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How to Install a WordPress Theme & Necessary Plugins to your New Website

Last updated on September 7th, 2023 at 07:25 am

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Alright, so you have published first few articles, Great! Let’s get your website in a Good shape
The First thing we need is “a Well Formatted Content”. That means your article contains Headings, sub headings, bullet points, images and info charts where required to bring it in a “Readable” form.

Remember, just like when you Google any query and more often we don’t read the whole page, the content you write must be filled with “Informative Context”

Keep it “To the Point”

So you got a handsome article with all the qualities we just mentioned, now this content should be present with well-integrated ads.

Rather than a lot of designing, keep it simple. Your blog post should only present 3 things to the readers

  1. Navigation:
    Easy to Navigate Options with Categories and Links to relevant pages.
  2. Content:
    To the point, informative, well formatted.
  3. Ads:
    A source for you to earn money to keep up the motivation and keep offering this information on subject for free.

The problem is with our priorities. We keep the 3rd one at the top.

In order to get your website in a good shape, the first thing is theme. Which wordpress theme you choose will make a difference to all 3 points mentioned above.

In your WordPress Dashboard on the left

Go to Appearance > Themes

The next page will open like this.

Install new wordpress theme tutorial with screenshots

Click on “Add New”

On the next page you will find a number of options like Latest themes, a whole collection of modern wordpress blog themes

You can also search for a theme related to your niche in the search bar.

Don’t limit yourself to WordPress Database however, use Google, search for wordpress themes. Make sure that the theme is lightweight and don’t focus too much on design. Keep it simple.

Whatever theme you choose make sure it fulfills the basic Google requirements of Page Speed. Put your website or any blog post url in

If it’s showing good or “Green” status, your newly chosen wordpress theme is good to go otherwise do another research and choose next theme.

What about Plugins?

Alright so once you have your theme installed and your website is starting to feel better, the two most important plugins you will need are

  1. Rank Math (For SEO)
  2. WP Rocket (For Speed)

both of these plugins will play a vital role in preparing your website content to rank well in Search Engines.

Once you click add new

Search for “Rank Math” and “Wp rocket” on the next page

Install and activate both plugins.

How to add plugins to wordpress tutorial with screenshots

While the other plugin WP rocket is pretty straight forward to install and activate, we highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with Rank math.

How it works? How to get maximum exposure for your content and every other seo setting is explained in this official video by creators.



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