Top 12 60-inch Duffel Bag

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For those of you that are sick and tired of being embarrassed by their torn and impractical duffel bag, this list is godsent. We have found the most durable 60-inch duffel bags which have been designed with the sole purpose of making travelling easier for you. Be it strapless, extra-large, carry-on or bags with wheels we have all kinds to bags right here for you to explore.

This extensive guide will familiarize you with all the amazing products available in the market and what the customers have to say about those products. Plus, we have a buying guide and FAQ section that will tackle all your inquires. So, let’s get started.

Things to Consider Before Buying

A duffel bag should have enough room to place your clothes and other accessories in the pockets. You should be able to carry with ease and style. As there are quite some features that you need to look into before buying a 60-inch duffel bag.

1. Capacity

In case you intend to use your duffel bag while travelling via a plane then it’s important that the bag meets airline requirements. You should aim towards having all your essentials within the bag so that you have them always within reach.

 The standard airline specification is that you can carry a bag measuring 22X14X9 inches. Travel duffel bags with wheels will be a useful category to look into.

For those of you that are looking for oversized duffle bags with wheels in order to carry your clothes, equipment or gear the duffel bags with 75-litre capacity are ideal.

You can fit almost anything in such capacity but do make sure that you never exceed the weight limit set by the airlines.

2. Weight

Every bag isn’t designed the same. So, you can expect some to weight more as compared to others. As weight is a major issue while travelling and you need to stay within the prescribed limit so make sure to check the weigh beforehand.

Duffle bags with wheels tend to weight more. In case you decide to opt for a duffel bag without wheels you will have to keep it light so that you don’t end up pulling or dragging it.

3. Wheels

The next dilemma is whether you will choice large duffle bags with wheels or without wheels. While large rolling duffel bag is easier to drag around but duffel bag carry on size will be easier to handle and carry.

What are carry on?
Carry on is referred to bags that you can keep along with you at all time. They are also referred to as hand luggage. Currently, carry on are available in various designs, for example, you can get a carry on with and without wheels.

4. Carrying options

Ask yourself if you will be carrying the bag like a tote or treating it like a backpack? With there being many options available in the market you need to prioritize your preference. Two of the main carry on options available are:

  • Backpack style straps: this would suit you if you prefer to keep the bag on your shoulder. Some of the duffel bags are designed with removable and padded straps
  • Shoulder style straps: these are ideal for those of you that access their bag quite often. Recommend getting a shoulder duffel bag only if you tend to travel short distances.

You need to check the handle style and durability as you will be relying on it while making simple manoeuvres. Be it a 30 inch duffel bag or 72 inch long duffle bag they all consist of a handle. The handle type can be one of these two:

  • Carry handles: this style is just like every other padded handle which transforms your duffel bag into a carry-on. They are perfect for those of you that will be picking up your bags while moving.
  • Grab handles: these handles are located at the sides of the bag and are perfect for dragging it. They are useful for loading the large duffle bag with wheels on to the taxi or etc.
6. Pockets

As duffel bags are ideally designed for travelling and adventures thus you will have to place everything you require in them.

A bag with plenty of pockets for storage will help in keeping smaller items safe and accessible. Pockets should be internal and external so that you can place objects according to your requirements. Like headphones and cell phones should be kept in the external pockets so that you can reach for them easily.

Different duffel bags have different compartments so find one that suits your needs and requirements.

7. Water-resistance or waterproof

This added feature will definitely help you in the long run. As your bag will be carrying your essentials so you need to protect it from unforeseen circumstances.

We should mention that water-resistant and waterproof are two very drastic features. With water-resistant duffel bag, you will be able to protect your belongings form damp grounds and light rain. With a waterproof duffel bag with wheels, you can even take the bag in heavy rain.

In case you love indulging in water sports you should opt for a bag that is made from durable fabric and is waterproof. On the other hand, if you will be staying mostly on dry land the water-resistant bag will work just fine.

8. Material

Duffel bags are constructed out of many materials. So, opt for durable materials so that the bag continues to stay in good shape regardless of how you treat it and where you take it.

Shacke’s Travel Duffel Express Weekender Bag

☞Weight: 1.6 pounds
☞Size: 19.5X19X13.5 inch
View Product
Thule Crossover rolling duffle bag luggage

☞Weight: 9.4 pounds
☞Size: 17.3X16.5X31.1 inch

5View Product
Travelpro Bold 30" Rolling Duffle Bag

☞Weight: 10.6 pounds
☞Size: 30X15X16 inch
4.5View Product
AmazonBasics Ripstop Rolling Travel Luggage

☞Weight: 11.9 pounds
☞Size: 35X16X16 inch
4.5View Product
Eagle creek heavy duty rolling duffel bag

☞Weight: 4.19 pounds
☞Size: 35.8X15X14.2 inch
4View Product
KPL Vintage Leather Duffel Bag

☞Weight: 3.0 pounds
☞Size: 21X9X11 inch
4View Product
Timberland Wheeled Duffle Bag

☞Weight: 8.8 pounds
☞Size: 10X26X14 inch
3.5View Product
Eagle Creek Gear Warrior International Carry Luggage

☞Weight: 8.4 pounds
☞Size: 9X14X22 inch
3.5View Product
Samsonite Andante Wheeled Duffel

☞Weight: 5 pounds
☞Size: 22X12.5X12 inch
3.5View Product
Olympia 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag

☞Weight: 9.8 pounds
☞Size: 29X14X15 inch
3View Product
Dakine - Unisex Split Roller Luggage Bag

☞Weight: 10 pounds
☞Size: 30X14X13 inch
3View Product
Plambag Canvas Duffle Bag for Travel

☞Weight: 3.3 pounds
☞Size: 20.8X9.8X11.8 inch
3View Product

Top 12 60-inch Duffel Bag

1. Shacke’s Travel Duffel Express Weekender Bag


Key features:
1. Weight: 1.6 pounds
2. Size: 19.5X19X13.5 inch

In just under $30 you can get this amazing 30 inch duffel bag. It has been constructed from durable nylon which is water-resistant. So, you can take this bag where ever you like.

As this bag has plenty of storage so can stash your gear easily plus you can place all your clothes in the main compartment. You can also use the shoe pocket to keep your smelly and dirty shoes away from all your stuff. For essentials like passport and other documents, there is an internal pouch. This travel-friendly bag has YKK zippers and TSA locks so you can easily access your gear and belongings

Customer Reviews:
Customers have raked this bag 4.8 for its functionality while travelling so you can expect how satisfied the users are from the general utility of the bag.

2. Thule Crossover rolling duffle bag luggage

Key features:
1. Weight:9.4 pounds
2. Size: 17.3X16.5X31.1 inch

Next up we have one of the best rolling duffel bags that can accommodate almost everything that you might require. With its 87-litre capacity and wide mouth, you can load all most anything in it. Being an extra-large duffle bag with wheels it will provide smooth rolling.

Plus, the companies very own patented “Thule V-tubing” provides a handle that you can use to pull the bag. You can also use a divider in the spacious main compartment in order to separate your clean clothes from the dirty ones. There is crush-proof zone in the bag where you can place your portable electronics, eyewear and other fragile accessories. So, if you are worried about your expensive gear getting ruined in the bag this duffle bag on wheels will be perfect for you.

Customer Reviews:
61% people have rated this product 5 stars, thus we have ranked it as one of the best duffel bags with wheels.

3. Travelpro Bold 30″ Rolling Duffle Bag


Key features:
1. Weight: 10.6 pounds
2. Size: 30X15X16 inch

This big duffle bag with wheels is one of the best in Travelpro range. With a big compartment and smooth roll this is every travelers dream.

This carry on duffle bag with wheels is made from top-notch polyester. The duffel is waterproof so all your belongings will remain safe. The company also offers a lifetime warranty so you can rest assure that you are investing in a good piece.

This bag also has a divider which you can use to separate the packing. The held down straps included in the bag will keep your stuff safe when you travel rough roads.

Plus, you can use the 2-inch expandable space to add more stuff in this large duffle bag for sale

Customer Reviews:
With an amazing 4.4 rating out of 5 this bag is definitely a people pleaser.

4. Amazon Basics Ripstop Rolling Travel Luggage


Key features:
1. Weight: 11.9 pounds
2. Size: 35X16X16 inch

If you are interested in an extra large waterproof duffel bag than AmazonBasic is your true friend. Amazon looked into what the people wanted and presented this product in the market.

This model is available in form of 26 and 30 inch rolling duffel bags. It is also available in three colours so you can select one according to your preference.

With a durable and practical design, this is the ideal option for those of you heading off on some adventure or vacation.

Customer Reviews:
Here what a consumer had to say: “This bag is exceptional. Very tough material, cinch straps across the top help close the bag down when it’s not quite full.”

5. Eagle Creek heavy duty rolling duffel bag


Key features:
1. Weight: 4.19 pounds
2. Size: 35.8X15X14.2 inch

Thou this bag weighs only 4 pounds its total capacity is of 128 litres. So, you can store just about anything in this one of the best extra large duffle bags for travel. As the bag is made out of tough fabric so it is weatherproof and abrasion-resistant.

Using this heavy-duty duffle bag with wheels you can manoeuvre easily through business centres, hotels and airports with ease. For longer distances, you can opt for the removable and adjustable shoulder strap and carry the duffel bag like a backpack. You can also use the haul handle and side handles while travelling.

Customer Reviews:
Customers have ranked these products on based on how well it functions vis travelling, its durability, sturdiness and weight. With 4 stars or above in all 4 categories this is a must buy.

6. KPL Vintage Leather Duffel Bag


Key features:
1. Weight: 3.0 pounds
2. Size: 21X9X11 inch

This is quite a classic bag to bring along. Is has been made from full-grain and genuine leather. This extra large duffel bag will add a factor of grace and you will feel like a million bucks. As this bag will make a statement on your behalf.

Other prominent features of this bag include pockets of satchel-style, adjustable and padded carry strap. You can also carry the bag using its sturdy handles.

Customer Reviews:
People love the fact that this bag is super stylish and is available is a reasonable price.

7. Timberland wheeled duffle bag


Key features:
1. Weight: 8.8 pounds
2. Size: 10X26X14 inch

This bag by Timberland is the best 30 inch rolling duffel bag as it has two separate compartments, compression straps and side handles.

This bag is also available in other sizes so select one that suits you the best. The polyester used in the construction of this bag makes it lightweight and durable. The plastic lining present inside the bag prevents the items from leaking out of the bag. Plus, in case the internal components get filled you can utilize the smaller pockets present outside.

Like other exceptional large duffel bags with wheels, this one too has self-healing sippers.

Customer Reviews:
Customers love how this bag hold up perfectly and that its dimensions allow you to pack enough clothes.

8. Eagle Creek gear warrior international carry luggage


Key features:
1. Weight: 8.4 pounds
2. Size: 9X14X22 inch

Eagle Creek has been victorious in manufacturing the ultimate extra large duffel bag with wheels. This bag is ideal for adventures and outdoor activities. You can strap all the gear on top of the duffel bag or keep it separate from the clothes using the separator.

Just like other best travel duffel bags with wheels this bag can be expanded so that you can add more clothes in the main compartment. Exo-Skeleton technology further produces strength and abrasion resistance. Its durability and light weight make it the perfect rolling duffle bag carry on.

Customer Reviews:
Time and again consumers have remarked that they love how this bag has been designed as it allows them to organize their gear. Plus, the “No Matter What Warranty” gives them assurance that there money has been invested in the right product.

9. Samsonite Andante wheeled duffel


Key features:
1. Weight: 5 pounds
2. Size: 22X12.5X12 inch

Another carry on duffel bag with wheels is this 22-inch bag by Samsonite. The dimensions of this bag have been kept at 22X12.5X12 so that it can fit easily in the planes overhead bin.

This soft side luggage has been made from polyester. You can stuff the bag to its maximum capacity and still have room in the pockets to places other important stuff.

Customer Reviews:
As this top-notch bag is available in under $30 thus it has been selling like hot cakes. User have raked it high for its value of money.

10. Olympia 8 pocket rolling duffel bag


Key features:
1. Weight: 9.8 pounds
2. Size: 29X14X15 inch  

Out of all the extra large duffel bags mentioned on this list we love how affordable this one is. In just under $40 you can get this 30 inch duffel bag with wheels that will last you for years.

This bag is available in four different sizes so you can select a size that suits you the most. Furthermore, this bag is super light in weight. As compared to other duffel bags this one weighs 2 to 3 pounds less.

Using the 8 different pockets you can organize your stuff very easily. Plus, the opening shaped like a U will make it easier for you to access your belongings.

Customer Reviews:
Users love how light in weight this bag is. They also love using it to organize their belongings.

11. Dakine – Unisex split roller luggage bag


Key features:
1. Weight: 10 pounds
2. Size: 30X14X13 inch

While looking for 30 inch duffel bags this when will surely cross your path. It’s one of a kind split-level design makes it worth the money.

This bag is available in two sizes so you can select a size which you prefer more. With the split-level design the bag opens up just like hard-shell suitcase and you get to have three separate packing compartments.

This bag is also equipped with a collapsible brace. Thus, the frame of the bag keeps it in shape while you pack and can be collapsed when you have to store the bag away.

All in all, this bag is quite a piece to have. It has been constructed from top-notch materials. The design includes polyester of 600 deniers and YKK locking zippers. These both features will keep your belongings safe.

In case you haven’t fully packed the bag, you can use the compression straps.

Customer Reviews:
Three prominent features that people love are the compression straps, compartmentalized materials and the premium quality materials used.

12. Plambag Canvas duffle bag for travel


Key features:
1. Weight: 3.3 pounds
2. Size:  20.8X9.8X11.8 inch

Lastly, we have a duffel bag with quite a retro look. Being one of the best duffle bags for women and men this stylish bag is perfect for travelling around the town.

It has been manufactured using high-density cotton and bronze-tone hardware but don’t be fooled as this bag is as much practical as it is stylish.

This 60-inch duffel bag can hold all your clothes, toiletries, shoes and gear. You can also use the inner pockets with zippers to place small items. There are pockets included on the front and the back so you will have plenty of storage and speedy access.

For more space, you can use the zippers present on both sides of the bag. The zippers will expand the bag’s capacity and will provide more room to place your equipment. The bag’s bottom is cushioned and has a firm protector so your stuff will stay safe and dry.

Customer Reviews:
One satisfied customer had to say this about the bag: “Compact and easy to carry, this is a great overnight or weekend bag, that has nicely padded handles and an adjustable and removable shoulder strap. This is a capable duffel designed with style and practicality in mind.”


We hope that this list would have helped you find the duffel bag which will be perfect you the journey you have planned out. With so many great duffel bags mentioned above, you can’t go wrong.

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We have mentioned the measurements for all the bags that we shortlisted for you. so you don’t need to bother with finding the measurements on your own.
You can get a duffle bag as large as 70-inches.
In case you will be travelling a lot then duffle bags are definitely better than suitcases as they are easier to maneuver.
If your duffle bag has wheels you can use them to drag it. Or else you can use the handles or straps of the bag.
Yes, a lot of duffel bags have been designed to be also used as carry-ons.
The difference between these two terms is that duffel is used to refer to a municipality in Belgium while duffle is a term used for cylindrical bag.
Dakine - Unisex Split Roller Luggage Bag is ideal for women. It is stylish and light in weight
Olympia 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag is the best duffel bag with wheels.
Plambag Canvas Duffle Bag for Travel is the best 60-inch duffel bag without wheels
We have mentioned all features that you need to look for in a bag above so make sure to check them out.



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