How to choose paddle board?

Last updated on August 3rd, 2022 at 01:59 pm

Paddle boarding is a very fun way to spend time on the water. You don’t require waves to surf the oceans, sea or even lakes. Paddle boards are very cheap in terms of price and buying them always proves to be worth your while. There are certain aspects of a baldly board that you need to be careful about before buying it.

How to choose paddle board?
  • Weight:

The weight of a paddle board should be researched about. An average weight for paddle boards in 20 to 30 pounds. This is important because a heavier board will cause you to sink in the water if you are over weighted. Keep the carry handle design in mind as well. The old carrying handles are very difficult to pick whereas the newly introduced butterfly handle is perfect for trips. It has a comfortable grip and reduces the finger tiredness. The fingers can easily fit into the handle and this way you can easily pick the board from the floor as well.

  • Balance of the board and width:

Stability and balance are the most important part of the paddle board and width determines it. The boards are usually 35 inch wide to accommodate all body types. A 35 inch wide board will let people with hip injuries paddle with ease as well. All the thin paddlers with lesser pounds should buy narrow boards or else it will become hard to maneuver through water or carry around.

  • Length:

The board should be long enough to displace the correct amount of water while paddling. A beginner should own a shorter board because it is easy to move and direct around. Moreover, there will be no need to put any hard work in making it move. Longer boards move fare than the shorter ones, so if you’re running a tournament or in a racing competition, you need longer boards.

  • Board constructions:

Paddling boards are made up of several different materials including fiberglass, carbon fiber or plastic. Boards can either be hollow to reduce some weight or solid to make sure that they are stable. Plastic made paddle boards are affordable and heavier ac compared to others. Moreover it has a durable exterior. Fiber glass material is not very cheap, but it can be used for various paddling processes. It adds durability and strength to the board. The inflatable paddling boards are very light to carry and its drop stitch construction allows them to be easily stored in small storage spaces. There is a specific hard bottomed board known as soft tops. It is a high density boat and it can resist a lot of weight.

How to choose paddle board?



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