How Hand Massager is Helpful for Arthritis Patients?

The arthritis is the inflammation of joints that may be over one or more than one. Joints lose their cartilage resulting in the hand becoming less mobile and weak—here, we have enlisted the factors of how hand massager will be helpful for arthritis, the risk factors associated with arthritis, and who else can benefit from it. Nonetheless, in this blog, we are discussing the major risk factor that is being associated with it.

Risk Factors Associated with the Rheumatoid Arthritis

The risk factors that contribute to the association of rheumatoid arthritis (RA–a type of arthritis, an autoimmune disease causing joint damage) are sharp. Arthritis is the inflammation of joints and decreases the ratio of lubricant is the major cause that implements pain and muscle fatigue as well. Likewise, the finger and whole hand structure face disorientation and this causes many difficulties in the moment of muscles. The enlisted factors might contribute in increasing rheumatoid arthritis;


The development of arthritis and its severity is solemnly dependent on the gender of the patient. The reported studies comprehends that the development of arthritis in women is much greater in extent as compared to men.

Now, the query arises, that…

Why the women tend to attain arthritis more frequently?

The reason behind this fact is the autoimmune system of the women being not very much tolerant to the arthritis. The in-depth cause is the estrogen hormone that keeps the check of inflammation. That is the reason, younger women have less arthritis but as they hit menopause, arthritis often arrives.


The age of the person likewise associates with the risk factor of arthritis. Most of the women catch up arthritis in later age, casually above 55, thus increasing the ratio in females than males. At younger age, women tend to have fewer chances because of the certain release of estrogen hormones.

Why Age Effects the Probability of Arthritis?

As the old peeps are tolerant to adapt arthritis, that is because of the extensive mobility of muscles and cartilages so now they start to wear out. The


As the “smoking is injurious is to health” it really is—the ratio of rheumatoid arthritis is particularly high in the smoking personnel than the non-smokers. The other fact to consider is not just the ratio but the severity is likewise having a greater tendency in the smokers.


If the family has a history of developed arthritis, then, the tendency of a person to attain it is much greater in them.

External Exposures

The environment has likewise an impact on the tendency of anyone developing rheumatoid arthritis—the environmental elements such as asbestos and silica while interacting in greater amounts might cause the risk of arthritis. For instance, the report stated that the emergency workers when the incident of World Trade Center noted to be at higher risk of rheumatoid arthritis.


The weight of the person affects the development of arthritis—people especially, who are obese, are appear to be at a greater risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis.

These are all the factors that could be the prominent indicator of arthritis however, there is nothing to worry about as there are cures for that. The simplest one is the usage of Handheld Massagers. Now that seems to be vague though that how alone a hand massager can cure or relieve the pain of arthritis? To make it clear, here are the advantages of using a massager.

Benefits of Hand Massager for Arthritis Patients

As the inflammation of the joints causes pain, soreness, stiffness, and tender sensation, this makes mobility a big problem. Now, for this purpose, hand massagers are extremely helpful in reducing pain, releasing stress, and helping in mobility, the close overview of these benefits is enlisted as;

Reduces Pain

The experience of pain in the hands of arthritis patients is a common thing they face in daily life. Small moment acts like typing, operating phones extensively, can even exaggerate the extent of pain in the hand. the device helps as;

  • Rather than taking pain killers, disturbing the stomach and, they will just deal with the symptoms, but the hand massager will help in reducing the pain by relaxing the muscles.
  • The better circulation of blood is inaugurated by the hand massager, thus helping in the movement of the hand.

Release Stress

Stress is the major root of problems in the human body, causes difficulty in decision making. The hand massager reduces the pain in the body that leads to the release of stress. This is how it works;

  • When the daily activity of hand massage is given to the arthritis hands, the endorphin is released causing the patient to be relieved.

Help in Mobility

The mobility becomes likewise difficult for the hands of an arthritis patient—lubrication in the joints is decreased and inflammation causes severe pain, this whole sum of factors contributes in creating the problem of mobility. Thus;

  • The hand massager improves the circulation of blood that helps in the mobility of the hand much sufficiently.
  • The muscle fatigue comes over in the hand, this causes stiffness, using a hand massager properly makes the moment smoother and less painful.

Choosing the Most Effective Hand Massager for Arthritis

The features of a hand massager play a vital role in effectiveness. Though, the ones that matter is; heating capability, massage vibration, levels of adjustability, compression, rolling feature, portability, and durability—based on these, our experts have carved out the Best Hand Massagers for Arthritis thus, reducing the hassle for you.

Why Obese People Tend to Attain Arthritis?

The muscle and weight tension over the joints of the body are responsible for the wearing-out extent of joints. More will be the weight of the body, more will the pressure over the joints. Thus, it will induce in the probability of cartilage damage.   

Who Else can Use Hand Massagers?

The massage is soothing to muscles not only for the victims of arthritis but persons that go through hard muscle work can attain quite pleasing maneuver from the massaging device. The hand massagers can be essential for;

  • Patients for Arthritis
  • Boxers, martial artists, and other physical sports players—mainly involving hand hits.
  • Blue collars facing the hard physical venture routinely.
  • Pregnant women.

Although, anyone can get a massage. In turn, it helps in releasing stress, reducing muscle pain, diminishing fatigue, softening the stiffness, and better blood circulation. The frequency must be according to a certain routine. Otherwise, as it is said, “excess of everything is bad”. Thus, it can cause too much dependence on the massage session.

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