How to Install an Electric Tankless Water Heater

A tankless water heater has become popular due to its functionality, pricing, and compact size. It can only provide the water as per the requirement instead of storing it so, you don’t have to worry about running out of hot water while using.

The pullback for the tankless water heater is that it is incapable of running 2 or more showers at a time because it provides hot water in real-time. However, in case you attach more fixtures, you have to check the heating capacity of your unit first. Here are some factors that will be a guide for you for installing an electric tankless water heater.

How to Install an Electric Tankless Water Heater?

For installing, we often search out for an electric tankless water heater installation near me that will bring the results for professional plumbers.

However, electric tankless water heater installation requirements are quite easy but you have to take care of it. In order to do it right, it is suggested to get an idea of how to install a tankless electric water heater first if you want to do it yourself. 

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Electrical tankless heater installation requirements include

Not every household is suitable to have an electric tankless water heater due to the high amp draw for the unit. In order to install the tankless water heater electrical requirements must be checked. You have to upgrade your electric panel with powerful wiring and big breakers as well. 


  • To begin with the installation, you have to locate the place where you want it to be installed. Drywall or the plaster, on the wall between the studs. For installing it in the wall, you need a stud finder to cut the hole for attaching the unit right.
  • Locate the water supply and route the water supply to the water heaters the pipes. The water utility that leads to the water heater must be inlet while the leading to the house must be connected to the outlet. Now, along with that, install the shut-off valves on both water supply pipes.
  • Also, do not forget to add a pressure-relief valve too. Use a union fitting for the final connection for the inlet and the outlet of your water heater. Turn on the valve of the water, open the faucet and check if it is working, 

How to Install a Gas Tankless Water Heater?

Installing a gas water heater could be dangerous if the person is not professional. It is recommended to hire a licensed contractor. Still, to install the tankless gas water heater, make sure,

  • The gas pipeline must be adequate in size that can allow tapping in the tee easily. Take the gas pipe to the location of the water heater using a black iron pipe (threaded). 
  • Take the right measurements from the location from the gas connection to the water heater. 
  • You can use the previous tee if you are re-installing the heater at the same place. 

Note: Remember to turn off the gas line while removing down the pipe.

  • Install a gas valve in the unit when the line begins to run. Make sure to install the sediment trap too. Connect sediment trap as per the instructions of manufacturers. 

Remember: A flexible gas line runs the gas supply where it can easily attach to the tankless water heater.



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