Guide For Ford Fusion Warning Lights For Your Car

[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”52″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#1e73be”]Y[/mks_dropcap]our Ford Fusion waring lights dashboard holds and indicates some of the most vital symbols to let you know of the current running condition of your automobile.

This instrument cluster on your dashboard contains warning lamps and indicators for easy monitoring what’s on and what’s not and if your car is in a stable normal condition or is it heating up drastically?

You will also find the control settings in the dashboard and all of the warning lights which hold importance. So today we’ll be looking at these important aspects of warning lights in your ford fusion.

Similarly, these dashboard warning lights may be of orange, yellow, or green color depending upon the condition of operation of your car. Is it running or in an idle state and so on.

But first before diving down into the different kinds of ford fusion warning lights and the ones commonly found in your cars. Let’s take a look at some of the aspects to know beforehand about your car when it flashes you these warning lights.

What is the difference between indicator and warning lights?

So, on a ford fusion dashboard, you’ll see a mixture of both indicator and warning lights appearing. But to know their difference is important. As one of them may be hard to distinguish from the other one. We’ll tell you how so no worries!

To differentiate between an indicator and warning lights is the first of our worries.

  • Firstly, an indicator light showing on your dashboard simply means that it’s showing you the common dashboard symbols and nothing is wrong currently.
  • It will come up when you turn a certain system on or otherwise If the system comes on unnaturally. Or on auto.
  • These symbols may be of the following nature.
  • Cruise control: which will turn on after you activate your car’s cruise control system.
  • Front Airbag: this light will generally appear when you first turn on your car to show you that the airbags are active. If this light doesn’t show up at the start or afterward at all then have your system checked at car maintenance.
  • High Beam: this light will show up on your dashboard as an indication that you’ve turned your high beam on. Nothing special there.
  • Stability Control: if this light shows up on your dashboard, that means that your vehicle experienced some slight issues while on the road. Hence, this important system will help your wheels to regrip the road for a much smoother, stable and safe journey. However, if this light fails to come on then do have your system checked.

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Now on the other hand if you are met with the warning lights in your dashboard while on a journey.

  • Firstly, warning lights are something to worry about. Since they indicate that one of your car systems is malfunctioning and as a result, you need to be cautious about it to prevent any harm to yourself or your vehicle.
  • The important thing to also take note of here is that you as the driver and passengers as well should not panic.
  • Apart from the warning lights however there’s also a third-degree of lights which indicate imminent threat in some advanced vehicles known as Danger lights. These indicate you to stop as soon as possible.

The main warning lights you’ll encounter

Now after covering that we’ll be looking in detail at some of the main and also some of the unusual warning lights of ford fusion found in your dashboard.

  • Firstly, we go with the usual suspects in this warning lights section. Common amongst the warning lights you’ll see are the following.
  • ABS warning light: if this light illuminates as a warning in your ford focus then it means that there is a certain malfunction with the ABS system. Although you will be able to use the normal breaking procedure. But as a warning have your system checked in the future to know the cause of the problem so that it doesn’t spoil your day in the end.
  • Ignition warning light: this warning light if shows up indicate a certain problem with your car’s start-up or ignition. At such a stage do turn off all the unnecessary electronics equipment. Also, get your system checked with a car technician immediately.
  • Airbag dashboard light: if this light turns on while driving it could point out to a problem with the airbag process and this is something that needs to be checked.
  • Oil pressure warning light: this light if shows up during your ride, indicates a problem with your engine oils. Hence you should stop your car immediately and check the oil levels yourself. Also only resume the journey once they’re back normal.
  • Engine coolant temperature warning: when this light appears immediately turn over and turn off your car. This is required so your engine can cool and only once its cool then resume your journey safely. Also, contact a Ford advisor on this problem as well.
  • Low tire pressure warning: this warning light indicates low tire pressure. Simply pull over to a nearby gas station and have your tires checked and filled.

Other than these there are also several other less common warning and indicator lights some of you might encounter on different models of Ford fusion.

Such as, power steering fluid light which tells about the fluid in your steering wheel. Windshield washer and wiper light normally on when you use them on rainy days or etc.

Parking brake system, an advance feature of sorts only shows up when parked and you have applied the brakes. Heated rear window, is also another common indicator symbol related to when your AC is functioning.

Then last but not least is the Low fuel indicator/warning light, which reminds you that you need to refill soon.

So conclusively, these are pretty much all the indicators and warning lights we could come up with to aid your driving and dashboard needs. Give them a read and get us back for any questioning or reviews!



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