GPS for commercial vehicles – How to pick the right one?

Truck driving necessitates not only being alert and cautious on the road but also knowing how to get to your destination and how much far away you are from fuel. You’ll also need to know where to park overnight, how to get to your destination, which highways to avoid, and if there are any loading docks nearby or not, among other things. Trucking GPS For Commercial Vehicles make it much easier for truck drivers to get around on a daily basis.

Moving a large truck necessitates a lot more thought and effort on the driver’s behalf. This is why it is important to understand that which GPS for truckers is the best and which app is the most suitable for your needs. 

It is all about having the right tools for the right job


Every truck drivers’ needs differ from those of other drivers, there are various GPS systems made specifically for the trucking sector. Trucking GPS navigation aids truckers in a variety of ways, including avoiding congested areas, finding the best and shortest routes, maintaining confidence on unknown roads, and generally making their job easier and more fun.

GPS for commercial vehicles

Speaking of the types, there are two major types available for drivers to use in their commercial vehicles;

  • Physical GPS Tracking Device 
  • Mobile applications navigation 

1. GPS Tracking Device (Physical)

Speaking of GPS, most people go for physical devices as they do not know more about the other types. This type of device is installed directly into your vehicle, which usually is connected to a dashboard.  

There are three most popular names in the GPS tracking business, who makes the best devices that can offer the best accuracy.

  • Garmin
  • Rand-McNally
  • TomTom 

2. Mobile Applications Navigation:

This type of GPS navigation uses an application on a mobile device such as your smartphone, Android or Apple. GPS applications and GPS navigators are available in a large number of different forms on the market these days. These navigation tools, on the other hand, are plenty, and selecting the most appropriate one is critical, depending on your personal preference. 

If you are looking for the answer to “How to pick the best GPS for commercial vehicle”, there are some basic features that add to the value of the GPS device. 

Why Is It So Important?

There are so many reasons why GPS is essential. It is used by many companies to track vehicles of all kinds, but it also has a great variety of use cases:

  • Flight tracking 
  • Plotting the route for agricultural machinery, track the agricultural yield
  • Helps in assigning sylvicultural work, keeping track of logging roads, and harvested trees
  • Finding directions and assist in deliveries
  • It plays an efficient route planning for companies that work on variable routes

What To Look For GPS For Commercial Vehicles?

Here are some of the benefits that every trucker must look out for to make the best out of their time, money, and effort. 

GPS for commercial vehicles

Consider the following important characteristics:

Updated Maps

When it comes to GPS navigation, mapping is essential. Comprehensive information on various routes and road closures is included in this mapping, which is updated daily. For GPS truck devices, you’ll want to make sure that it includes all of the approved roads as well. Low bridges and speed limits will be included in the finest truck GPS, as well as other features. In addition to these elements, you’ll find overpasses, roads, and other such regions.

Navigation that is precise

Another important component is a navigation tool that is both user-friendly and effective. For safer and accurate navigation is it important for GPS trackers to have specific navigational assistance to navigate them safely and efficiently. 

The most important is to have features like;

  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • Easy-accessible inputs
  • voice-to-text capabilities 
  • Exceptional navigation aids. 
  • Lane guidance
  • ETAs

Route Mapping 

GPS mapping

A well-equipped GPS device must have a route planner that must be able to show you;

  • The shortest path 
  • The quickest way to your destination
  • Other aspects like traffic accidents
  • Traffic information
  • Alerts
  • Updates about traffic 
  • Road construction sites

Restrictions are being monitored

Using a handy GPS tool, you will be able to construct routes that take into account several aspects like;

  • Truck dimensions; height limits
  • Low bridges 
  • Other safety and clearance conditions
  • Height of the bridge 
  • Weight limits and constraints
  • Vargo size 

Monitoring of Road Conditions

Another important aspect is to be aware of sudden curves and steep inclines on the roadway. In an ideal situation, the driver must receive road notifications during the course of their routing.

Toggles for toll roads 

A suitable truck The GPS unit will highlight toll roads and will include a feature that allows you to toggle between routes that are on or off toll highways.


There are numerous points of interest that are beneficial to be aware of. 

  • Towing services
  • Mechanics of the truck
  • Weighting stations 
  • Rest areas
  • Restaurants
  • Truck stops
  • Motels
  • Health care
  • Police stations
  • Emergency services locations 

Fuel-saving devices include the following

Certain GPS gadgets can help you save money on gas by lowering the amount of mileage you travel by determining the shortest route. Additionally, it can assist in locating the most competitive fuel rates by evaluating gas stations along the route and comparing pricing.

Data Management

Certain apps are capable of logging information about each car and driver known as an Electronic logging device (ELD). An ELD enables us to keep a record of all data pertaining to a truck driver, as well as to provide training and improvement opportunities to the driver. It also has the capability of offering logs and reports regarding the use of vehicles.

Dimensions of the screen

When it comes to truck GPS navigation, screen size is essential. A user may desire a huge interface with a lot of features. A larger screen size offers a clearer view of the map more clearly.

Tools for Fleet Management

Multi-trailer setup with various profiles; load management; fuel management; vehicle utilisation; start and stop time notifications; and more!

Commercial GPS vs. Average GPS

Truck GPS navigation gadgets differ from an average car or truck in various aspects. The screens are typically larger, designed for daily usage, and include more advanced, but required, capabilities that truck drivers use to get to their destination safely and efficiently. The following are some of the most important characteristics of truck GPS navigation devices:

  • Real-time updates on traffic 
  • Weight and dimensions measurement of truck 
  • Estimation of toll road costs
  • Information on low bridges and overpasses
  • WiFi connectivity 
  • Connectivity with backup cameras, speakers and other devices
  • Help in keeping you on the right route
  • Updated ELD 

Best GPS For Commercial Vehicles Recommendations 

If one device works the best for one driver, it might not work the same way for you, or it might be more than you require or desire. It’s critical to look at the features you desire at affordable rates when it comes to trucking GPS navigation units. The best way is to take your personal preference, budget, and product in comparison to evaluate the right one for yourself. 

Here are some of the best GPS for commercial vehicles that you can trust. 

What app do truckers use?

Many drivers find that a GPS unit alone is not sufficient in providing them with the information they desire or require. Many drivers choose to use additional applications like Google Maps to guarantee that they know where they are and how to get to where they want to go. 

Furthermore, some apps provide additional information and features that GPS units simply do not provide, such as more information on truck stops, the best places for truckers to eat, the best places to stay the night, updates on if the stops are open or close.

The Best Trucker GPS Apps:

  • CoPilot Mobile Navigation/CoPilot GPS
  • Waze
  • PTV Navigator
  • Trucker Path
  • inRoute Route Planner
  • Sygic
  • Google Maps

Locate the Most Appropriate Trucking GPS Navigation Unit

Having found out “which GPS for commercial vehicles is the best?” and “which GPS app is best for truckers?” you are now prepared to get yourself one and test it outfit it works best for your specific needs and circumstances. It is critical to use trucking GPS navigation systems and applications since it ensures your own and others’ safety when driving on the highway.

Verdict | GPS For Commercial Vehicles

Even if you have a fantastic GPS unit and software, it is always a good idea to have a map with you, if something goes wrong. That is to say, a trucker GPS navigation unit or app that is appropriate for your needs can also save you money on gas and keep you from receiving excessive fines. Despite the trucking job you have at hand, it is necessary to stay on the proper path.

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