How Tint Front Windows Works?

If you are in love with customizing your car and have often wondered about trying something unique by tinting your front windows then this article is for you. Where we explain how front tint window tint actually works and the basic steps required for it.

Tinted front windows usually help to block harmful UV rays from the sun which may damage your skin. At the same time, they also give more privacy to the people inside the car while also preventing outsiders to see inside.

So, while the process of tinting is often thought to be hard and time taking let’s see in brief the main steps on how it works.

First choose a place which is clean and also dry as to not moisturize the surface of your car. Trying indoor tinting is a good option by the way. Secondly, then start working on removing any stickers or other obstacles on the window.

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Afterwards clean your front windows thoroughly, using as recommended soap water and a razor blade for the glass. Make sure to reach the entirety of the window and later on after you have successfully washed both the windows to be tinted dry them using a dry and clean towel or any similar cloth.

Make sure that you window is clean and dry otherwise during tinting it will cause problems. The next step involves peeling of the tint just as you would a sticker. Choose the sticky side of the tint of course. Also make sure that the non-sticky side is facing towards you while you are tinting.

The next step then involves placing the tint on the front windows such that it covers the entire window as intended. Make sure that you cover more than 60 % of the tint material on the corners of your windows. Be cautious as to not adhere the tint at the moment!

Then the step of cutting the exact tint arrives as you may have guessed. Use a blade carefully to cut the exact size of the window to be tinted according to your measurements but make the sizing of the tint with 2 or 3% more room for adjustments.

Then apply the window to be tinted with a spray of water, when that is done apply the tint you cut onto the window with the thin layer of water. You will see the tint sticking to the front windows. With this done the next step involves, cutting the bottom and top of edges of the tinted window.

Using a knife, you will be able to get the perfect shape and tint on the front window. Later on, if all went well you will see your tint stick like a square in the middle and two edges on the corner will stick perfectly as well.

Lastly, remove any extra layers of tint left on the corner of the door. That’s it and you are done with tinting on your front windows.



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