How much does scooter insurance cost?

If you are riding a scooter or a moped, having the general knowledge on the insurance of these vehicles might come in handy sometimes. Even if the insurance for these vehicles is not certainly necessary, it is better to be well-informed on the matter.

Moped or scooter insurance generally come under the motorcycle insurance category with certain exceptions. Mostly insurance companies offer a general type of insurance for these type of vehicles, but it is always a best idea to get information from many agents, to get the deals that suit your budget and requirements.


What kind of insurance policy do you need?

The first thing to find out while trying to get your scooter insured is that in which category does your vehicle lies. Depending on the state in which you live, the law can be quite different, so you will need to learn first whether you need to register for insurance for your scooter or not.

Another thing to keep in mind is that scooters and moped hardly ever get insurance policies solely directed toward them, which means that you will have to take the insurance policy offered for the general category of motorcycles. You need to see what other features such insurance policies provide, to get the maximum benefit out of them.

Standard insurance policies don’t often guarantee the coverage for the person riding the scooter, nor the damage to the vehicle, so if you get injured in an accident or your vehicle gets damaged, you may not be compensated. Whereas, some motorcycle insurance policies provide coverage for physical injury and the property damage. So if you get this type of insurance, you will be covered with the conditions of insurance of a motorcycle.

Other features that insurance policies offer:

If you get injured, or your scooter gets damaged in an accident, there are some insurance policies that cover extras and offer to pay the medical bills of the injured person in such cases. For example, in many states, there are some optional coverages that cater to uninsured or underinsured persons and help to cover damages when such a person causes an accident.

In case your scooter also gets damaged in such an accident, extra coverage insurance policies will also pay the cost to repair your scooter. Even though you will have to pay some extra cash for this type of insurance coverage, but still, if it gives you peace of mind, it is well worth it.

Other insurance policies can offer coverage for the items you might have lost during any incident, trips interruptions, and total loss coverage.

Is insurance of your scooter really necessary?

With some exceptions, nearly all stated require registration and insurance for scooters and mopeds. Many insurances covering motorcycles, also provide coverage for scooters too, which will be acceptable by many states.

Yet, some states require you to get insurance for the scooters and moped separately, coercing you to get coverage for uninsured and underinsured scooter riders. In some states, getting insurance for personal injury protection will also be necessary.

Some standard limits for insurance:

There are certain standard coverage limits for scooters. Physical injury is limited to 25,000 dollars for a single person while the damage to property is limited to 10,000 dollars. These are the insurance coverage limits by general insurance careers. Different states can have different insurance limits.

Standard insurance coverage can get a maximum limit of $250,000 for one person or half a million dollars per accident. The property damage can get a maximum coverage limit of 100,000 dollars. Optional, or extra coverage can provide 10,000 dollars for medical bills.

In case you want to know whether a moped or scooter insurance is expensive, there is a simple answer. The deductible for these scooters and mopeds insurance can go as high as only 1000 dollars. The deductible cost for the cheapest insurance can be only 50 dollars. So, we will say, that it is well worth the money to get your vehicle insured.

What if you ride a vintage scooter?

Vintage scooters or classical mopeds also need insurance as they are being ridden on the road and can meet any accidents. As these vehicles are more valuable than the standard scooters, they require unique insurance designed specifically for them. You need to know whether the insurance provider offers insurance for the vintage models or not.

As these models are hard to repair, and incur a higher cost for such purpose, their insurance can be expensive than standard scooters. For this reason, you must ask the insurance provider whether and at which rate they provide coverage for vintage scooters?

Factors influencing the cost of insurance:

Some important factors that matter while you get insurance for your vehicles are; the state where you live, the vehicle year, model and make, size of the engine of the scooter, coverage limit, deductibles, anti-theft device installed, weekly mileage, and so on. The other factor included will be your riding habits and your experience with a scooter previously.

Cost for scooter/ moped insurance:

As the scooters and moped are cheaper than average motorcycles, and their repairing cost isn’t as much as the motorcycles, their insurance is allow available at lower costs than motorcycles.

Standard scooters have smaller engines than motorcycles and their maximum speed limit is much lower than motorcycles, moreover they are not used as much as motorcycles as most states don’t allow you to ride a scooter interstate, which is why they incur less cost than motorbikes.

Standard moped or scooters insurance cost can be up to 250 dollars yearly. The standard insurance don’t include additional benefits.

How to get quotes for your scooter?

Many insurance providers offer quotes for scooters just as motorcycles. Just search for your bike or scooter quotes online and see the requirements you need to fulfill for the insurance of your vehicle. There are even online forms that you can fill the information of your vehicle to get a general idea on how much the quote will cost you.

Getting an insurance for a moped or a scooter doesn’t mean that you have to break banks. Most insurance providers offer low cost insurance for basic coverage such as physical or property damage.

Other factors also tend to count while calculating the final cost such as the experience of a new rider and their tendency to get in more accidents than an experienced driver. Younger riders who have just got their driving license will have to pay higher insurance price. Same will happen to the people who have already got traffic ticket once or more, so the insurance can go up to 300 dollars.




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