Best Heavy Duty Hoverboards for Adults – A definitive Guide 2023

Last updated on November 2nd, 2022 at 10:27 am

Kids and adults love hoverboards alike, and the hype doesn’t seem to die anytime soon. Rather these self-balancing scooters are much in demand, including the hoverboards for adults. There are two types of hoverboards with various features. So, you’d need to look over what style or specs you’d like in your hoverboard.  

In this article, we will cover the types of hoverboards, what specs are significant, and how they function, plus our top recommendations. Are affordable hoverboards under 200 for example, worth it?

Types of hoverboards: 

Two-wheel hoverboard:

The two-wheel hoverboard is pretty common among people. You stand straight on this hoverboard with both feet facing the front. 

One-wheel hoverboard:

One wheel hoverboard is also known as an “electric skateboard”. It has only one wheel placed in the middle. So, you put one foot on the front and another on the back of the wheel, copying the same body posture used in skateboarding.

How does a hoverboard function: 

It incorporates batteries that require charging for covering a certain distance at a particular speed. Also, the integration of a brushless motor enables it to act as a self-propelling machine. On the surface of the hoverboard, there’s a non-slip platform on which the rider balances their body weight between the two wheels. The rider would need a little practice to stand upright on the hoverboard and learn to control the course when taking turns.

The internal system of the hoverboard: 

The internal system of the hoverboard includes, 

    • Gyroscope: Helps the rider balance their body while tilting and taking turns 
    • Microprocessors: The microprocessors transfer the power output to the tires for regulating movement 
  • Battery: The battery stores the electrical power that it provides to the motor for functioning. Only certified batteries following the UL 2272 safety standards are safe. 
  • Motor: Powers up the wheels to enable mobility

Note: Onewheel hoverboard works on the identical mechanism. However, the differences lie in the standing posture and the presence of a one-less wheel. Riders can control the motion by accelerating and de-accelerating using body pressure. 

Things to consider in a Two-wheel Hoverboard: 

A hoverboard is a cool device to roam around on. But, these things are expensive. Therefore, you’d have to evaluate the following features: 

Type of hoverboard: 

In two-wheel hoverboards, there are many choices to pick from, like off-road hoverboards, all-terrain hoverboards, heavy-duty self-balancing scooters and lightweight scooter boards. You can select the one that helps you balance your body better and goes well with your style.  

Tire Size: 

Two-wheel tire sizes include: 

  • 6.5-inch wheels
  • 8-inch wheels
  • 8.5-inch Hummer Style
  • 10-inch wheels

The tire size determines if you can ride the hoverboard only on a plain surface or offroad. Some tires perform excellently on all-terrains. The trick to selecting the correct tire size is simple. The bigger the wheels are, the better for riding on all-terrains. For starters, 6.5-inch tires might be a good choice if you want to ride on smooth roads. However, 10-inch wheels are perfect for riding on rough and patchy roads. 


The integration of various speeds determines the range of miles you’d cover per hour. Hoverboards come with many speed levels depending on different models. So, you can set it as per your preference. Also, the best hoverboards allow riders to reach 6 to 8 miles per hour, considering the battery life and maximum speed. 


Those who want a hoverboard for commuting would need to pay special attention to its range. Most hoverboards can cover 3 to 7 miles per hour on a full charge. So, your purpose for buying decides the range factor. 

Weight Capacity: 

The weight capacity of a two-wheel depends on the various models of the hoverboards. The lightweight models can carry up to 220 lbs, whereas some heavy-duty boards can cope with 300 lbs plus load. 

UL certified: 

The battery used in the hoverboard should be UL 2272 certified. Batteries are prone to overheating and can explode if they aren’t in compliance with the safety standards. So, look for the UL certification before purchasing a hoverboard. 

Additional features: 

Most hoverboards incorporate LED lights and Bluetooth connectivity for playing music and controlling the board via an app. 

  • LED lights aid in riding during the night time.
  • For music lovers, good speakers and a perfect Bluetoothmatter connection matter a lot. 
  • You can scan the current battery status or distance covered via a smartphone application. 

Check out our recommendations for the two-wheel self-balancing scooter for adults.

    Best off-road hoverboard for adults 

Halo Rover X: 

Best off road hoverboard for adults

Key Features: 

Max Speed: 10 mph 

Weight: 32 lbs 

Wheel Size: 8.5 inches 

Range: 10 miles 

Motor: 800 watts 

Warranty: 12-month 

Why we chose this? 

We chose Halo Rover X because it is a good choice for adults who are up for an off-road adventure. With the top speed of 10 mph and a powerful battery of  800 W, you will be enthralled to ride this self-propelled scooter. It only takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge, allowing you to cover 10 miles worth of distance. It comes with a fire-safe certified lithium battery.   


  • The design is pretty sleek and stylish
  • The frame is super durable 
  • 8.5 inches thick provide stability 
  • LED lights, Bluetooth music, and IPX4 water resistance 


  • None 

Best all-terrain hoverboard for adults

Beston Sports:


Key Features: 

Max Speed: 10 km/hour

Weight: 9.2 kilograms  

Wheel Size: 8.5 inches 

Range: 12 km 

Battery: 36V/2.0 Ah

Charging times: 3-5 hours

Why we chose this? 

We chose the Beston sports scooter because it ensures to make your riding experience ecstatic and jubilant. With the super-premium lithium-ion battery, dual brushless dynamic motors, and 8-inch firm tires, you’d be able to ride smooth and steady on all terrains. All in all, it’s a great hoverboard for adults.  


  •  steeper inclines up to 30 degrees 
  •  UV coated casing and aluminium


  • A bit expensive 

Best hoverboard for adults- 200 pounds 

GOTRAX Hoverfly:

Key Features: 

Max Speed: 7.4 mph 

Weight: 23.3 lbs 

Wheel Size: 6.5 inches 

Range: 4 miles 

Motor: 400 watts 

Warranty: 90 days 

Why we chose this? 

We chose the GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO as your go-to hoverboard if you weigh 200-220 pounds. This two-wheeled scooter comes with a solid build that makes it durable enough to withstand your weight. 


  • Very affordable 
  • Lightweight 
  • UL certified 

. Cons: 

  • It does not include Bluetooth 
  • Range is short 

Best hoverboard for adults- 250 lbs

Gyroor F1 Hoverboard:

Best hoverboard for adults- 250 lbs

Key Features: 

Max Speed: 12 mph 

Weight: 33 lbs 

Wheel Size: 8.5 inch

Range: 10 miles 

Motor: 350 watts (dual motors)  

Warranty: 12-month 

Why we chose this? 

We chose this because, with a weight capacity of 260 lbs, Gyroor F1 is an excellent hoverboard for heavy adults. Also, it is the fastest hoverboard for adults weighing 250 pounds with a top speed of 12 mph. 


  • Incorporates excellent Bluetooth speakers
  • Adjustable LED lights 
  • Solid construction 


  • Slightly pricey 

Best hoverboard for adults- 300 pounds

Jetson V6 Electric Scooter: 

Key Features: 

Max Speed: 10 mph 

Weight: 23 lbs 

Wheel Size: 8 inches

Range: 15 miles 

Motor: 700 watts 

Warranty: 12-month 

Why we chose this? 

Jetson V6 is another heavy-duty hoverboard for adults. It incorporates an active balance technology that ensures complete stability. The solid body of this model provides durability to bulky people. 


  • Flame-resistant and waterproof. 
  • Provides active balance technology 
  • Smartapp for tracking progress 


  • The high-pitched command voice can be annoying

Best hoverboard for adults over 300 pounds

Swagtron swag board Outlaw T6: 

Best hoverboard for adults over 300 pounds

Key Features: 

Max Speed: 10 mph 

Weight: 31 lbs 

Wheel Size: 10 inches

Range: 12 miles 

Motor: 700 watts 

Warranty: 12-month 

Why we chose this? 

We chose it because, in a league of hoverboards for heavy adults, the Swagtron T6 model beats everyone else. With a weight capacity of 400 pounds, bulky adults can enjoy riding this self-balancing scooter with confidence. Also, it’s a perfect choice for those who want a 10″ hoverboard for adults.  


  • Sturdy body construction with ABS plastic and aluminium. 
  • Non-slip grip 


  • Battery swapping is challenging 

 Best Segway scooter for adults: 

For those looking for a Segway two-wheeled (personal transporter) PT hoverboard with a handle for adults has bad news and good news. The bad news is that Segway announced the discontinuation of its original PT self-balancing models. Unfortunately, the company didn’t do too well with sales. However, the good news is that Ninebot would still produce other transportation product lines under the name of Segway, including e-scooters and e-bikes.  

Segway Ninebot Max alternative to a two-wheel hoverboard: 

Best Segway scooter for adults

Key Features: 

Motor: 350 watts 

Charging time: 6 hours

Max slope: 20%

Max speed: 18.6 mph 

Weight: 41.2 lbs

Why we chose this? 

We chose Segway Ninebot Max because it has a wide deck that provides ample space to stand comfortably. This kick-to-start scooter incorporates a powerful motor of 350-watt that delivers the top speed of 28.7 kmh, covering a distance of 45.2 km. Overall, it comes with solid construction and 25.4-centimetre tires that provide durability and steady riding. For commuting long distances, Segway Ninbot Max is your go-to electric scooter board for adults. 


  • Cruise Control 
  • Data access via the smartphone app 
  • LED Display 


  • Slow acceleration 

Things to consider in a Onewheel hoverboard: 

You’ll rarely see people riding the OneWheel hoverboard because it’s not very easy to learn balance on this device. However, adults who love surfing and skating might enjoy riding the Onewheel hoverboard. 

Here are the few aspects you may consider while buying one. 

Weight Capacity: 

The one-wheel hoverboard has a max weight capacity of 275 lbs on OneWheel XR+ and 250 lbs on OneWheel pint. People over 275 pounds cannot use a Onewheel hoverboard. 

Tire Size: 

Onewheel tire size chart: 


Onewheel Pint Tire Size10.5×4.5-6 inches or 26.7×11.4-15.2 cm
Onewheel XR+ Tire Size11.5×6.5-6 inches or 29.2×16.5-15.2 cm


Both the above-mentioned tire sizes allow riding on rough and uneven surfaces with ease. 


The range factor would be a significant one depending on your purpose for buying the Onewheel hoverboard. Do you want it for commuting long distances or a short one like inside the college campus? These questions will determine what range would be suitable for you. For example, the LTXTREME Freestyle hoverboard can take you 6.5 miles on a single charge at 7mph speed. 


Again, various models offer different speeds. You can check out which hoverboard provides the speed you need for riding. 

Safety Standards: 

Ensure that the One wheel hoverboard you select fulfils the safety standards required for riding it on roads. Plus, the battery must be UL certified. 

Smart features: 

Smart features like Bluetooth connection, LED lights and Digital monitor can be found in various Onewheel hoverboards. You might want to have these specs present in your model. 

Our recommendation

Onewheel off-road skateboard: 

Key Features: 

Max Speed: 31 mph 

Charging time: 8 hours

Battery: 1500WH

Range: 75 miles 

Weight: 60 lbs 

Why we chose this? 

We chose Onewheel off-road skateboard because it has a solid build, non-slip grip, two riding modes, LED lights and smartphone app connectivity to access your overall progress. 


  • Quick charging 
  • Easy to learn to balance 
  • Stylish design 


A bit expensive 


What is the best hoverboard for adults with Bluetooth? 

Skque two-wheel scooter is one of the most excellent hoverboards with Bluetooth and speakers. This board delivers a smooth Bluetooth connection that allows you to play music on the speakers from your smartphone and listen to your favourite songs as you go on a ride. The speakers have a pretty boomy bass and loud volume. 

What is the best hoverboard for adults? 

Swagtron Swag T6 is the best hoverboard for adults who are bulky and want a heavy-duty self-balancing scooter. For adventure lovers, Halo Rover X might be an excellent choice. 

Final thoughts: 

Our guide sheds light on what things are significant for choosing a hoverboard for adults plus the top recommendations. If you have any more tips, let us know in the comments. 

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