How to Maintain a Swing Set?

Seeing your kids smiling while swooshing over the playset in the lawn is just soothing to the soul—well, to make that aura of happiness everlasting, one needs to make sure that the swing set remains in good stature. Here, we have validated the certain query of “how to maintain a swing set?” So you could take care of it efficiently. The complete maintenance consists of various steps and key points that overall are important for thorough care. Now, before getting on to the maintenance methodology, certain parts of the swing set might need checking.

Inspecting Different Parts of a Swing Set

The parts mainly compose the swing sets, if get malfunctioned, then it might cause damage or even misfortune during the play. As for the reports, people just lose certain body functionality because of falling from a sudden breaking swing set. The main components of a swing set that might need checking are;

  • Chains
  • Shackles and S-Hooks
  • Hangers
  • Swing Seat


Chain designs attach swing seats to the swing set construction. These chains are usually either made of;

  • Zinc-Coated
  • Galvanized Steel

They also comprise a protective rubber or plastic coating. These need to be examined, any damage will suggest a replacement, especially if they show any observable link-to-link corrosion.


S-hooks connect the chain to the upper hangers and the swing seats together. Confirm that every S-hook is fully closed, with no noticeable gaps.


Sometimes shackles are used as an alternative to S-hooks for the swing seat connections, making easier seat attachment. Since both shackles and S-hooks are moving parts, they should be checked for any signs of extra abrasion.


Hangers attach the swing chains to the top bar of the swing set. They can be designed as detachable components or can be welded. They are adhered to be checked for component reliability and integrity.

Swing Seat

Swing seat visible damage is easy to mark, immediately replace the broken ones. Any tears or rips in a rubber or fabric swing seat means its reliability is compromised; the same implies any wooden or plastic swing seat broken or cracked. Remove any broken or damaged swing seats, and do not let the children to use the swing until you install the replacement seat.

Maintenance of a Wooden Swing Set

Wood can easily rot as compared to other materials like steel. When you own a wooden swing set, it is necessary to maintain it accordingly so that the swing set could remain safe for the children—last for several years. There are different measures to take proper care and maintenance.

Inspection and Repair

To ensure the safety of your children, you should inspect the wooden swing set at the beginning of each season, then once every month. The inspection of certain parts will help in knowing the condition,


When the weather is warm and dry, splinters could be sticking out from the woods. You should take them out and smooth the surface with sandpaper.

Lumber Expansion

Different weather conditions can cause the lumber to expand or shrink. It is essential to check the bolts & screws and tighten them as required.

Washing the Wooden Structure Set

The outlook of your wooden swing set can be influenced by certain elements as;

  • Weather
  • Sun Exposure
  • Wear & tear

Washing it once every three months is vital to keep it looking great.

How to Wash Properly?

Power washing removes debris and adds needed moisture back into the wood, which helps sealants penetrate the wood more efficiently. It also restores the look of handles, ladder rungs, and plastisol that are tainted or moldy.

Staining and Sealing

Outdoor wood ages with time so its appearance changes. Staining and sealing can prevent your wooden swing set from aging.

Stain & Seal: Which one’s better?

Deciding on whether to seal or stain the swing set can be done by inspecting the wooden parts. Remember, a seal would protect from moisture damage, while a stain is a color that protects against ultraviolet rays. If your set is older than two years, you should do both all at once. Select a color that matches the existing lumber. Unless the paint fades out and you want a new look, you can choose a different color.

Lubricate the Metallic Parts of the Swing

You need to grease the swing’s metallic parts to avoid;

  • Rusting
  • Sluggish swings
  • Screech during the moments.

Do not forget to clean up the oil drops from swings to ensure a clean swing set for children.

Safety Surfacing Inspection

No playground inspection is complete without also checking the condition and depth of your safety surfacing. How deep your safety surfacing needs to be will depend upon the type of material you have in place (e.g., PIP, shredded rubber, bonded rubber, rubber tile, synthetic turf, loose-fill engineered wood fiber). Any loose-fill surfacing should be raked and fluffed regularly, otherwise the whole will become compact and tight. This might be damaging for the playing children.

Sharp Edges

You will have to discover sharp edges on the structure of swing sets. Sharp edges are risky in any play environment, and they should be corrected straight away.

Bolts & Other Welding

You will also have to ensure that any welding or bolts are secured & snugged. If you find any hardware to be damaged or missing, replace those items as soon as possible. To make sure the robust feature, acquiring best heavy duty swing sets will help in the anchoring of structure to the ground.

How to Anchor a Swing Set?

Injuries & Fatalities Due to Unmaintained Swing Sets

A swing set is undoubtedly one of the kids’ favorite playground structures—but no one knows when the pleasure might change into certain uncertainty. The fatalities because of the malfunctioning swings are commonly addressed as;

  • “Brett Berg, Registered Nursing Staff at HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital, Eau Claire reported that wounds and injuries while playing on the swing sets & with another same sort of playground equipment are commonly addressed.” (Source)
  • In 1999, an estimated injury of 0.2 million was addressed because of certainty with playground equipment—the precision in a report from National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) 11/1/98-10/31/99 induced that of which 70% index of injury was because of swings. (Source)

One should always ensure that the swings are in good condition to avoid injuries and accidents—if the stature is merely unbearable and need changing then a God metal commercial swing set for heavy-duty plays will be helpful. It won’t maintenance for long and no probability of equipment malfunctioning.

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