How Does a Steam Dryer Work?

Laundry is a daunting chore itself, and people get exhausted after seeing the dreadful wrinkles and creases on the washed clothes. Yes, you have the option of ironing, but it takes a lot of time and energy. So, this is the biggest reason to go for a steam dryer at your convenience. Steam dryers, undoubtedly, assist you in reviving your wardrobe or help to even the wrinkles in a heap of washed garments that were left in the dryer for an extended period.

What Is a Steam Dryer?

A steam dryer works to dry clothes. It comes with a steamer inside, which conventionally helps in removing the creases to smooth the fabric. Steam dryers can also offer a non-steam cycle with the proper press and air-dry cycles.

They are very different from the regular dryers because stream dryers make a connection to your water line to produce steam. The cold water goes to the dryer and then heat up to provide moisture. It furthers help in removing the wrinkles from clothing articles. Notably, it works efficiently for jeans and linen fabric.

How Does a Steam Dryer Work?

A steam dryer is nothing but a rescue for those who take drying and ironing of clothes complicated. But the primary question is still there to answer that how does a steam dryer work. Similar to conventional dryers, it utilizes hot air in drying the clothes.

A steam dryer can also offer a steam cycle that uses warm and moist air to trench into the fabric. One of the biggest advantages of a steam dryer is to get rid of creases without ironing. So, you do not have to put much effort in drying if you own a steam dryer.

Steam dryer models may come with a different way of applying steam. As some of the dryers produce a fine and thorough mist, but others provide a stream of steam. But no worries because both give the same advantages. Dryers with the steam feature are more expensive than the dryers without steam. Yet it is worth-buying to get a back from the issue of pressing either your whole seasonal clothes or a most loved shirt before going out.

Steam Cycle On The Dryers

Three primary steam cycles come with dryers. These include the steam refresh cycle, wrinkle release cycle, and steam option added cycle- the most common one.

  •  The steam refresh cycle adds moisture and heat to the clothes left to sit in for a long time. After this, the dryer works at low temperature to remove the wrinkles and creases from the fabric. The dryer delivers steam during the cycle before drying the things once more. Its peculiar sound ensures that steam can dry clothes as well.
  • A progressed drying method includes utilizing superheated dry steam, which is steam that doesn’t contain any liquid water. This sort of steam is absolutely gas and invisible to you. On the other hand, wet steam suspends noticeable water droplets.
    • The wrinkle release cycle is almost the same, but it functions at the ending of the drying cycle. This cycle takes time to add steam and tumble the heap after the drying cycle is finished. This cycle works efficiently without stressing over the set of wrinkles.
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  • Wrinkle release cycles are particularly useful if you do not notice when the dryer cycle ends, and your clothing articles become stiff with lines. Starting the dryer again with steam could mellow and remove the wrinkles from them.
    • The steam option added cycle is almost added in all. What makes it different is; it combines the steam while the actual drying cycle instead of waiting till the end to remove wrinkles. This cycle gives the best look to your silk outfits.

Note: Most of the dryers come with the same cyclical functions, but they are not proficient as steam dryers.

How Does a Steam Dryer Work to Remove Stinkiness?

Have you ever got through that pain when you desire to put on your favorite outfit for a party, but there’s no time to wash it? If yes, then I can feel you. But no more worries because a steam dryer is a solution to this problem. Yes, a steam dryer can take all the bad smells away from your favorite outfit. Just throw your clothes into the steam dryer and get your odor and wrinkles free clothes. Steam dryers also reduce the amount of laundry and keep your clothes refresh.

Does a Steam Dryer Require an Additional Plumbing?

No, a steam dryer does not require any additional plumbing. You can only connect your steam dryer to the water source with the help of a Y hose connector. It will further connect the dryer and the washer to a similar water source which will work efficiently. So, you do not need any extra pipes.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Steam Dryers?

Before purchasing an electronic machine, you must know about the pros and cons so that you can make a wise decision.


• Reduce wrinkles
• Static
• Save money and energy
• Reduce the amount of dirty laundry
• Eliminate nasty smells


• Have higher Upfront costs

Is a Steam Dryer Worth It?

If you are tired of laundering on a daily basis and urged to iron your clothes more often, then yes, a steam dryer is worth it. Steam dryer doesn’t only reduce the exhaustion of washing clothes but also keep your clothes revived and refreshed. It also reduces the risk of damaging new garments. So why not? Save yourself from the tiring chore of ironing and enjoy the facility of the steam dryer.
If you are from a big family and a massive load of washing, I recommend you buy a steam dryer. Still, if you can not afford to own it, you can try some easy hacks to save yourself from ironing. While enjoying a hot shower, hang your clothes in your restroom, it may help reduce your clothes’ creases.



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