Get Ready to Play the Newest Game Invented by ChatGPT!

Last updated on March 12th, 2023 at 04:07 pm

The internet access method is being completely transformed, and now ChatGPT is coming for our video games. 

Even if the chatbot can’t precisely play “I spy” with you, it can come up with a devilishly challenging new puzzle game that has the potential to displace Wordle on your phone’s display ultimately.

A website for what might be the very first game ever developed using ChatGPT has just been created by a user. 

You may play the game, which was designed by user Daniel Tait and is titled “Sumplete,” on the page of the Puzzled Penguin Substack that displays it.

Tait persuaded the AI to develop the game by giving it the following prompt: “can you build a logic problem comparable to Sudoku that doesn’t presently exist,” the outcome is pretty good, albeit somewhat uninspired. 

In addition to this, Tait managed to get ChatGPT to develop a playable version of the game using HTML and Javascript.

While Sumplete may not provide the same level of gameplay as Red Dead Redemption 2, it is a surprisingly exciting spin on the classic puzzle game Sudoku. AI may one day be a legitimate tool for game makers.

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Participating in games using ChatGPT (spoiler: it cheats)

Wordle started as a straightforward word game designed just for the significant other of the person who developed Wordle. Used robotic intelligence to triumph against it.

To begin, It was interesting in examining the materials that we had available to us. Hence, issued the new Bing with a ChatGPT challenge to compete against me in various games.

After making my initial guess in Wordle, it informed me that the word did not include the letter “C,” even though request it to play the game. 

The word that was supposed to be there was “Coach”; therefore, this is incorrect. Similarly, victorious in beating the Computer in the tic-tac-toe game, but it continued playing with its fingers in its ears.

Image courtesy of forbes

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Developing my own video game with ChatGPT

When challenged to develop new games, Bing’s solutions needed more originality, despite the search engine having a brand-new creative tone option. 

As a result, switched to OpenAI’s implementation of ChatGPT, where It had better success. Even though Daniel Tait and It use the same prompt, It was assigned a different game. 

The artificial intelligence developed a version of Sudoku that it dubbed “Hexa-words” and explained as follows:

“Hexa-words” is a logic problem played on a 6×6 grid, and the game’s purpose is to fill every cell in the grid with a letter from A to F so that each row and column has all six letters precisely once. 

In addition, the grid has six shaded cells arranged in the shape of a hexagon. These cells need to contain a word that is six letters long, with each letter originating from the row or column that it is associated with. 

It is forbidden to utilize the same letter more than once inside the confines of a single word, and no two comments may have more than one letter in the joint.

It is an original thought. Nonetheless, the example that it provided for me needed to be corrected. It came up with the made-up term “FACEBD” when it was applied to a hexagon composed of six letters.

When challenged to construct word-based games, it had the same difficulties. If it did not just copy Wordle verbatim, it exhibited faults again. 

When I asked it for the answer, it responded with “Walkedon,” which is once again not a term found in English.

It then built an anagram-based game by giving me the prompt “KNOWLEDGE BANK” to see the longest possible word from the question. 

After being shown the error, the artificial intelligence recognized that it had erred and said that the word “Knowledge” was, in fact, the most excellent anagram that could be produced. 

Not even close to a challenge. Artificial intelligence was most successful when I asked it to design a game based on a word search. 

It suggested something called “Around the globe,” which was a word search centered on the world’s nations and, after completion, generated the phrase “PACK YOUR BAGS AND EXPLORE.” 

It was good, but it won’t come close to competing with the brilliance of Wordle or Sumplete. Companies like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are secure for the time being.

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