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Choosing a fiber optic modem wireless router can be difficult to decide based on your needs and requirements. Whether you are a gamer or want fast speed streaming, you can get a router specifically designed to fulfill these requests. To assist you in this decision we’ve covered all the basics you need to know in the following article.


Things to Consider


  • The price of wireless routers falls in the range of $15-$400 or above
  • A router in the price range of $100-$200 is enough if you are looking for top quality routers that provide good performance
  • If you are looking for a router just to use at home with a speed of 20-30 Mbps than you can save yourself a lot of cash

Single or Dual Band

  • For the wireless routers, you get two frequency bands 2.5GHz and 5GHz. The 2.5GH is the most common one but it also has congestion while the 5GHz one gives you fast speed
  • The dual-band router provides both frequency bands while the single band just offers 2.5GHz
  • The areas within large neighborhood must consider dual-band option otherwise go for single-band routers


  • The position where you place your router has a large impact on the signal range, try to keep it somewhere above shelves away from other devices
  • To extend your network range buy routers with a couple of power-line adapters that will use the electrical wiring that is already in the house
  • The power lines are a more affordable method to increase the range but keep in mind their speed limitations that vary with each product

USB ports

  • The USB ports are used for plugging-in the storage device so you can transmit data within the on-network devices
  • To stream videos and movies they can also be used to create a hub
  • If you don’t require data sharing or streaming hub this feature can be ignored

Smart Routers

  • The smart routers allow you to prioritize bandwidth for videos and games through smartphone apps
  • The smart routers that are most common in the market are Google Onhub router and Linksys Smart wifi routers

Top 10 Fiber Optic Modem Wireless Router


1. Eero Home Wi-Fi System


  • Tri-band system
  • Sleek design
  • Easy app control


  • Small coverage area
  • Pricey


  • This 2nd generation mesh wifi system is 2 times faster than the 1st generation routers
  • You can easily plug it into standard outlets and extend the wifi coverage
  • You can have multiple wireless points that create dependable wifi signals
  • It is a better version than the traditional routers and provides you fast and reliable coverage in 2-4 rooms

The 2nd generation router for fiber optic provides 2 times faster speed than the traditional ones and also provides you a lag-free connection in 2-4 rooms.

This can be an issue because it is 2nd generation and gives less coverage as compare to other ones on the list but if you need a small network area then this is the one to go for.

The router for fiber optic can also be considered as a wifi extender, you can plug-in into standard outlets to extend the coverage. It also gives you multiple points for the wireless connection that is reliable and dependable.

Customer Reviews

It is very easy to set up and the control is easy through the app.

2. Google Nest Wifi


  • Great design
  • Includes smart speakers
  • Simple controls


  • It is not worth to replace the mesh already existing
  • No major gains in performance


  • The router provides the coverage of 2200 square ft with a fast and reliable connection
  • This router has intelligent working that keeps the fast signal without interruption
  • For the Google Home app, the setup of this nest wifi is easy and to limit the screen time for kids it gives the option of pause wifi
  • This flexible wifi router allows you to add the nest wifi points to increase the coverage by 1600 square ft

This fiber optic modem router by Google provides one of the fast internet services. The best fiber optic router has a wide area coverage of 2200 square ft which can further be increased by 1600 sq ft by increasing the nest wifi points.

The setup of this fiber optic modem router is quite easy and it provides advance parental control as well through its pause wifi feature. With this feature on the Google Home app, you can limit the watch time of the internet for your kids.

When it comes to the design, the best fiber optic router gives a sleek look with built-in smart speakers. This makes it a router that you can place anywhere in the house and it will look good.

Customer Reviews

The performance of this router is good, but I am not sure if it is worth replacing the first generation because the signal strength is the same.

3. Asus RT-AC86U


  • Wifi 6 performance
  • Advanced parental controls
  • Strong Wired connectivity


  • Expensive


  • This is one of the most compact routers with the measurements of 242mm wide and 100mm deep.
  • It supports wifi-6 technology producing the speed of 5700 Mbps
  • To transmit stable data connection to multiple devices it has built-in OFDMA technology
  • It has quality of service (QoS) feature in the mobile app

This best fiber optic modem provides high-performance and is more suitable for demanding tasks like gaming at a reasonable price.

Overall, this best fiber optic modem is a compact router with 2 antennas that stands at the total height of 320mm. It also is 242mm wide which makes it easy to place anywhere.

It’s a dual-band router that provides you a speed of 5700 Mbps which is enough to give fast speed for home broadband. To take advantage of full features you need a phone or device that is compatible with wifi 6 technology otherwise you can only enjoy basic features.

With all these great features comes a hefty price tag which can be a constraint for many people looking for a router.

Customer Reviews

It has eliminated my slow internet problem. The setup was easy and the size is ideal as well.

4. Asus RT-AX58U


  • Wifi 6 technology
  • Easy setup
  • Advanced parental controls
  • Reasonable price


  • Only dual-band


  • This router utilizes the wifi 6 technology that provides 2.7x times faster speed
  • It supports 160MHz bandwidth giving the total speed of 3000Mbps
  • This one also allows you to create a strong mesh wifi system for a stable connection around the house
  • It protects the data of the devices connected to it and provides an extra parental control
  • This router is compatible with the mobile device through the ASUS Router app

With this fiber optic wireless router, you can get 2.7x times faster network connection than the previous generation’s wifi routers.

In its 160 MHz bandwidth limit, it runs at the speed of 3000Mbps, 575Mbps on 2.4GHz single band, and the rest on dual-band. You can create a strong mesh wifi system with the help of this router that results in a faster and stable network in every corner of the house.

This smartphone compatible fiber optic wireless router has introduced advanced parental control to limit the watch time and other privacy controls. The con of this product is that it is only dual-band.

Customer Reviews

It was difficult to get the setup right at first, but now it is one of the best routers I had.

5. Netgear Orbi Pro


  • Easy setup
  • Mounting bracket included
  • High-speed performance


  • High price tag


  • Its fast 3Gbps speed enables to connect 25+ devices and provides a lag-free connection
  • It allows you to rename the wifi name easily
  • This router has wifi coverage of 2500 sq ft
  • With the insight app now you can have easy control over the settings
  • It also comes with 11 ethernet ports to give high speed to wired devices
  • It has a mounting bracket that makes it easy to place on any surface and wall

The 3Gbps wifi gives the total coverage area of 7500 sq ft that can connect more than 25 devices. You can now roam with your device anywhere in the house and the connection won’t be interrupted.

Through the insight app now you can manage the wifi settings and also monitor and test the network speed. The best router for fiber optic internet comes with a mounting bracket that allows you to hang it on a wall or place it only surface you want.

To support the wired devices and ensuring a high-speed network the best router for fiber optic internet contains 11 ports. The issue with this device is that it has a hefty price tag.

Customer Reviews

The connection and range of this internet are great.

6. Netgear Orbi AC2200 RBK23


  • Easy setup
  • Good performance
  • Low price compared to original


  • Fewer Ethernet ports


  • This gives you the wifi coverage of 6000 sq ft and can connect 20 devices at one time
  • It has a total of 22Gbps of internet speed for surfing and downloading
  • The parental control gives you access to viewing the history and allows you to add filters
  • It also protects you from cyber threats through its anti-virus software
  • Through Orbi app the setup and managing has become a lot easier

The mesh best router for fiber internet can connect to 20 devices at one time covering the total area of 6000 sq ft. With its 22Gbps speed, you can get high speed and lag-free surfing and downloading.

With the advanced features, now you can have parental control over the devices by viewing the history and adding custom filters. This best router for fiber internet also has built-in anti-virus software to fight against cyber threats.

The Orbi app allows you to have easy setup and management of this router. The con of this product is that it has fewer Ethernet ports for wired devices.

Customer Reviews

This mesh wifi fulfills my needs. Now we can roam around the house without slowing down the signals of the internet.

7. Asus ZenWiFi AX (XT8)


  • Great wifi speed
  • Advanced security features
  • Versatile


  • Expensive
  • Only two router option


  • With this tri-band mesh system’s unique antenna you get the fast speed and signals of 6600 Mbps
  • This next-generation wifi 6 technology will get you a fast and stable connection even if there are multiple transmissions
  • With ASUS router app the management and setup requires only 3 steps
  • It has up to date protection that makes sure to keep your device’s privacy

The best router for fiber comes with a mesh system antenna that has a coverage range of 5500 sq ft, which equals to 6 rooms or so. The wifi 6 technology ensures that you get the extremely fast and reliable speed of internet,

With 6600 Mbps total network speed this router provides you the bandwidth of 160MHz. The wifi 6 feature of this best router for fiber enables you to connect it to the device of any wifi standards. It also allows you to rename the connection and even name each frequency band.

The setup of this wifi router with optical port is quite easy and takes only 3 steps. With its advanced parental control, you can now be free of stress regarding the watch time of the internet by kids. But this wifi router with optical port also comes with some drawbacks, which includes its price which is higher compared to other routers and it only has 2 router options.

Customer Reviews

I have been using this for over a week now, and the internet connection is very stable.

8. TP-Link Deco M9 Plus


  • Strong performance
  • Easy setup
  • Anti-virus
  • Parental control


  • Pricey


  • This router gives you the coverage of 4500 sq ft without any dead zones
  • The tri-speed mesh wifi supports 100 devices and more without compromising on the performance
  • It has a built-in smart hub that you can control through the mobile app
  • It protects the devices connected to it through anti-virus software

This easy to set fiber internet modem provides you the total coverage of 4500 sq ft with a fast and reliable connection that is lag-free.

You can connect 100 or plus devices to this router for fiber internet without having to compromise on the speed and performance. The advanced parental control allows you to protect your children from watching something wrong and also protects the device from any virus.

Customer Reviews

The installation is quite easy and performance is impressive too.

9. D-Link Covr-C1203


  • Easy setup
  • Good performance
  • Easy nodes


  • Single-band performance is disappointing


  • The mesh system wifi provides the coverage of 5000 sq ft
  • With MU MIMO technology you get high speed at all times
  • The setup is quite easy and takes only 2 steps
  • This sleek design routers come in different color options
  • It provides parental control and you can manage any individual device

Now you can get the network coverage all-around your house with its vast coverage of 5000 sq ft. With the built-in MU MIMO technology, the network signals never lag giving you high-speed streaming at all times.

The fiber optic modem wireless router takes only 2 steps for setting up. Just plug in the device and manage the settings through the D-link app. This modern design router has a sleek look and you also get to choose between colors.

The advanced parental control on this fiber optic modem wireless router allows for managing a single device. The only issue with this router is that at the single band the performance of this router is quite disappointing.

Customer Reviews

This is a good router, the coverage and speed are quite good around the house.

10. TP-Link Archer C5400 v2


  • Strong
  • Fast
  • Easy setup
  • IFTTT support


  • Expensive


  • For the ultimate range, it has 8 dual-band antennas that give extremely high speed at every corner of the house
  • For advance protection, it comes with Qos, anti-virus, and parental control
  • The tri-band and MU-MIMO technology ensures to keep the connection stable and fast among multiple devices
  • The Archer has 1.4GHz dual-band processor and three co-processors

The TP-link best router for gigabit fiber has eight dual-band antennas to ensure a high-speed network at every corner of the house. With these powerful antennas, you can now have a fast connection even in the basement or backyard without any lagging.

This router automatically protects all the devices connected to it through its quality of service and anti-virus software. You can now stream in high quality and install and play many games without slowing down the internet through its tri-band and MU-MIMO technology.

With a 1.4GHz dual-band processor and three co-processors, you get lightning-fast speed. The only issue is the price range, as it can be a bit expensive for some people.

Customer Reviews

It is a good router, it makes downloading quicker but this router cannot handle all the wifi devices that I have.


These are some of the fiber optic modem wireless router that is popular based on their performance. They will provide you fast speed and the latest technology to satisfy your expectation from the internet connection.


1. do i need a special router for fiber optic?

You need to have a router with 4 gigabit Ethernet ports that will allow the fiber optic speed through easily.

2. how can i connect fiber optic to wireless router?

The following are the steps for installing fiber optic to a wireless router:

  • If the wireless router has fiber optic WAN port you can simply plug it in and use
  • But in case if the router doesn’t have this option you can add a converter and then use a LAN cable and connect it

3. what equipment is needed for fiber optic internet?

To install the fiber optic internet you need a modem that is an optical network terminal.

4. how to get fibrooptics for my home?

The only thing you will need for installing Fiber Optic Modem Wireless Router in home is a fiber optic cable. You can ask any technician to run the cable to your home which will be routed to the terminal jack in your home.

5. how to install fiber optic cable for internet?

You will need to ask a technician and contact the company to run a fiber cable directly to your home, which you can later connect to the terminal jack in the house.

6. how does fiber optic internet work?

This network uses fiber optic cables to transfer the signals. These cables use the power of light to send signals to and from the device.







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