GreenGeeks Affiliate Scam Report | Review

The bigger an organization becomes, the less they care about its clients. That’s for sure.

We have recently been a victim of GreenGeeks hosting affiliate scams when they shut down our affiliate account and seized our commissions.

We received an email of “Account under Manual Review” after we generated more than 1500$ in a month and more than 4000$ in the following month.

We were quick to follow up with all the answers and explained all the strategies that were underway for promotion, and even sent the Meta Ads Report of advertising expenses from Instagram.

There were full-fledged websites or blogs present and people working on every single domain they got from our referral code – yet

A few days later, they just followed up with another email that your account is suspended.

I mean cmon guys we were partners for more than 3 years and only now when you can’t seem to handle the increasing volume of sales, all of a sudden we are not a good fit.

Apparently, they only need US consumers or Big websites with millions of Organic visitors – So let me get this straight

  1. you want a lifelong business customer from US only
  2. You want high paid tickets and don’t want to pay referral commission for small businesses or young Entrepreneurs.

& only if you make a million dollars straight upfront, you wanna pay pennies in affiliate commission.

How do you justify this strategy?

The whole point of putting up this post is for future affiliates to stay as far away from their affiliate program as possible. It’s not worth it.

This Mitch Guy 

won’t be responding to your email once your account is seized and you will have all our investment and good faith doomed if you still go out promoting GreenGeeks.

oh! and by the way, i am not alone. You will find these horrific experiences with Greengeeks affiliate all over the Internet





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