Fitness Tracker vs Smartwatch Which One Is Better?

These days an increasing number of people are becoming more conscious about their health and as a result, have turned to fitness trackers and smartwatches. In fact, some are also unsure about the difference between choosing either a fitness tracker or a smartwatch.

So, diving into the topic. Both of these smart devices act as a means to keep track of your daily exercises and other physical activities. While in order for this to make happen you must be wearing these devices at all times during those exercises.

What are fitness trackers? They are a kind of high-quality fitness tech which you wear on your wrists and it gives you some physical fitness related information during your exercises.

The fitness trackers available for you in the market consist of different varieties. There are basic trackers, then there is the wrist tracking fitness tracker which we will focus on mainly in this guide.

On the other hand, a smartwatch as the name itself implies is also a wearable tech that gives you a good track of your day’s physical activities.

It gives exciting features ranging from applications, GPS functionality, Bluetooth or WIFI support even, and special IR sensors for tracking heartbeat and blood pressure.

Moving on, if we compare this two side by side. A fitness tracker while in many ways similar to a smartwatch gives you the feature of measuring your heartbeat. It also has GPS capability installed to give you a good measure of covered distance and remaining distance while jogging or running.

Furthermore, recent improvements have also made possible water-resistant fitness trackers. They give good and long-lasting battery times compared to smartwatches. Some advanced fitness trackers also give the option of a digital coach. Whose voice gives you tips and informs you of the progress you have made so far.

They are also much cheaper in terms of prices compared to smartwatches.

On the other hand, a smartwatch is another brilliant piece of tech which gives not only the same features like the fitness tracker but even more as well. Their basic models come pre-installed with heartbeat sensors, GPS systems for guidance, and digital coach options as well.

While compared to fitness trackers only some of the advanced models are now coming with the additional features which most smartwatches already give you. Similarly, the smartwatches have the added option of being compatible with your phone while you are exercising so that is a plus there.

With a phone application, the smartwatches can be easily synced and you get to see your progress in both places. However, smartwatches can be sometimes big and bulky for users to wear who prefer smart and lightweight devices.

At the end of the day, the option falls upon you for either one of these two. So, you can get a great track of your physical activities and stay motivated to work more and get fit more.



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