Best Hidden Security Cameras with Audio

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With the era going on today, people usually opt for hidden security cameras with audio to keep an eye on people in places. A hidden camera with audio needs to be selected carefully so it does not get noticed. Read ahead to know what type of hidden audio and video cameras you would go for.

Things to consider

Resolution of security cameras

  • The security camera’s main purpose is to provide a moving image of what is going on in front of it. To see clearly, the camera must have a high resolution.
  • Consider buying a camera that has at least 720 dpi resolution.

Storing capability

  • Security cameras must have the capability to store what it records. The hidden video recording devices must be able to give an output later.
  • Get storage of about a couple of GBs to last longer.

The life span of camera

  • Buy a camera with a lifespan of at least 3 to 4 years or more. You wouldn’t want covert audio-video recording devices that expire after a year.

Performance of camera

  • Of course, this is the most important. A hidden security camera with audio at home, especially have to perform well if you have suspicious people over.
  • Get a camera that stays hidden no matter what without making a noise.

Disguise of the camera

  • The whole point of a spy camera audio and video recording is so the next person does not know he is being watched.
  • Get a camera that has a nice disguise and does not draw much attention towards itself.

Now, let’s move on to some of the hidden security cameras with audio.

Top 8 Hidden Security Cameras with Audio


1. Mini Spy Wireless Portable Camera

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  • Consists of a professional 4K Ultra HD video quality
  • Has a long standby working time
  • A wireless camera that can connect to wi-fi
  • One of the smallest spy cameras
  • Has a battery life of 6 hours
  • Consists of an enhanced motion detector technology
  • Is accessible easily via mobile phone

Puoneto is famous for its hidden camera workings. This 2-year lifetime friendly mini full hd camera and voice recorder have an easy to reach support. These small hidden cameras with audio support a wi-fi of 2.4 GHz where you can watch anyone in front of the camera live from any corner around the world. Its 150degrees wide-angle allows better coverage and can be viewed with ultra HD. This wireless hidden camera with audio has an enhanced motion detector technology that sends alarm notification with images to your phone. No one can escape from these audio and video cameras.

Customer Reviews

This wireless spy camera with audio is small, light, and good in quality. The powerful software enables modification of features such as night vision mode. It has a surprisingly wide cover range despite its small size and is the best spy camera with audio. A customer could literally use it anywhere and everywhere.

2. Omples Hidden Spy Camera

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  • It is unnoticeable
  • Provides crystal clear video
  • Can be connected to wi-fi
  • Provides 24/7 surveillance
  • Has a resolution of 1080P
  • An alarmable motion detector
  • Monitoring angle is adjustable

You do not have to worry about thieves or bad nannies anymore. With this hidden video camera recording, you can always keep a watch out for your family. Its unnoticeable hidden design allows it to act as one of the secret video recording devices. It supports 2.4 G wi-fi and the monitoring angle is adjustable. Also, It provides a clear night vision with 10 powerful LEDs operating together. It detects motion and sets off an alarm when spies something suspicious.

Customer Review

Those who have used this hidden video camera recording just absolutely loved it. The clear night vision it provides is up to the mark and it stays hidden. The oval shape is not very light and that is a good thing to be able to a standstill. Indeed, it proves to have a well-hidden video camera recording. Little adjustments might be needed while connecting to the wi-fi, but when you get the hang of it, it is all set.

3. Oucam Wireless Hidden Camera

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  • Has a spy camera with a Wi-fi remote control
  • Provides a resolution of 720p in night vision
  • Has a rechargeable lithium battery
  • Alerts up when detects motion and audio
  • Can be accessed from anywhere
  • Can store videos of about 64 Gb
  • Is easy to set and use
  • Has a 1-year warranty

These audio and video spy cameras can be as thin as 6 mm, which is very hard to find if placed somewhere. The hidden cameras with audio for home can be fixed at any corner of the house to collect evidence on something. Its 940 nm infrared technology allows you to see clearly even during the night. If you insert an SD card, the mini spy camera with audio and video recording will automatically create a 24-hour recording loop, giving you footage of all the coverage it has. Supporting 2.4 GHz wi-fi, it consists of a camera, a USB cable, and can store up to 64 GB data.

Customer Reviews

The thing that inspired customers the most was the night vision resolution and performance of this mini full hd camera and voice recorder. It was much easier to set up than expected and the performance is unbelievable. The coverage angle is quite large and the only extra thing you might need is a longer USB cable.

4. Relohas Wireless Spy Camera

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  • Remotely monitoring feature is enabled
  • Provides up to 1080p resolution
  • It is easy to hide due to its small size
  • Consists of an upgraded auto and manual night vision mode
  • Detects motion and sound and captures a picture
  • Has four recording modes
  • Can be connected to wi-fi

This nanny cam with sound detects both audio and motion that can also be connected to wi-fi. If not connected, it can also record videos and display them in 720p or 1080p resolution. The hidden nanny cam with audio, you can live stream the footage from anywhere around the world. It can also record a full-time loop video if an SD card is inserted into it. What is more, you can yourself choose from the four recording modes whether you want a 24-hour record or just a fixed time record. This mini spy camera with audio and video recording usually comes in black color and is very easy to hide anywhere around the house.

Customer Reviews

Those who have used these audio and video spy cameras say that it has amazing performance with an unbeatable price. The software and all sensors work very well, and the night vision works in actual black and white. They are happy that this nanny cam with audio provides 420p, 720p, and 1080p resolution and time record modes to choose from.

5. Newwings Wi-fi Hidden Spy Camera

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  • Provides 1080p resolution
  • Has a built-in rechargeable battery
  • Provides a lie view, takes snapshots and records videos
  • Consists of 4 infrared lights that enable good night vision
  • Supports android phone apps
  • Can store the recording of 64 GB
  • Has a motion detector with an alert push

Disguised a smoke detector, this nanny cam with audio can be connected to wi-fi providing a 1080p resolution. It has a night vision capability and an invisible lens. No outsider would ever guess for it to be a hidden spy camera. It is equipped with 4 high quality infrared lights and easily connects to a 2.4 GHz wi-fi at home. Connect it to your phone with a downloaded app and operate it from anywhere. Its design enables it to be fixed on the ceiling, allowing better coverage of the whole.

Customer Reviews

The customers have had a great experience with this wireless hidden camera with audio. Except for one or two disappointed ones, the others only had good things to say about its resolution and structure. The disguising is great, and it provides a good video quality with good storage. The easy to install feature helps a lot.

6. Zone Shield Radio Clock Hidden Camera

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  • disguised as a radio clock
  • provides night vision
  • video resolution of 720 p
  • can store videos of 64 GB
  • saves the footage on your PC directly
  • compatible with iPhone, windows, and android
  • has a secure wi-fi connection
  • Easy to set up and use

A high-quality camera is fitted inside the disguised clock that acts as a spy camera with a built in DVR. Supporting a zoom control of about 4X, this spy camera with audio can be accessed by any pc, android, or app. It is set up using a QR code and whenever motion is detected, an email notification is sent to alert. It does not produce grainy videos and can record videos at a rate of 1 GB every 30 minutes.

Customer Reviews
This wireless hidden camera with audio has a very clear picture, but not that good of a recording. The motion detection seemed to be extra sensitive and recorded every little detail. You have to struggle a bit to connect it to your phone, but the resolution and display are very good.

7. Wall-power Plug Outlet Hidden Camera

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  • It is a covertly hidden camera
  • Provides video resolution of up to 1080p
  • videos can be viewed from anywhere
  • supports wi-fi and android apps
  • has ample storage of 8 GB
  • detects motion from around
  • quick and easy to set up

These white, spy max hidden surveillance cameras with audio has ample storage of 8 GB. The covert audio video recording devices provide 420, 720, and 1080p resolution to choose from, and a quick set up to get started. It is compatible with windows and can be connected to android devices and apps to be accessed easily. With a record rate of 1 GB every 30 minutes, this hidden spy camera uses 2 USB charging ports, as seen from the disguise of a plug outlet.

Customer Reviews

This buggy software supporting camera doesn’t really detect audio as well as it says. The price is too much for its quality but other than that it works quite well. The disguise is great and the storage and display resolution is satisfactory.

8. Hidden Surveillance Camera House Plant

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  • Has up to 4K resolution
  • Can store video data of 128 GB
  • A 90-day standby battery life
  • Gives a time and date overlay
  • Is activated when detects motion
  • Video out port to program on your TV
  • Data is stored in removable SD card
  • Disguised as a house plant
  • Passive Infrared motion-activated feature allows it to save its battery life for a longer time

This stunning 4K hidden nanny cam with audio is disguised as a regular house plant. It captures pristine detail for excellent visual quality. Hidden video camera recording can be done by placing it wherever without giving it away. It records everything it sees with a time and date stamp and has a 90-day standby life before it needs to be recharged. It is not complicated to set up and can go where you put it right out of the box. You can add a removable SD card to record all videos and store them into it.

Customer Reviews

The disguise it has is wonderful. Customers have used this spy camera to keep an eye on their nannies and they were really impressed. These covert audio video recording devices are just to set up to function. Some setting up may be done depending on your own needs. Also, it does not really record audio much but the video resolution it gives is high which enables people to see clearly.


Spy cameras are used almost everywhere nowadays, be it a house, office, or even a school. People like to be safe by taking measures to gather evidence. By using the best spy camera with audio, one can know what is happening around in his absence. We hope this article helped you decide what kind of spy camera you want.


1. What is the best chidden security camera?

If you ask me, I will say the mini spy cameras are the best ones. What is a spy camera if it’s not hidden? Also, it provides good features even in its small size.

2. How do you set up a secret surveillance camera?

Connect the network camera, find your IP address, connect your wi-fi, and configure using your mobile phones.

3. What is the smallest hidden camera?

The Mini Spy Wireless portable camera has to be the smallest. With a size of only 6mm, it can be fit anywhere.

4. What is the best hidden recording device?

For this, you should go for the ones with a proper disguise. They are hidden while being in site. Take the fake plant spy camera, for instance, it’s hidden as no one knows they are being watched around it.

5. Where do you hide a mini spy camera?

These can be hidden in corners of the house, or on the ceilings. Try to fix it somewhere it isn’t visible from.

6. How long do hidden cameras record?

These may record from a few minutes to a whole of 24-hours, depending upon the brand you bought, and the settings of the camera you’ve set up.



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