Heat Pump Ratings: Top Performers and Underperformers

The need for heat pumps is reiterated more emphatically since winter is just around the corner. An all-in-one heating and cooling system is a heat pump.

They remove heat from the inside of the house and transfer it outdoors for cooler air circulation. It is often opened with the gas furnace to share the heat burden.

As said above, heat pumps are crucial for the house. If you’re shopping for one, research the best and worst heat pump manufacturers to choose which is ideal for your requirements and preferences.

5 Trustworthy Heat Pump Brands

On the other side, there are respectable companies out there that have consistently delivered dependability and effectiveness. If you’re shopping for one, you should start with these heat pump products.

1. Heat Pumps by Tempstar

This top-rated heat pump brand is comparable to the Carrier and Bryant model brands but is priced lower.

As Tempstar is a member of the International Comfort Products (ICP) group, they were made with quality, which allows them to endure a long time and provide good service.

The Copeland compressor, another top brand, is one element that boosts this efficiency. In addition to this, it is also reasonably priced, has easily accessible little components, and is extremely simple to fix.

This product’s 5–10–year warranty is also quite admirable. Whole product replacement, as opposed to mere repairs, would be covered as part of its coverage. 

Reviews indicate that this heat pump manufacturer is among the best.

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2. Goodman Heat Pumps

Although inexpensive, this brand has earned a reputation for producing heat pumps of a good caliber. This brand would likely improve significantly when HVAC purchased it.

Given that it is regarded as a low-cost brand for HVAC, Goodman Heat Pumps are well-liked.

It employs the same Copeland compressor as the Tempstar and the well-regarded UltraTech scroll compressor, making it a suitable option for clients who like affordable heat pumps. 

Depending on the product model, their heat pumps may or may not be covered by a warranty. As a result, some have lifetime warranties while others have ten-year contracts. 

According to evaluations, this brand is often the most excellent option for reasonably priced heat pumps that can provide the finest performance.

Image courtesy of Sellata

3. Heat Pumps by Daikin

The Goodman Global Group Inc. is the organization in charge of this one. While being more costly than Goodman products, it is one of the top options for heat pumps due to its reputation.

From number 15 to number 21, its customer rating has increased. It makes use of a Copeland inverter-driven compressor.

One of its marketing advantages is its 12-year guarantee, which includes early repairs and product replacements while still under warranty.

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4. Heat Pumps by Maytag

Many people are unaware that Maytag manufactures HVAC devices, including heat pumps, and that its heat pump performance is excellent.

Its parent business, Nortek Global, known initially as Nordyne, also owns the Frigidaire, Broan, and NuTone brands.

In an emergency, Maytag’s compressor is reliable, and parts are easily accessible. It also offers a 12-year warranty, which is helpful when picking this manufacturer, much like Daikin.

Air Conditioners | Maytag HVAC
Image courtesy of maytaghvac

5. York Heat Pumps

York Heat Pumps is another top-tier brand of heat pumps. Johnson Controls produces it with other sibling brands, including Luxaire, Coleman, and Champion. 

It provides a premium heat pump with a recent emphasis on increasing its lineup and efficiency.

Unlike other competitors, York manufactures its coils and offers a lifetime guarantee on the compressor and a ten-year warranty on other components. This brand of a heat pump is just perfect.

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Five Bad Brands of Heat Pumps

Like everything else, heat pumps are not all created equal. It’s crucial to read reviews to get the most significant heat pump. 

We’ll examine some of the worst heat pump brands in this section. This list was used to put together customer reviews and ratings from major online retailers and review sites.

1. Lennox International

It may be surprising to find Lennox on our list, given that it is among the most highly recommended brands.

While they have a vast market, the main issue with their clients would be the quality of their goods’ endurance.

Most evaluations mention how much more readily their heat pumps break than other companies.

Another widespread concern is the production and sale of tiny components that take more work for consumers to obtain. 

Customers claim that this is the cause of their expensive repair and maintenance needs.

Other brands, including Air Ease, Armstrong Air, and Ducane, originate from this one parent firm. Surprisingly, these businesses have higher efficiency scores than Lennox alone.

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2. Ameristar 

While it is regarded as one of the best American heat pump brands, popularity alone does not imply high efficiency. 

Consumers’ most significant issue with this brand was overall efficiency, not dependability. It is widely known for its ability to provide primary heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. 

Yet, according to customer surveys, it has the lowest energy efficiency rating of any HVAC equipment at only 13–14 SEER.

Higher energy prices are a result of this SEER range. It was predicted in reviews of this product.

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3. Ruud

However, they also get a bad name as one of the least reliable companies that makes heat pumps.

A recent investigation found that Ruud heat pumps have been breaking down for several reasons. It has seriously impacted their position in the heat pump business.

In fact, it’s said that the brand needed to undergo a significant makeover with an emphasis on dependability and quality to re-enter the market. 

Consumer surveys suggest it may be a few years before this heat pump brand returns to its former glory.

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4. Rheem

As Ruud is its parent brand, this is the same as Ruud. 

Regarding heating and furnaces, this is undoubtedly one of the most well-known brands, but concerns about performance and general dependability need to be fixed in its image. 

The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree; reviews go on to harshly state. They are taking a sabbatical from heating pumps, much like Ruud. 

As most of the complaints originated from their devoted clients, they are concentrating on increasing the effectiveness and dependability of their products.

While it is too soon to tell if they will become better or not, assessments indicate that they are in the process of being overhauled.

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5. Nordyne

This brand prioritizes price above dependability, efficiency, and noise level. 

In contrast to other companies, this one is generally not recommended because of its cheaply made items that are prone to breaking at any moment.

While Nordyne is well-liked by HVAC installation teams, long-term usage is not guaranteed. You should pay attention to them before picking this brand since there are many credible reviews on this topic.




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