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Complications, problems and inconveniences are all part of the life and they get an x2 multiplier when you are travelling somewhere. Want to know why? because travelling requires patience. Beware! Travelling is not for the impatient ones! This sign should be everywhere. Well, if you are travelling in your RV with your family and the biggest inconvenience you face is the stained windshield. I mean, it is just irritating on a whole new level, not even a flat tire can make you that agitated. But what is the point of this blog we are not going to help you solve your problem? So what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE to look for the most affordable, effective and the most amazing stain removers for your RV available at Amazon.

Yes, there are most of us who just want a quick review of any product of this category without CLICKING HERE. But don’t worry, we got your back, I mean, your windshield, well, you know what I mean, right?

If you scroll right here, yep! That’s the spot!

If you are looking for something above $15 with the rating of 4.0 then you can trust this product.

Best RV Cleaner For Stain
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For some precautions it is safe to see for some tips and tricks on how to use a certain product. Yes, even tips and tricks to use a RV cleaner.

Some cleaning tips and tricks

It is not very difficult or it doesn’t require a pro level of expertise to clean a windshield but follow these following steps for an effective and satisfactory windshield cleaning:

  • Grab a stain remover bottle you own or if you don’t own any then do CLICK HERE before going on cleaning your windshield.
  • Spray the whole shield at nice a distance of shall we say about 10 to 12 inches, so the spray should spread to its full radius and doesn’t require you to keep on spraying and wasting it.
  • Grab a clean cloth (probably cotton material) and fold it 2 times so it doesn’t cause you any inconvenience during your cleaning.
  • Wipe the windshield with that folded cloth firmly till the windshield is dry and clean.
  • If some stubborn stains don’t get cleaned after the first try then there is nothing to worry about. Just apply another spray of the stain removal and clean it up.

Now you are all good to go!

If you think you need something better and a tad bit expensive then the first product then this can be your cleaning partner.

Some cleaning tips and tricks
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Lesson on stain removers

No, no. I am not starting up a class for its history. It is just a general knowledge that everyone should know, I mean, knowledge is power, right?

What are they made of?

They are basically made of some acid gel which is the mixture of industrialized distilled vinegar and lemon juice

Is there a DIY hack for it?

Why, yes. Just grab some vinegar and homemade lemon juice and mix them up. And voila! You got your very own windshield stain remover.

Are they smelly?

Nope, they are not. Industrial level stain removers are made with a pleasant fragrance for your satisfaction

Are they harmful to touch and taste?

Well, it is highly and super highly recommended to not do that and keep it away from children of any age!

What can it remove?

There are some concerns when you wonder if a stain remover would take care of this or that specific spot. Well, s good and effective stain remover can remove these following stubborn stains:

  • Severe hard water spots (yeah, they are nasty)
  • Calcium and mineral build-up (they are smelly)
  • Heavy lime scale (even smellier)
  • Salt spray and some rust deposits (even nastier and smellier!)

If you are looking for a stain remover that comes with a jar and you are not fine with spraying the thing then this Zolex product is the one for you.

stain remover that comes with a jar

There is nothing specific to look for in windshield stain remover then the bottle/jar capacity and its price, that’s all.

If you want to see a full on full effective reading article for some RV batteries then don’t hesitate to CLICK HERE.




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