How To Fix Bicycle Rack For Motorcycle?

When you love to cycle all day along with your bicycle and need to take it wherever you go. It’s a great idea often to get it fixed with a bicycle rack for a motorcycle. Let us find out more about what it is and how to get it done.

A bicycle rack consists of a metallic frame attached at the rear end of your motorcycle which holds together the main part of your bicycle while you are traveling. These racks can be used in either a position, vertical or horizontal. Apart from a few differences, the choice depends upon the type of stability you want.

So, the basic step steps for fixing the bicycle rack for your motorcycle are as follows.

  • First, you would need to get yourself a base plate. This can be easily bought from Amazon and other sites.
  • Get the base plate of good and sturdy quality and avoid cheap plates here.
  • Next up a square piece of steel is required which would be attached to the docking point of the plate.
  • The docking piece is also easily available from hardware stores.

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  • Next up you need another square long steel plate that would be drilled at the center of the base plate.
  • This long plate should be adjustable in height based on your bike’s length.
  • Then at the top point is the roof rack which is commonly found on cars and bikes.
  • Whose diameter is adjustable from 12-20 mm as per required by your bicycle’s tire.
  • The next step is installing an iron tube from the metallic plate in the last step which comes outwards after wielding.

Those are the basic steps for making your bicycle rack. Now for installing it on the bike.

  • Firstly, slide it onto the backrest of your motorcycle.
  • Making sure that the base plate fits perfectly well to the end of your bike rest for good stability.
  • Lock it up nicely.
  • The lock is applied by fixing the rack downwards from the long metal plate.
  • When your bike is being fitted in taking care of the base metal with the pedals of your bike.
  • The metallic plate should not exert too much pressure on the pedals otherwise during longer travels it might cause the pedal to break.

With more basic accessories involving metallic nuts and frames to make the rack stronger.  If you desire you can also use a wooden rack at the base to keep the bicycle stable in a different manner on your motorcycle.

That was all for the basis for fixing the bicycle rack onto your motorcycle. We hope it helped.



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