How Does a Chainsaw Work?

A chainsaw is an essential auto-machine involved in the cutting process largely in forests and wood related industries and to know how does a chainsaw work? Let us find out.

It is a highly useful and must-have item to have in your backyard if you are a practical person who likes to use his own hands to get the job done.

A chainsaw as the name implies can be controlled both manually and electrically. Being honest at the start it is not a simple machine; it is a complex and dangerous machine which should be operated with utmost care even as we discuss how it works below.

Depending upon your choice you can purchase either gas, electric, or battery-powered chain saw. However, the basic operation they provide remains the same except for some minor differences and chain saw speeds.

In order to understand how a chainsaw works let us observe its main components in a bit of detail.

  • It firstly involves a heavy-duty engine at its core. Which is run through gasoline or electricity depending upon the type of chainsaw.
  • At the engine, the chainsaw receives the main power to turn and rotate the blade in a rapid motion.
  • Next, up is the mechanical part called the carburetor which allows for the fuel and air to help move the chain in a circular motion.

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  • Then comes the main driving machinery of the chainsaw. This driving mechanism also involves the use of clasp.
  • This clasp prevents the chainsaw from going into an extreme mode when it encounters a slight difficulty while cutting through wood.
  • So, with this clasp latched on the chain saw is safer to operate as it resumes its work without exerting dangerous force on your arms.
  • Then comes the brake chain which is located just near the clasp.
  • The brake chain receives motion from the clasp which in turn signals it to shutdown in case of a kickback in the chainsaw during operation.

Last but not the least, is the chain used for cutting. A chain saw comes pre equipped with a metallic chain which cuts through almost any type of wood by rotating in a circular motion. However due to extended use, the chain should be constantly checked and would often be the first part which you would need to replace.




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