How Ionic Foot Massager Detox Machine is Helpful?

Relaxing your feet in an ionic foot massager detox machine feels supremely relaxing–as it relieves the stiffness, soreness and fatigue from the body. The machine has perks and in order to attain effectiveness, it needs to operate correctly–here, we have enlisted the benefits, working and some risk factors that may evolve in.

Benefits of Detoxing the Body

Our body tends to attain toxin chemical that is not casually removed and used to deposit in the body. Detoxing is the process that removes the toxin chemicals from the body. The machine eliminates these toxic through the feet by the negative ionic increase. 

Metabolism is Boosted

The removal of toxic chemicals allows the metabolic processes to attain smoothness, this helps in better food processing. The detoxing tends the body to develop better tolerance to upcoming toxic chemicals as the previous deposits are diminished—there is no excess and not any poisoning is caused.

Better Blood Circulation in the Whole Body

As the body get rid of harmful toxic chemicals—the blood is smoothened to flow better. Toxics in the body puts an effect on blood circulation but detoxing allows the improvement.

Improve the Quality of Sleep

As the detoxing helps in better blood circulation—the sleep quality likewise gets ultimately soothing. The studies have shown the factor that the hygienic body adheres better sleep pattern as compared to the one that has toxic deposits.   

In-all: Stress is Released

The metabolism is smoothened, blood circulation is improved and the sleep likewise becomes healthy—thus, this helps in releasing stress. The endorphin is released when you attain better sleep quality and this causes a soothing effect to your mood—reducing stress.

How to Operate the Ionic Foot Massager Detox Machine?

The foot detox is one of the essential ways to get rid of harmful toxins from the body. The toxic chemicals are likely to deposit in the blood and the ratio can disturb the body functionalities—they can be because of impurity in the air, or using old cosmetic products. The ionic foot massager detox machine is popular for effectively removing these toxins from the body.   

  • Pour the water into the basin.  
  • Turn on the detox machine.
  • The water (H2O) will split into two ions— (H+ & OH-).  
  • The negative and positive ions are entered into your body thru pores in the feet.  
  • Via the circulatory system, the ions will push out the toxins out of the body.
  • The elimination of toxins is thru the excretion process— (urination and sweating).
  • The salt and other mineral insertion in the water depends on the basin or model.

How to Get Rid of Smelly Feet?

The smelly feet are a culprit that can make your gathering a bit bland—might turn out that it was this, that made the guests leave earlier. Thus, in order to remove the menace, there are ways;

Washing them Periodically

The main concern that puts in the problem of smelly feet is the non-hygienic character of the feet. Washing them after a certain period keeps them cleaned and the stinky character is diminished away. Things to keep in mind are;

  • Wash them with antibacterial soap.
  • Don’t rinse for too much time.
  • Dry the feet before getting the socks on.

Detoxing Them with an Ionic Foot Detox Machine

Feet are where the toxicity can reside the most, because of the straight impact to the dust and particulates. This is not that, when they are packed in the socks, the moisture comes in because of sweating, this creates the condition for fungus to grow, ultimately causing toxicity. Thus, here the detoxing machine bumps in;

  • It puts out all the toxic deposits from the body thru the feet.
  • The residing fungus is eliminated, which was causing the smell.
  • It helps in better blood circulation.
  • Boost the hygienic character of the body.

This overall helps the person to get rid of feet stink.

Choosing the Right Ionic Foot Massager Detox Machine

Various models of ionic foot massager detox machine are being introduced, but the effectivity is the real concern, based on salient features, durability, effectiveness, and lower-end prices, our experts have categorically assembled the top products;

Top Ionic Foot Massager Detox Machines

Habitual Remedies

Other than regularly washing the feet and eventually detoxing them with the ionic foot massager detox machine, there are a couple of habits that can help in reducing the markup of stinky feet;

  • Keeping the toenails short and clean—with a foot file, remove the hard skin around the nail, as it usually forms soggy when wet, that dwells in the bacteria.
  • Don’t wear the same pair of shoes 2 days in a row—give them time to dry out the dampness.
  • Don’t preferably use nylon socks—use wool, or cotton.
  • Change the socks every day, avoid wearing them repeatedly without washing.
  • Use talcum powder before wearing socks if your feet often sweat.
  • Prefer canvas or leather shoes as they allow the air to flow thus, allowing your feet to breathe.

These remedies are helpful in keeping the stink away from the feet. As they are introduced to daily living, the ratio becomes less and the hygienic is attained.

Possible Risks of Ionic Foot Detox

As for every sort of thing, besides the sunny one, there is a dark side that carries some risk—the same goes with the foot detox process. Any uncertainty in the method might cause some issues, whether it is in the home or in the commercial spa. Making sure of the fact to operate the machine well helps in eliminating the risk factors, still that some that come are;

For Diabetics

For diabetic patients, it is better to consult the doctor before getting the feet into the detox machine. The reason behind this fact is the ionization process tends to disturb the sugar level. This might cause uncertainty and health issues for diabetics.

For Sensitivity

The persons that have decreased sensation sustains a probability to experience burns—this is because of extensive exposure and submersion in the hot water.

Other Health Issues

As there not many studies showing that the foot detox is harmful or unsafe but according to some conditions are reported—although, to a very less extent, they are…

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness


The hygienic character of the body is necessary for better health–the ionic foot massager detox machine removes the toxins from the body thru the ionization process. The benefits of the process mainly include; boosted metabolic processes, improvement in sleep quality, stress release and hygienic trait. As for the sunny one, there comes the dark side, the detox machine might contain a few risk factor that is not reported expertly but some are; vomiting, nausea, sugar level disturbance in diabetic patients, and for decreased sensation, it can cause burning tender to feet. Although, despite these factors that are solemnly small in number, our experts have researched out the best models so far, enlisted with reasons of why you should buy them.

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