepest groove cut and tracks are narrow indentations on the centerline of the keys. The shoulder proves to be a barrier for the outside part and the inside part of the key.
How to open schlage lock without key?
  • Use a permanent marker and trace the outline of the key design you want. You should know about all the grooves, peaks and the maximum depths. Just remember that the maximum death should not overlap or cross the tracks. Then use a bench vice or keep the key securely on a place in such a way that the part where you drew with permanent marker should be visible. Then carefully take your file and staring carving out the key. You don’t have to be perfectly accurate but try being as precise as you can. After trough carving the key, use a taper filer to adjust the lengths and depths of a groove. Don’t go deeper than the original length and the number of grooves should be similar on both sides.
  • Then start filing all the peaks in such a way that they should only be 5mm above the grooves. The peaks should be equal in height with each other and they should not be very long. A very long peak will get stuck in the key lock. Use another filer to give a clean look to the key and then flatten the shoulders into a straight line. Finally cut the tip of the key and make sure it is pointed. Your bumper key is ready.
  • As the length of key can never be regular, you should put the key in the hole and make the length that goes inside. Then cover that area with rubber so that no extra goes in. Now insert the key inside the lock and turn it clockwise. Hit it a little harder with something to give it a *bump*. This will help the key fit perfectly into place and you can rotate it again and open the lock. There you go with an easy fix to open a schlage lock. Unfortunately, there is no other way to open this particular lock even with pins or a credit card. A bump key is your only option.

How to open schlage lock without key? must not be a problem if you follow the right steps. 




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