How To Curl Hair With Rollers?

To all the girls out there who try their best to curl their curly sometimes rough hairs most suited to particular occasions but still fail. Well do not give up hope beauties, follow the steps in this brief guide on how to curl hair with rollers and you would be good to go. We promise.

Using curlers seems quite straight forward at first and we think it pretty much is. Still, you need to clear some basic steps and confusion to get your hair curling and with a fresh hot look every time you decide to pick up your rollers.

  • First, decide on the type of roller you are going to use. This depends on the number of curls you are aiming to get and the style of your hair.
  • For instance, tighter curls go for small curlers, and for large and soft dashing curls go for large rollers. As a friendly tip, your hair should be almost shoulder length to get good curls with hair rollers.
  • The second step involves, first straightening your hair using a blow dryer only if your hair is a mess before curling. This helps in ensuring smooth and uniform hairs for good curls later on.
  • The third step involves, ensuring the proper temperature of your rollers.

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  • Smaller temperature ranges are ideal for getting soft spiral-shaped curls and higher ranges for tighter curls.
  • Next, you are advised to make separate sections of your hair. The style would resemble something as that of a mohawk with a two- or three-inches space in between.
  • Then tighten your hair with a clip. Make some even portions of hair on your side for safer and cleaner curling at later steps.
  • Then begin the rolling from your forehead. Pick the section gently which you partitioned in the earlier step and away from your head.
  • You will roll here by starting at the endpoint of this partitioned hair portion and then coming towards the scalp. At end-use hair, clips to secure the portion.
  • Then comes the evenly divided sides of hair on your head. Use the roller carefully in a diagonal manner ending at the ends of the section.
  • Make sure to give a tight and safe roll here right towards the scalp. Also secure the ends with clips after being done.

As a pro tip, if you want more height in your rolls, try rolling from an angle of 90 degrees. Thank us later.

Moving on, while you are at rolling for curls make sure that you allow your rollers to completely cool down before you start rolling with them again. If you remove them too fast from your hairs, you would get brief period curls. Although the healing time would be more here, take a breath you will be pleased with the results!

When cooled, remove your roller. Then again resume the process of curling starting from the bottom to the top side. Keep your roller in one hand and keep removing the clips with the other hand.

At last, to make sure you get neat and flawless curls opt the natural technique. Which is like a lover’s touch run your fingers through your recently acquired curls. Try using a hairspray product as well at this stage if you are up for it and want curls to last longer.



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