How to Install Hinge Door Stop Efficiently?

A door with nothing to regulate its limit of motion is extremely hazardous to your walls. Because if the door decides to swing wildly open, there’s a strong possibility it’ll slam into your walls hard and quickly. This is also true for your lightweight interior doors. Installing door stop is one of the best solutions to this problem. This will take you very little work and resources. So, let’s figure out how to install a door stop hinge pin securely and correctly today.

How to install a hinge door stop?

A hinge pin door stop has a basic mechanism. It is just a simple gadget that connects to the hinge assembly. It operates by preventing the door from opening far enough to cause a smash against the next wall. The hinge pin door stop installation method will take you five minutes. Let’s Go For It…

Removal of the Hinge Pin

In some hinge pin versions, the manufacturer may request that the door be removed from its hinges before installation. However. This isn’t usually required. Begin by shutting the door where you intend to place the door stop. You must now obtain the upper hinge pinout. You’ll need a hammer and a screwdriver for this. A little chisel may also suffice here.

Place the screwdriver’s blade just beneath the pin’s head. If you’re going to use a chisel, make sure it’s on a flat surface.

Installation of Door Stops

Hold the hinge pin tightly with your hands. Slide the doorstop gently. It should have a couple of rubber-tipped sides. You must place the fixed side of the stop toward the door. While the adjustable side will face the wall.

hinge door stop

Next, replace the hinge pin.

Now that the stop is in position at the top of the hinge, gently push the pin back. Similar to how the door was all wiggly and moving about when you were removing the pin, it will exhibit a similar problem this time. As a result, you must either manage to keep it stable or seek assistance in keeping the door open. This will allow you to freely place the pin into its correct location.

The pin has a hard time staying in place at times. In that scenario, you should lightly touch the pin’s head. Keep in mind that the pin will no longer be able to sit as low as it formerly did. Because you already have a doorstop installed.

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Make Some Changes

When you’ve finished replacing the pin, it’s time to adjust the back leg. It’s the one with its back to the wall. The rubber end of the doorstop will need to be turned. Continue doing so until the rubber end is approximately the same distance from your wall. Try opening and closing the door a few times to figure out where you want it to stop.

Keep in mind that the maximum angle of the door should never be less than 90 degrees.

People are perplexed when it comes to installing numerous hinge pin magnetic door stop. The number of hinge pin door stops required per door is determined by the weight of the door. If you are using a heavier door, you will need to repeat the operation and install another hinge pin door stop for the bottom hinge. This is necessary due to the increased safety concerns.

Important Factors to know for getting the Hinge Door Stop 

Though there are so many considerations but, the core one includes

Size of the Door

When selecting a hinge-pin door stop, the first thing to consider is if its size is appropriate for the measurements of your door. This includes not just the door’s size but also its weight.

Interior doors, as you may know, are lighter in weight than outside doors. As a result, they don’t need as powerful a hinge pin door stop. Interior doors benefit from smaller door stops, but larger, solid-core doors require heavy-duty, big hinge pin door stops.

Bumper made of rubber

A hinge pin door stop is made consisting of a rubber bumper that maintains it in place. This bumper’s durability is crucial to evaluate because it will definitely need to be replaced at some time. This occurs as a result of cracks appearing on the bumper as a result of temperature fluctuations in your room.

Fortunately, these bumpers are replaceable. So choose a doorstop with a rubber bumper that is simple to remove and replace without disassembling the complete unit. Choose a higher-end door stop with a longer-lasting rubber bumper to avoid repeated repairs.


Although the essential function stays the same, hinge pin door stops are available in a variety of designs. While the great majority of hinge stops have bumper ends on each swing arm (the component that holds the door open), the swing arm itself can vary in design. Some resemble a water faucet, while others like a half-moon. It is up to you to decide which one appeals to you more.

Still, if there is any ambiguity for installation of the best door stop, here is 

Visual assistance to install hinge pin door stop

In the end

Consider the finish and style of the hinge pin door stop while selecting it. The doorstop should match the rest of your hardware. Otherwise, it may attract undue attention. To avoid the situation, you may alternatively use an invisible door stop.



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