Top 12 Health o Meter Professional Body Fat Scale – Buying Guide 2023

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As the whole world is leading towards the technological advancement and everything is getting evolved so as to the body health o meter professional body fat scale as well.

Now you have better and convenient body fat scales which helps you measure your weight accurately and let you know about your fitness and in finding the best possible health o meter professional body fat scale any one can get confused or lost.

We are here to help you and will provide you with the list of top 12 best health o meter professional body fat scales with all of the features that should be there.

Things to be Considered


Body fat scales comes in different price range which varies from 40 to 150+ depending upon the features they provide. It all depends upon your needs and budget if you don’t want any unwanted features or any fancy body fat scale form any brand that has some name then the basic one would do the job for you as it will provide what you want with your wished price.


The main reason of buying or having the body fat scale is so that you can measure your body fat and weight accurately but if the meter does not provide you with the accuracy that you need then the features are of no use.


You should make sure that it comes with the most advanced technological features which will provide you with the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection which can sync with your mobile so that you can be updated with your workout and body vital information and should show the information in charts and graphs so that you will be motivated.


Top 12 Health o Meter Professional Body Fat Scale

Sonax Wheel Cleaner Full Effect

☞Weight: 2.8 pounds
☞Size: 9.5 x 8 x 2 inches
View Product
Simichrome All Metal Polish Tube

☞Weight: 2.24 pounds
☞Size: 1.76 ounces

View Product
Blue Magic Polish Cream

☞Weight: 7.2 ounce
☞Size: 3.2 inches
View Product
Mother’s Mag Wheel Polish

☞Weight: 12 ounces
☞Size: 1.5 x 1.3 x 2 inches.
View Product
Sonax X-treme Wheel Polish.

☞Weight: 18 ounces
☞Size: 1.13 pounds
View Product
Meguiar’s Hot Rims Wheel Cleaner

☞Weight: 9.6 pounds
☞Size: 11 inches.
View Product
chemical guys heavy metal polish

☞Weight: 1.1 pounds
☞Size: 8 inches
View Product
Adams Metal Polish

☞Weight: 1.6 pounds
☞Size: 2.3 inches.
View Product
3M Marine Aluminum Polish

☞Weight: 7.2 ounce
☞Size: 3.2 inches
View Product
Zephyr Pro 40 Metal Polish

☞Weight: : 13.6 ounce
☞Size: 9 inches.
View Product
Flash brown royal.

☞Weight: 9.6 pounds
☞Size: 11 inches.
View Product
Gords aluminum polish

☞Weight: 4pounds
☞Size: 11 inches
View Product
Bosh chemical aluminum cleaner

☞Weight: : 2.2 pounds
☞Size: 12 inches.
View Product
Wolfgang Metallwerk Aluminum Polish

☞Weight: 16 ounce
☞Size: 11 inches.
View Product
3D Yellow Degreaser

☞Weight: 9.55 pounds
☞Size: 5.7 inches.
View Product

1.EatSmart Precision Body Fat Scale

EATSMART Precision Body Fat Scale



  • Easy to be used
  • Multiple functions


  • No options to track time progress
  • Scans the reading very fast

This is a very nice digital body fat scale it can measure your body fat, muscle mass, and body water effectively. It can recognize up to 8 persons with user identification technology.

It has touchscreen interface and is very user friendly product and a very good body scale health o meter and perhaps one of the best health o meter professional body fat scale with good reviews and rating of the public.

This product has the rating of 4/5.

Customer Review

‘’Some people complain that this scale isn’t accurate. I don’t know if it is scientifically accurate, but it is consistent, and from those numbers I worked. This scale was quite inspirational for me, and it was the first product I purchased on my quest to lose 30 lbs…and I did’’

2.FitBit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

FitBit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale



  • Multiple user accounts
  • Wireless sync with home network


  • Sometimes result might not be accurate
  • 11B protocol is only supported by FitBit Aria

It is an outstandingly well and elegant smart scale which works exceedingly well to measure the body weight, body fat and body mass index.

It can keep the account of 8 people and can give the fat status information individually. It is very easy to use and keep sync perfectly with your mobile to get your stats and results on your phone.

It is a professional body fat scale and one of the top rated health o meter professional body fat scale for sure.

This product has the rating of 4/5.

Customer Review

‘’The fat percentage reader on this is really good. However, for you weight please note that you need to keep the scale on a hard flat surface as on carpet your weight can fluctuate between 10 Kgs difference each way. I learned this the hard way as I didn’t read the instructions so I recommend you do read the instructions’’

3.Tanita BC554 Body Monitor

Tanita BC554 Body Scale



  • Easy to use
  • Gives you physique rating
  • Lots of features


  • Not too cheap
  • Sometimes reading fluctuate

It is very good and precise body composition analyzer which can measure your weight, body fat, BMR, Metabolic age, body water percentage, bone mass, muscle mass with many features.

It can keep the track of 4 people with the same age, gender and weight. It is made up of a very good material which is quality stainless steel and can withstand with the maximum weight of 330lbs with accuracy.

One of the best health o meter professional body fat scale with most of the features in a body fat scale.

This product has the rating of 4.3/5.

Customer Review

‘’We love our Tanita Ironman. Performs exactly as the information states. It’s within points of the $5000 Tanita unit I get weighed on bi- weekly at my weight loss center. Extremely happy with my purchase. Now I can monitor my stats for myself and guarantee success for my future at keeping my fat % under control and my body healthy forever’’

4.Weight Gurus Body Fat Scale

Weight Gurus Body Fat Scale



  • Great Reviews
  • Easy to use
  • Fully Advanced


  • The smartphone camera is used to read bar code to analyze information on a smartphone

Highly digital and Durable body fat scale with a lot of features it is very easy to use it gets synced with your phone quite easily and gives you the accurate information.

It is capable of measuring the whole body information which you need to know and with all those features it has the best thing that it has got 2 year’s warranty and can give you the best health for that time period for sure.

It is outstanding mix of functionality with price which make it worth buying and the best health o meter professional body fat scale.

This product has the rating of 4.3/5.

Customer Review

‘’Very easy to use and very accurate. I love the ability to record my metrics on my phone using the camera. My only complaint is that sometimes the glare from the glass interface with the camera’s ability to read the smart code displayed on the scale’s LCD’’

5.Smart Weigh Body Fat Scale

Smart weigh Body fat scale



  • Easy to use
  • Economical
  • Maximum support weight of 440lbs


  • It does not connect with smartphone
  • Battery not long lasting

Very nice body fat scale which gives you the accurate information of your body which includes the body fat, body water, bone mass and e t c for your good health. It has got the best design and made up of quality tempered glass material.

It can keep the track of 8 users for their complete body analysis. It is top rated body fat scale with precision and is 5 star rated by the most of our customers. Definitely one of the best professional body fat scale.

This product has the rating of 4/5.

Customer Review

‘’Have had this scale for a year now and for a year it worked fine. Two weeks ago the scale just died on me. It’s still shows the number but it shows between 0 and 300lbs before stepping on it. It was an awesome scale before it broke but not worth the price for only a year’’

6.Taylor Precision 7506 Digital Scale

Taylor Precision 7506



  • Large
  • Ergonomic Platform
  • Accurate


  • Returns inaccurate reading after moving it

The Taylor body scale is very easy to use and has got the best accuracy when it comes to functionality.

It has the best material used in its manufacturing and has the best lithium powered batteries which can make it long lasing and has an auto-off feature which helps you in preventing the battery percentage.

The scale automatically let you know about the battery when it needs to be changed and has got the best feature of 5 year’s warranty one of the best health o meter professional body fat scale.

This product has the rating of 4.4/5.

Customer Review

‘’The scale is working fine. Updated my review to 3 stars. 5 stars for the quality of the scale itself, 1 star for receiving the scale with a dead battery. It’s funny the product description says that the scale “runs on an included lithium battery, which is not likely to die or weaken during the lifetime of the scale”. Kind of ironic!’’

7.Digital Body Fat Weight

Digital Body Fat Weight



  • Easy to use
  • Attractive Design
  • Measure six key metrics


  • Lack advanced features

This is the very appreciable body scale which is affordable and extremely functional with great features. It gives you the detail about the whole body weight, fat and water with great accuracy.

It can also sync with an app on your phone so you can have the detail of your daily progress. This scale is made up of great quality material and runs on AAA batteries and the weight capacity of around 400lbs and for the best possible result you should place the scale on hard and flat surface and measure yourself barefooted.

One of the best professional health o meter body fat scale.

This product has the rating of 4.2/5.

Customer Review

‘’Love this scale [even if I don’t always lover the numbers it shows :)]. I set it for my wife and me, and it shows all the info that I am looking for. Plus, it’s very consistent. I think it’s accurate, as it appears close to what I expected, but even if it’s not completely accurate, it’s consistent, which is what I was looking for’’

8.Renpho Bluetooth Wireless

Renpho Bluetooth Wireless



  • Modern Design
  • Affordable
  • Quality Material


  • Difficult to connect

This is the best-selling and highly accurate product and is top rated as it has the best design with functions of highest class.

This devise has the ability to keep up with 11 metrics at a time and allows you to share your body information with your friends, family and trainers and etc. It can connect with your phone making it convenient and accessible and for you to use.

The top rated body scale with utmost great functions.

This product has the rating of 4.5/5.

Customer Review

‘’Nice scale! It seems accurate, since it says the same weight over several tries and it’s great that it syncs easily to my Fitbit app!’’

9. Smartindex FITINDEX Body Scale

SmartIndex FitIndex Digital Scale



  • Health Monitor
  • Easy to use
  • 4 precision sensors


  • Scale fluctuate
  • Less durable

This is the ideal partner that you need to have for your guidance when it comes to fitness. It has the capacity to show you the 11 body metrics.

This is not very fancy body fat scale but gives you all that you need with very affordable price it has got the best user friendly features and has got the Bluetooth connection as well which keeps you updated with your protein and metabolic age. Among the best health o meter scales.

This product has the rating of 4.1/5.

Customer Review

‘’It’s really good and pretty accurate, however please note that this does not take it your overall body fat percentage, only for your lower half. To take in overall body fat, you’ll need a scale with hand sensors for the upper body.
However still a good gadget to keep track of progress’’

10.ARBOLEAF Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

ARBOLEAF Bluetooth



  • Easy to use
  • High Accuracy
  • Consistent Reading


  • Small in Size

This body fat scale is very use to use and has the ability to give you the best possible features it will provide you with the 10 metrics information of different body parts of yours.

It has the Bluetooth connection which will show this information via your mobile it gives you the in depth analysis about your weight loss which gets you motivated and help you achieve your fitness goals.

This is the perfect belt for the people who wants to keep the track of their weight loss and simply with all these features it is the best health o meter professional body fat scale.

This product has the rating of 4.8/5.

Customer Review

‘’I love this scale! It has so many different features that give you lots of information about what’s going on with your body. I feel reassured that I’m not as deconditioned as I thought I was, but feel good knowing that I can follow this information over time as I get older’’

11.RE-Dover Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

Re-Dover Bluetooth



  • Easy to use
  • Will keep you on focus
  • 5 year’s warranty


  • Durability issues

It is same when it comes to functioning just like any other body scale but it has eight unique estimations which include weight, BMI, BMR, body water, muscle proportion, bone mass, body fat, and visceral fat.

It has the capacity to cop up with ten people on one phone and it can twenty people two phone’s which is extremely effective it can support up to 400lbs and have got 4AAA batteries which makes it efficient and worth buying.

Top listed health o meter professional body fat scale without a doubt.

This product has the rating of 4.7/5.

Customer Review

‘’This scale is absolutely incredible. My husband has hired a personal trainer and is trying to gauge his fitness. He has been eating perfectly clean and not losing weight. This scale helps you see the body fat/muscle ratios. Even hydration levels. His body fat was much lower than he thought and muscle mass much higher. App was easy to find, download and sign up for’’

12.Bluetooth Smart Scale by GreaterGoods

Bluetooth Smart Scale



  • Silver Tones Co-ordinates
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use


  • Smaller platform

If you are looking for the decent designed and no nonsense smart scale for your restroom, then this is the product that you have been looking for.

It has got the safety glass which has silver toned design which can mix with any washroom and it has got the top quality precision.

It has the base limit of 11lbs and can accommodate the weight up to 400lbs. It is smaller in size and has LCD show. But most of the reviews said it does not last an entire year. But all in all, good value for your money as a health meter scale.

This product has the rating of 4.3/5.

Customer Review

‘’I’ve only used it a short period of time, two days. I really like this scale and seems to be very accurate. Why I say this, is I weighted myself two times minutes apart and it came up with the same values’’

Health o Meter Digital Scale Instructions

There are certain steps which are ought to be followed as an instruction for health o meter digital scale.

Remove the shipping plate, set the scale to either pounds or kilo-grams, then place the scale on the flat surface, tap the scale corner with your foot and then confirm the scale at 0.00.


As stated earlier it is very difficult and confusing when you are looking the professional health o meter with best features and that suits your pocket which can be confusing. But we have tried to help you in the best possible manner by listing out the best health o meter professional body fat scale available with very reasonable price range so buy the product of mixed balance of quality and price.





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