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Home and Kitchen Bargains: The Best Deals of 2023

Last updated on March 2nd, 2023 at 11:35 pm

Your alternatives will be more limited in the short term if you’re looking to shop for a deal. Even yet, only some things must now be purchased at the total price. 

There are always deals worth looking into, and more and more are starting to appear, particularly on beds and other big-ticket items.

Consumer Reports is here to help you discover the most incredible deals on top items because we believe that cutting costs should never mean compromising quality. 

We’ve been monitoring every device we evaluate, from expensive appliances like refrigerators and induction ovens to kitchen gadgets like security cameras and intelligent home goods like bright lamps. 

We’ll notify you whenever a product that receives high marks from our ratings is on sale so you can weed out the duds from the jewels.

What you’re seeking is not listed below? Continually check back. We’ll bring you the top offers on tried-and-true items all year.

Kitchen Equipment

KZ750D All-Clad

All-Clad KZ750D Stainless Steel Immersion Blender Review - Prime Shop  Kitchen
Image courtesy of primeshopkitchen

Amazon: $119.95 Was: $170.00

The All-Clad KZ750D wins our soup purée tests and excels at blending frozen fruit and yogurt for smoothies. It has a 1-year guarantee and runs at various speeds, including a turbo speed.

Why it’s a great bargain:

While All-Clad deals are uncommon, a 29 percent discount on this portable blender is worth considering.

Blender Vitamix Immersion

Image courtesy of vitamix

Amazon: $124.95 Was: $149.95

While it only gets a passing grade overall, this Vitamix immersion blender is still a good option if you only want to prepare smoothies. 

It gets a good quality for mixing yogurt and fruit, but other products in our rankings are far better at making smoothies and soup. 

No accessories are included; however, it claims to have five speeds and two blades rather than one (which is said to help crush ice).

Why it’s a great bargain:

It is the cost of the Christmas sale. Even though the Black Friday offer was better and closer to $100, you saved 17%.

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To-Go Aerolatte Milk Frother

Image courtesy of

Amazon: $18.01 Was: $18.99

A handy little portable frother called the Aerolatte To-Go can froth a range of hot and cold glasses of milk, including plant-based ones. 

While there is a little learning curve since it is portable, we were able to get the hang of it very quickly. 

Cleaning this Aerolatte is also a breeze; briefly submerge it in soapy water, remove it, and let it air dry.

Why it’s a great bargain:

The Black Friday discount pricing for this frother is still valid.

Electric burr coffee grinder, Bodum Bistro

Image courtesy of

Amazon: $89.95 Was: $143.00

In all of our grind-performance tests, the Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder performs well and excels at creating coarse grounds perfect for French-press and cold-brew coffee. 

Although having somewhat confusing settings and being one of the louder grinders in our rankings, this model is also simple to clean. 

There are 12 grind levels, an auto-stop feature, and a timer on the Bodum.

Why it’s a great bargain:

The black model is the most excellent deal we’ve ever seen for this model, saving customers more than $50 off the list price.


Vornado VMH600

Vornado VMH500 Whole Room Metal Space Heater | Sylvane
Image courtesy of sylvane

Amazon: $141.03 Was: $159.99

The Vornado VMH600 outperforms all other space heaters in our testing regarding overall performance. 

It performs best in our spot-heating test but slightly better than average in our room-heating test. 

It also has safety features, including a tip-over switch and a timer that lets you set when the warmer goes on and off, making it one of the quietest heaters in our testing. 

It weighs 10 pounds and includes a fan that is simple to use and a remote control.

Why it’s a great bargain:

With the excellent price and top-ranked model status in CR’s rankings, this item is worth considering.

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Storm Mojave Heat

Image courtesy of energywisesolutions

Amazon: $94.99 Was: $139.99

The Heat Storm Mojave and the Sahara (not presently on sale), which have names like Heat Storm, exceeded our expectations for spot-heating tests. 

The Mojave also has scores that are above average for room heating, hot surface, noise, and use. It has a fan and remote control and weighs 9.5 pounds.

Why it’s a great bargain:

Amazon is the only significant shop offering this model for less than $100.

FX1171T-2B by Flex

FLEX 24V 1/2" Hammer Drill Turbo Mode Kit (6.0Ah Stacked) FX1271T-1H
Image courtesy of ohiopowertool

Amazon: $179.00 Was: $$229.00

This Flex 24-volt cordless drill has a typical 5.0-amp-hour battery for lengthy run periods and a 1-inch chuck. 

It is heavier than virtually all competitors at approximately 6 pounds, yet performs unsurpassed. Although still costing less than many other models in its class, it excels in several of our tests.

Why it’s a great bargain:

This total drill costs under $200 with a $50 discount and is exclusively offered at Lowe’s.

Crane Drop

Image courtesy of

Amazon: $39.98 Was: $59.99

The chic Crane Drop humidifier received an outstanding overall score in CR’s testing and is designed for rooms up to 250 square feet. 

This particular type features an automated shutdown and an empty tank indication. This type gets high points for being simple to operate, energy-efficient, and very quiet.

Why it’s a great bargain:

This model is a fantastic low-cost alternative since it is routinely $10 less expensive in the solid white and clear white hues than the other color options.

Crane Owl

Image courtesy of kidoozi

Amazon: $44.99 Was: $59.99

The Crane Owl humidifier excels on every metric, including moisture production and noise. It’s easy to operate, but one disadvantage is that you can’t get inside the tank to clean it. 

The advertised covering area of 250 square feet is on the high side for a small-room model. 

Among the other creatures in this Crane series are Hello Kitty, Freddy the frog, Mya the monkey, Violet the Hippo, Elliot the Elephant, Wyatt the Fox, Puffington the Penguin, Misty the Unicorn, Sidney the Sheep, the Crane Train, and Wyatt the Fox. 

They all function similarly and may be purchased for comparable costs.

Why it’s a great bargain:

A few humidifiers are currently on sale since the heating season is full gear. Hence, a 25% discount is pretty decent.

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Smart House

Premises Kwikset Premis 919TRL 15 SMT

Image courtesy of smartsecurityblog

Amazon: $139.00 Was: $229.00

Since it integrates with Apple’s HomeKit smart home ecosystem and Siri virtual personal assistant, the Kwikset Premis smart lock is ideal for iPhone users. 

The Premis performed well in our testing against kick-ins and lock picking, but it was vulnerable to an assault from a cordless drill. 

Yet, this lock has several beneficial features, such as an access log to record who enters and exits, a tamper alert, an auto-lock function, and the capacity to generate and distribute PINs. 

Please remember that to activate the lock remotely, you’ll also need an Apple TV, Apple HomePod, or Apple iPad that is always connected to an outlet since this lock utilizes Bluetooth and HomeKit.

Why it’s a great bargain:

It is $10 less than the lowest price for this model.

Sensi Touch ST75 by Emerson

Image courtesy of

Amazon: $129.80 Was: $169.00

While the Emerson Sensi Touch ST75 smart thermostat isn’t the most automated on the market, some customers prefer a thermostat that doesn’t alter settings randomly. 

In our manual operating testing, this Energy Star-certified device performs well. 

Its innovative features include a color touchscreen, intelligent reminders for filter replacements and maintenance, humidity measurements, and a backlight for simple settings in the dark. 

It also works with the four primary systems (Amazon Alexa, Apple Home/Siri, Google Home/Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings).

Why it’s a great bargain:

The cost on Amazon is now a few dollars cheaper than it was on Black Friday.

The Essentials SS3-01 SimpliSafe

Image courtesy of lowes

Amazon: $145.00 Was: $199.99

One of the most excellent solutions for DIY home security is the SimpliSafe The Essentials SS3-01 security system. 

It obtains above-average scores across the board except for a less-than-ideal grade for data privacy (a typical outcome for the bulk of the systems we’ve evaluated). 

The system also works with the smart lock, SimpliSafe’s security cameras, and the CR-tested SimpliSafe Doorbell Pro SS3 video doorbell. 

You can use self-monitoring or hire professionals for a monthly cost. Also, you may buy additional motion and touch sensors to cover your whole house.

Why it’s a great bargain:

It is a good saving. It was $30 cheaper on Black Friday, but we don’t anticipate seeing that low price until the next holiday shopping season.


HZ2002 Shark Vertex Ultralight

Image courtesy of

Amazon: $225.00 Was: $299.99

The Shark Vertex Ultralight HZ2002’s “Ultralight” designation alludes to its light weight (2.9 pounds) while in a hand vac mode (without the stick). 

The Shark performs well around edges and passes all our tests for carpet, bare floors, and pet hair. 

This type has a 30-foot cord, which is plenty so that you won’t need to continuously map out your electrical outlets, even though it is less flexible than a cordless vacuum.

Why it’s a great bargain:

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to purchase and save, a $75 discount on this model is an appealing proposition. It hasn’t been on sale since the holidays.

Pure One S11 by Tineco

PURE ONE S11-Tineco
Image courtesy of Tineco

Amazon: $215.99 Was: $299.99

The Tineco Pure One S11 cleans well and offers many features. A battery life indicator and suction level, which changes from carpet to bare floors, are shown on an LED screen. 

The suction power is adjusted based on the quantity of trash detected by a sensor. 

You may connect to a Tineco app that provides cleaning performance information, such as battery life, using your smartphone. 

Utilizing both the high and low settings, it lasted 22 minutes per charge in CR’s testing.

Why it’s a great bargain:

This model is a fantastic deal if you want a vacuum right now. To get the total discount, be sure to click the on-page coupon.

Eufy RoboVac 11S

Image courtesy of

Amazon: $139.99 Was: $199.99

Large spaces are complex for the inexpensive Eufy RoboVac 11S to completely clean. Yet its agility makes it a fantastic choice for cleaning a few rooms at once. 

It is one of the smallest and lightest robots that CR has tested, and it maneuvers around obstacles like carpet fringe and power lines better than other robots we’ve examined. 

Also, it is quiet, and its cleaning abilities are reasonable given its cost. 

While Eufy produces several similar robots to the 11S, this is the most basic model and one of the few remaining robotic vacuums without an internet connection.

Why it’s a great bargain:

This vacuum can be purchased for the second-best price this year. Use the discount code WS2411S when making purchases at Eufy. 

Moreover, if you want to buy from Amazon, clip the on-page coupon before adding the product to your basket.

Self-Emptying Shark AI XL RV2502AE

Image courtesy of

Amazon: $416.99 Was: $649.99

Shark AI Self-Empty robotic vacuums score well on bare floors and pet hair but must work better on carpets. 

The bin’s contents are automatically sucked into a bagless container once parked, thanks to a suction incorporated into the docking station. 

The system’s advantage is that, unlike rival versions, you don’t need to buy bags; the disadvantage is that emptying the trash could aggravate allergies. 

Shark robotic vacuums have a medium owner satisfaction rating but an Excellent rating for dependability.

Why it’s a great bargain:

If you’re dealing with a few carpets, this is a decent value considering that we often see this model sell for about $500.

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DustBuster CHV1410L by Black + Decker

Image courtesy of

Amazon: $49.99 Was: $59.99

In our testing on the carpet and bare floors, the cordless Black+Decker DustBuster almost completely removed all of the particles, which is an impressive performance for a handheld vacuum. 

The simple placement of this model on its charger and the pleasurable “click” that confirms the connection were both recognized by our engineers. 

The filter fits tightly within the trash can and is simple to remove and empty. This variant includes a built-in crevice tool that slides out and a pop-out brush instead of separate tools. 

When you turn it on, it whistles lightly and is slightly louder than the competitors.

Why it’s a good deal: 

This is a savings of about 20% off the model’s usual retail price.

Flex Black+Decker BDH2020FL

Black+Decker Flex Vac BDH2020FL Review | Tested by GearLab
Image courtesy of testedbyGearLab

Amazon: $109.00 Was: $124.99

For a tiny vacuum, the Black+Decker Flex BDH2020FL has our highest rating for managing pet hair. 

Also, it performs well when cleaning the edges and performs almost as well on carpeted and bare floors. 

It has a helpful crevice tool among its many attachments and all the tools stored within the charging station.

Why it’s a great bargain:

While this model has sometimes been on sale for $20 less, the price is still reasonable if you need a reliable hand vacuum right now.

ONEPWR BH57005 by Hoover

Image courtesy of eBay

Amazon: $85.13 Was: $99.99

The Hoover ONEPWR BH57005 is a component of the company’s cordless cleaning system, which consists of nine items, including this model, a stick vacuum, and other floor-cleaning equipment, and utilizes replaceable lithium-ion batteries. 

This handheld succeeds in washing the bare floor. 

Also, it performs well in other essential cleaning tests, such as carpet cleaning, pet hair removal, and removing grit from wall borders. Using a crevice tool extends your reach.

Why it’s a great bargain:

It is the lowest price we’ve ever seen for this model, which has witnessed a sharp decline in price in recent weeks.

Large Appliances


GE Built-In Dishwasher (GDT225SSLSS) | The Cactus Group
Image courtesy of thecactusgroup

648.00 Was: $999.00

The GE GDT226SSLSS dishwasher does very well in our testing for washing and energy use. With a 125-minute cycle time, it is the fastest among the top $1,000 dishwashers.

But, this reasonably priced dishwasher has a limited number of functions.

The filter lacks adjustable tines and needs manual cleaning. Also, GE dishwashers only obtained a mediocre grade for owner satisfaction in our member surveys.

Why it’s a great bargain:

Compared to the average price, you are saving around 25%.

Refrigerator FFIC3626TB

Image courtesy of northsidetv

$1,709.99 Was: $2,249.99

The 36-inch Frigidaire FFIC3626TB has an all-digital control panel and a smooth glass top for a perfectly seamless, contemporary appearance. 

Its performance is excellent, with excellent low and high heat scores. 

Even those 36-inch induction cooktops with poorer performance are substantially more expensive than this one. 

As a company, Frigidaire received a favorable evaluation for the induction cooktops’ expected dependability.

Why it’s a great bargain:

This cooktop was original $2,250, so the high cost has been reduced.

GCRI3058AF Frigidaire Gallery

Image courtesy of Frigidaire

$1,198.00 Was: $1,449.00

This entry-level Frigidaire induction range, if you can deal with a back panel and controls in the back, is basically a more streamlined, freestanding slide-in. 

It gives quick heating and robust performance, much like that of Frigidaire. 

While it lacks several capabilities, such as a warming element and a high-temperature self-clean cycle, it is still a great deal and costs $100 less than a slide-in model with comparable performance.

Why it’s a great bargain:

Even if this were $100 less last week, you would save a lot of money.

WDTA50SAKZ Whirlpool

Image courtesy of ashleycanada

$648.00 Was: $929.00

With a third rack, an upmarket appearance for the budget, integrated controls, and excellent performance, this Whirlpool is a capable performer. 

Based on the results of our reader poll, Whirlpool also received a high ranking for anticipated dependability and a fair grade for owner satisfaction. 

The cheaper KitchenAid versions, which Whirlpool also owns, are comparable to this one.

Why it’s a great bargain:

It is already among the finest selections under $1,000, and the additional $250 in savings further adds to its allure.




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