Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. [Foxconn] unveiled 2 Electric Vehicles

Two electric car prototypes were unveiled at an event on Tuesday in Taipei by Foxconn Technology Group, formerly known as Hon Hai Precision Industry.
Terry Gou Tai-ming, the founder of Foxconn, displayed the Model B crossover SUV and Model V pickup vehicle.

The Model V

unveiled by the electronics giant Foxconn, which employs over a million people, appears to be an electric substitute for vehicles like the Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger.

In addition to being the biggest electronics contract maker in the world, Foxconn is also Apple’s most significant manufacturing partner.

According to Bloomberg, Foxconn wants to “construct clients’ EVs from the chassis up, with no aspirations to sell vehicles under its own brand.”

Foxconn founder Terry Gou, left, delivers a speech in front of the Model B electric car during the 2022 Hon Hai Tech Day.

According to Foxconn

and its parent company Hon Hai the Model V pick-up can pull three tonnes, carry a tonne in the tray, and accommodate five passengers inside.

The company states that its vehicle has “the ability to traverse all terrains”  implying that it has all-wheel drive, plenty of ground clearance, and reinforced underpinnings that can cross mud, rivers, and streams.

According to Foxconn Technology Group, Yulon Motor will begin selling the SUV as the Luxgen n7 in the following year. The five-seat car was predicted to have a range of 700 kilometres on a single charge. There was no price given.

Foxconn Technology Group Model V pick-up.
Foxconn Technology Group Model V Pick-up

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. another name for Foxconn, intends to manufacture electric buses and vehicles for brands in the United States, China, Canada, and other markets. Clients can alter their characteristics and appearance.

This puts it one step ahead of the two-wheel-drive LDV eT60, Australia’s first electric ute. Foxconn is confident that the suv will enter production. But we are unsure of the badge it will display.

The company is promising to modify the Model V to meet the tastes of well-known brands before putting it into production for them while presenting the Model V to automakers as a “Contract and Design Manufacturing Service.”

Foxconn is pitching its electric ute to companies who may be considering putting their badge on an electric pickup, similar to how Mazda’s BT-50 is created and constructed by Isuzu and the future VW Amarok is put together in Ford factories.

It constitutes uncharted ground for the business, which plans to launch its mid-sized Model C concept SUV under the name “Luxgen n7” in 2023 while constructing its first electric vehicles for production on behalf of Taiwan’s Yulon Group.

The company’s founder

Terry Gou, said that it has ambitious intentions for the automobile industry.
He stated in the past, “we helped global brand customers to alter the consumer electronics industry chain, step by step, giving consumers amazing and reasonably priced technology items.
“Hon Hai will definitely alter the EV market in the future and offer drivers a safe and pleasurable riding experience.”

While expanding its EV presence, Foxconn is also expanding its semiconductor offerings for the automotive industry.

The company said earlier this year that it would increase its capacity for producing semiconductors, with a special focus on the automotive sector, starting in 2023 with the fabrication of 8 inch and 6 inch silicon carbide (SiC) wafers.

The decision was made as the semiconductor industry continues to struggle with a chip shortage that has severely harmed the automotive industry and the entire supply chain.

The semiconductor shortage has forced the automobile industry to lower sales forecasts and rearrange vehicle production several times over the past few years.


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