How to Get the Best Small Microwave for Camping?

Having warm food somewhere in the middle of some area is like a blessing in disguise whether you are out camping or out for a ride on an RV. A small microwave on sale is a valuable option to have for a ride. How to get the best small microwave could put you in a dilemma like if you are getting a 600 W to 700 W microwave. Make sure they must have other features as well. In this blog, we are sharing some key points that will help you to make a final decision. Here are some quick pointers.

What to look for in the small microwave for car?

The capacity (a small footprint microwave)

  • The lower your microwave’s carbon footprint, the less energy is wasted and the more power efficiency you can get out of it. 
  • You may rely on microwaves to provide camping reliability without depleting your car’s or a solar battery’s energy reserves.
  • You should also seek a compact and small microwave for boat with a large platter and a capacity of at least 0.6 to 0.7 cubic feet. Inspect your microwave for moisture and other quality control concerns.

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Voltage and Wattage

  • In the microwave business, 600-700w is considered modest power. Microwaves powered by solar or batteries range in power from 700 watts to 1.1 kilowatts. 
  • The maximum power is 1.1Kw. Further, the rating of the wattage around the multimeter or watt reader may suggest that your microwave is a 900-watt device rather than a 600-watt one. 


  • This is because microwaves are inherently inefficient in terms of watts. 
  • An AC/DC type is preferable to avoid a tiny microwave from overtaxing your battery pack, whether it’s the car battery or the solar battery.

Ease to use

  • You can’t afford to be untidy while camping on the road. As a result, having a microwave that can be readily cleaned with baking powder or liquid detergent and water is advantageous. 
  • For that, you will lookout for a low-watt microwave that you can quickly remove for cleaning and rebuilding. 
  • Keep an eye out for units that require longer cooking periods. Because of their low wattage, all low-watt microwaves need you to cook for longer periods, although there are units that can optimize their wattage restrictions.

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Non-Portable or Portable Microwave for car

  • Low-watt microwaves are usually always smaller than standard-sized microwaves. This is since the size of your microwave is directly related to the power and the wattage.
  • High-power microwaves are so enormous that they can match the size of an icebox. They’re also significantly heavier. That being stated, a low-watt microwave might be portable or non-portable in terms of size. If you can buy one that isn’t portable, it should be able to fit on most counters.
  • A portable one, on the other hand, may be brought along in the tents and save you a lot of storage room.

Programmed and Preset Menus

  • A decent 700w microwave for campers should feature preprogrammed preset menus that will allow you to bake to prepare a variety of meals.
  • For good measure, it should feature a defrost option or a defrost button.

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Battery Usage

  • Most individuals use a low-power, 12-volt microwave to enjoy hot meals when they are disconnected from the power grid. Even a 12-volt microwave oven may consume your vehicle battery or solar battery in a matter of minutes if you’re not careful. 
  • You should take special care not to discharge your vehicle battery since you will need it to start your RV or camper van. A drained battery will prevent your car from starting.
  •  If you often use your microwave, you’ll need to recharge your vehicle’s battery by starting and revving your RV on a regular basis, such as every morning.

Compact Size

  • When purchasing a low-watt microwave, look for one that is compact and elegant. It shouldn’t be so little that you can’t put a 10-inch dish inside, but it should be small enough to fit into your already restricted area and tiny tabletop. 

Compact Size

  • Quality low-wattage microwaves are available. They should be compact, but not so compact that they cannot hold at least 0.6 to 0.7 cubic feet of food maybe.

Closing the blog with..

The key pointers to buying the small microwave for camping are assembled together to provide you with prior knowledge before making a purchase. However, the one with 600 -700W range small portable microwave for oven is recommended. This is because the low wattage small microwave for semi truck is a popular choice among truckers, campers as well as RVs. 

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