HowTo Make a Frozen Drink in a Blender

There is an art to creating a frozen drink. When ordering a frozen margarita or a slushy at a bar, you get the perfect tasting yummy cold beverage. But when you try to make one at home, you realize that there is more to making a frozen beverage than just simple formula.

To make perfect smoothies and margaritas, you will not only need a perfect blender, but also perfect technique so that you can enjoy a delicious tasting frozen drink on a hot summer day with your family and friends without making a mess.

Here are some tips to make perfect frozen drinks that bartenders use. These tips will help you when you are having a summer party at your home and want to make a mark on your guests with perfect slushies and margaritas.

Tip 1: use a powerful blender:

There is nothing worse than having large chunks of ice in your frozen drinks when it comes to making cold beverages. You need to use a blender that will crush fine ice and do the perfect job of mixing ice with the fruit pulp or juice. A high end blender will be perfect for this job.

There are some frozen beverage machine available in the market that are designed for the sole purpose of making frozen drinks perfectly. If you have got the money to spend, these machines are the perfect option for making cold beverages for any kind of parties. These machines are very easy to use. They also have a spout in them that can be used to pour the drink into the glass easily.

Tip 2: use crushed ice:

Most people just trough the big blocks of ice inside the jug, hoping to find a perfectly blended smoothie after opening the jug. Crushing large bit of chunks can damage the blades of your blender and make it work over time. If you use already crushed ice, the blender will be able to mix it with the juice pretty easily and you will have a frozen drink just as you want.

There are some blending machines available too that have two compartments. The first one crushes the ice smoothly and then pours the crushed ice into the next compartment in which fruit pulp and juice is mixed with the ice. These machines are a bit expensive than regular ones, but they make perfect frozen drinks.

Tip 3: blend for a limited time:

The end goal of making the perfect frozen drink is to achieve that thick icy consistency that will be perfectly crushed and will not be thin and runny. The one thing to keep in mind when you are making the frozen drink is not to let the blender run for too long as it will result in a rather thin drink.

When you add crushed ice into your juice or frozen fruit, just blend them enough that they are mixed properly, but don’t let it run for more than 5 minutes.

Tip 4: use frozen fruit:

Using room temperature fruits in the frozen drinks not only ruin the taste, but also doesn’t provide that thick consistency of frozen blended drinks.

To make best tasting frozen smoothies and margaritas, you must use frozen fruits. You can purchase frozen fruits from the market or freeze them by yourself. If you want best tasting frozen drinks, consider freezing fresh fruits.

Freezing the fruit doesn’t only seal the flavor in it but also traps water molecules inside the fruits that turns them to fruity ice chunks, which will mean that they will give more icy consistency to the drink.

Tip 5: start the blender on low:

Even though you are very eager to make frozen drink quickly to drink them or to serve your friends, but this mistake must be avoided if you want the best results. Doing this can not only result in poor quality drink, but it can also hurt your blender’s sharp blades. Don’t be impatient and start the blender on few pulses before turning up the speed slowly and gradually build up the speed, blending the ice into the fruit, finally making perfect blended frozen drink.

Tip 6: serve cold:

When it comes to the best advice concerning the topic of frozen drinks, it’s to serve the beverage instantly after making it, so that it stays cold. If you keep the drink after blending, the ice will melt and it will add water in the drink that will ruin the taste and consistency of the frozen drink.

So, there you have it. These are the tips that you should follow while making a frozen drink to have the best tasting beverage in a quick matter of time.



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