Get Cozy in These 10 Tiny Houses You Can Buy

Last updated on March 12th, 2023 at 11:46 am

These gorgeous little homes on Amazon, Wayfair, and other shops prove that bigger isn’t necessarily better. The truth is that a home that is half as big or even smaller may be just as attractive and comfortable. 

It all depends on your decorating style and the amount of commitment to detail. A tiny home is small—about the size of a horse stall—but it’s also rather powerful. 

And you’ll like these creations if you enjoy doing DIY projects. Don’t worry if you’re a little apprehensive about living in a house no more significant than ten by 12 feet most of the time. 

There are several methods to maximize the use of these little houses. 

You will be astounded at how many items you can fit into your little area, whether you use it as a home office, Airbnb rental, exercise facility, or craft room.

Most importantly, you can set up a small house much more quickly than a traditional home, which might take months (or even years) to construct or modify. 

If only all tasks were as simple! Scroll down to see the adorable little homes and be motivated to buy your handcrafted cottage. 

We guarantee that nothing is more fulfilling than walking through the door of a house you built yourself in a short period!

Top Farmhouse Design

Farmhouse Cedarshed

Image courtesy of Cedarshed

AT AMAZON, $15,368

  • Crafted from sustainably harvested Western Red Cedar
  • Includes planting boxes and windows
  • Is portable and readily dismantled
  • 20 ft. x 14 ft.
  • Cedar and alloy steel materials
  • $4.49 for Delivery

Like the farmhouse style? Please set up an authentic farmhouse in your backyard to take it further. 

On the front or side decks, you can relax outside, and thanks to the planter boxes, you may enjoy gardening even in a tiny area.

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Optimum greenhouse

Greenhouse with Colonial Gables from Little Cottage Company

LITTLE COTTAGE CO. Colonial Gable 8 ft. x 12 ft. Wood Greenhouse DIY Kit without Floor 8x12 LCG-WPNK -
Image courtesy of thehomedepot

AT WAYFAIR, $8,760

  • Already assembled
  • Currently prepped and prepared for painting.
  • Includes a thorough user manual
  • 1,800 lbs.
  • Free Delivery (arrives in 3-4 weeks)
  • consists of ventilation

It’s time to get the greenhouse you’ve always wanted, plant parents. It has an accurate instruction booklet and is ready to assemble with precut and labeled components.

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Top Garage

Solid Wood Garage Shed YardCraft D

Image courtesy of YardCraft
  • $8,996 THE WAYFAIR
  • Resistive to water
  • Has excellent roof shingles
  • Warranty of One Year
  • Twelve feet by 26 feet by 12 feet.
  • No door lock is provided.
  • Free Delivery (Deliveries in 2 to 3 weeks)

Do you need a garage? You will now have one that essentially resembles another dwelling.

Optimal for summer

Sturdy Wood Storage Shed, Penthouse D from Outdoor Living Today

Image courtesy of Wayfair.com
  • AT WAYFAIR, $7,670
  • Resistive to water
  • Built of strong wood
  • Has a sturdy double-door design
  • 9 ft. x 9 ft.
  • Includes a flower box and two windows.
  • No lock is provided.
  • Free Delivery to Your House In 2 to 3 weeks

How lovely is our next choice’s circular design? Even though it’s not quite a house, it’s ideal for a summertime cabana by the pool or al fresco dining. It is a beautiful addition to your yard area.

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Optimal Two-Bedroom

Rose Cottage Steel Frame Construction Kit for a Little House

Image courtesy of plus1homes
  • HOUSE DEPOT: $31,887
  • Already assembled
  • Made of robust and premium steel
  • Shrink- and termite-proof
  • 443-3 feet square
  • Build in three days or less.
  • Curbside Shipping Is Free Up To $55 (depending on your location)

This kit will enable you to construct a stylish two-bedroom house. It comes pre-assembled and with an engineer’s certificate guaranteeing a seamless building procedure.

Good Sunroom

The Backyard Of Purple Leaves Hardtop Gazebo Home

$119/mo - Finance PURPLE LEAF 12' X 14' Hardtop Gazebo for Patio Screen House Backyard Sunroom with LED Lights Outdoor Aluminum Solarium Canopy | Buy Now, Pay Later
Image courtesy of Abunda
  • AT AMAZON, $1,600
  • Rust and fade resistance
  • 5-year roof warranty, 1-year frame construction, and netting warranty
  • The design of the water gutters ensures that rainfall drains.
  • Up to 20 feet by 12 feet.
  • Offered in six sizes
  • Vaulted Roof
  • Free Shipping

Are you searching for sun protection? It is a budget-friendly solution that also accommodates a hot tub in the gazebo design. The top has a water gutter design to keep your gazebo dry during wet weather.

Best for Animals

Glazed Pinewood Dog Home for Archie and Oscar Griselda

Image courtesy of wayfair
  • AT WAYFAIR, $160
  • It has plastic cap feet that won’t decay.
  • Rain is deflected by a sloped roof that resists draughts.
  • Simple to clean
  • 41.3″ x 44.1″ x 37.8″ maximum
  • Offered in four sizes
  • Free Delivery

Take notice of a significant family member. Your dog will like this well-regarded dog home, which has received rave reviews. 

Thanks to the A-shaped roof and general design, your yard area gains a lovely and entertaining tiny house where your pet companion may also relax.

Most Economic

Solid wood Winado D Lean-To Tool Shed

Image courtesy of Wayfair.com
  • At Wayfair, $355
  • UV and water resistance
  • Natural color variations in wood texture
  • Six-month guarantee
  • 68 kilos
  • Professional assembly available
  • Has two integrated shelves
  • Free Delivery

It is a cost-effective storage option for those needing extra space, even if it’s not a permanent residence. 

Something you aren’t utilizing may now be stored effortlessly. It has ample space for various gardening equipment and children’s outdoor toys.

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Best for Children

English Garden Swiss Chalet Wood Playhouse in Bosmere

Image courtesy of Overstock.com
  • 12% Off Now OVERSTOCK $2,582
  • Since 1926, a family-run enterprise in England
  • It lets in a great deal of natural light.
  • One-year guarantee
  • 86 in. x 81 in.
  • Eco-friendly, FSC-certified wood used in construction
  • Free Delivery

Your little children deserve their own space. In this playhouse, imaginations may soar! It includes a wood floor with tongue and groove, windows for natural light, and a loft with a ladder.

Most Beautiful

Helpful Household Items Do-it-yourself Wooden Storage Shed in Windemere

Image courtesy of wayfair.com
  • AT AMAZON, $3,694
  • Easily put together
  • Pre-primed exterior surfaces to stop the deterioration
  • Ten ft. x 12 ft.
  • Made with enduring OSCB wood
  • Free Delivery

This chic little cottage belongs on the beaches of Cape Cod or any other New England seaside community. The pre-cut wood and two sets of moveable windows make it quite simple. 

The siding may be painted whatever color you choose, and the tiny home comes with accessories that will help you enhance the New England beach look.

Do You Need To Purchase A Tiny House On Amazon?

According to the hundreds of testimonials we’ve read online, you should at least consider getting a little Amazon house. 

As you can see above, the e-tailer is trustworthy, and there are many possibilities accessible for individuals who are serious about creating their ideal home.

Is Buying Or Construction Cheaper?

Building it yourself is often more economical than hiring a professional. Your time is also essential, so it’s worth assessing the pros and cons of having a skilled expert do the task in a much shorter time.

Also, search for prefabricated or container houses that come fully put together. 

ICYMI, we even have one that is constructed that comes with appliances, air conditioning, and more, making it more cost-effective overall.





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