February Offers Huge Discounts on These 5 Items

Despite being the shortest month of the year, February offers some fantastic chances to get huge discounts on large and small items. 

Significant discounts on expensive things like beds, huge appliances, and other home goods generally mark Presidents Day. 

In advance of the Super Bowl, there are often a lot of TV sales. 

Additionally, as spring approaches, the cost of seasonal winter goods like space heaters and snow blowers tends to decrease.

However, other items may also be at a significant discount at this time of year. 

In February, Samsung often releases its new year’s array of smartphones, frequently resulting in price reductions for its previous models and trade-in incentives. 

Since the announcement for this year will occur on February 9, sales will begin as early as mid-February.

According to the researchers at Consumer Reports, who monitor pricing all year round, the following items are available at significant discounts in February.


A mattress should never be purchased at full price. Why? 

You rarely have to wait too long for a price reduction since manufacturers of all the leading brands often commemorate big and small holidays with discounts and special offers.

  • Presidents Day weekend in February offers the greatest chance to discover a mattress bargain since it’s one of the finest shopping holidays, and big companies often offer their largest discounts. 
  • If you still need to purchase this month, there can be intermittent sales in the following months. But Memorial Day marks the arrival of the next significant mattress sale occasion.
  • By reading CR’s shopping guide and looking through our mattress ratings, you may learn more about your alternatives for mattresses. 

Make sure to conduct your homework and get a mattress that will work for your sleeping habits since a decent mattress lasts you eight to ten years.

Essentia Stratami

  • Available $2,807.20 Was $3,509.00
Taking Care of Your Sheets & Other Bedding Accessories | Sleep Outfitters
Image courtesy of

The Essentia Stratami has a top-tier support rating and is best suited for tiny, average-sized back sleepers. 

Given its nearly outstanding rankings in both areas, large/tall back and side sleepers of all sizes will also find good support.

It is 8 inches thick and ranks 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, the same as the all-foam Casper. 

According to data from our CR members poll, Essentia is the only mattress from our top-four innerspring and foam lists to achieve a high score in both owner happiness and dependability.

Why it’s a great bargain:

  • Given that this mattress is one of the priciest in CR’s rankings, the opportunity presented by this discount is valuable. 
  • The discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

Avocado Green

  • Avocado Green (Green Mattress) Was: $1,999.00 Available for $1,799.10
  • Avocado Green (Green Pillow Top Mattress) Available $2,249.00 Was: $2,999.00
Image courtesy of sleepsherpa

This offer is a terrific opportunity to save money on one of Avocado’s high-quality mattresses. (The Green typically costs $1,999, while the Green Pillowtop costs $2,499) 

Both Avocado mattresses accommodate a variety of body shapes for back and side sleepers. 

The Avocado Green is firm on our hardness scale, while the Green Pillow Top is medium-firm. Use the coupon code SAVE10 at checkout to save 10% on mattresses.

Why it’s a great bargain:

  • The Pillowtop version of the Green mattress is now $50 cheaper than it was a month ago, which is the standard markdown we’ve observed. 
  • Additionally, CR members can save a little more thanks to a special deal.

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This month is often big for tablet sales as Samsung unveils its newest models and merchants mark down older ones. 

A new tablet may be purchased cheaper since many retailers may still sell off their remaining Christmas inventory.

  • Think about your intended usage while making your tablet selection. Look for something with a bigger, higher-quality screen if you want to watch Netflix or edit images. 
  • You don’t need to spend much money if you want to do basic things, like playing games and surfing the web. 
  • Battery life, storage capacity (and extension possibilities), dimensions, weight, and CPU power are further considerations.
  • Check out CR’s shopping advice and suggested tablets to learn more about what will work for you.

Apple iPad Mini (64GB) 2021

  • Available $399.00 Was: $499.00
Image courtesy of

This Apple iPad Mini is simpler to carry for long periods than its bigger siblings because of its smaller size and lower weight. 

  • The display on the model is clear and bright, and it has a wide viewing angle, so you don’t need to hold it directly in front of your face to see it well. 
  • Due to the A15 Bionic chip’s lightning-fast performance, online surfing and movie viewing seem stutter-free. 

Additionally, the battery life is excellent—upgraded cameras and a USB-C connector round out the features.

Why it’s a great bargain:

  • This tablet’s price has decreased by $60 since last week, an amazing deal that approaches what we witnessed on Black Friday for an Apple device.

Wi-Fi-enabled Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (128 GB)

  • Stocked at $299.99 Was: $349.99
Image courtesy of techadvisor

Our top pick for the ordinary individual looking for a reasonably priced Android tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. 

  • The system can perform almost any activity, excluding playing a game with plenty of graphics or editing videos, and the screen looks fine. 
  • The tablet’s battery life is very good.

Why it’s a great bargain:

  • The 64-gigabyte model is now offered at the lowest price since the year-end holidays when it was closer to $270.

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Whether you need a printer that can scan and fax or want something simple to print sometimes, you may be able to get a price on a top model this month. 

However, demand has been strong since the epidemic started because more people than ever work from home, anticipating discounts to be less common than in previous years. 

  • When you find a deal, move quickly to take advantage of it before it is too late.
  • Laser and inkjet printers are the two basic varieties. 
  • Some devices could print wirelessly or produce copies. 

You can get a more in-depth look at the possibilities and the top models with CR’s purchasing guide, so you’ll be prepared to act quickly when the printer you want goes on sale.

EcoTank ET-3830 from Epson

  • Available $329.99 Was: $399.99

The Epson EcoTank ET-3830 is a tiny inkjet that can print in color and is reasonably priced. 

Instead of using expensive ink cartridges, you may replenish the device’s reservoir with inexpensive bottled ink. 

  • According to our calculations, the annual cost of ink may be as low as $5 as opposed to $70 or more for a conventional inkjet that uses cartridges. 
  • The Epson isn’t inexpensive, but over time, particularly if the printer is used often, the ink savings may more than make up for that.

Why it’s a great bargain:

  • This substantial reduction makes this more expensive model more palatable to your checkbook.

EcoTank ET-2800 by Epson

  • On Sale $229.99 Was: $279.99
Image courtesy of

Consider a model that will save you money in the long term if you print in color regularly enough to warrant purchasing an inkjet printer, particularly while it’s on sale. 

Our calculations show that the Epson ET-2800 tank printer consumes just $5 worth of ink annually instead of the $70 or more you could have to spend on a cartridge type. 

  • The Epson’s initial price is much more bearable by these continuous savings, and its two-year cost of ownership is the lowest in its category.
  • The overall performance of the ET-2800 needs to be improved to merit the CR Recommended moniker. 
  • However, the text quality and speed are respectable and should be enough for usage at home. 

The model works like any ink-stingy inkjet at printing photographs, charts, and graphics; it doesn’t shine at those tasks. 

If you want genuinely professional-quality graphics, you’ll need to shell out extra money for a more costly color laser printer like the Brother MFC-L3770CDW.

Why it’s a great bargain:

  • If this model suits your demands and budget, move soon since printer sales are uncommon, and when they do happen, they tend to sell out quickly.

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Kitchen cleanup may be completed quickly with a dishwasher, but only if it cleans and dries properly. Presidents Day promotions make February a great month to get savings. 

These appliances may cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over $1,000, depending on the features you need and desire. 

  • Others include cutting-edge features like WiFi control, third racks, and even zone management, while others keep things simple with the necessary washing and drying capabilities.
  • Additionally, people looking to replace any equipment should bear in mind that the epidemic still impacts the whole process. 

As a result, there may be fewer possibilities to save money this month on a new dishwasher, and if you decide to purchase one, you should plan on longer delivery periods. 

To start your search for the ideal dishwasher for your house, read CR’s purchasing guide.


  • Stocked at $649.99 Best Buy Was: $899.99
Image courtesy of fredsappliance

In our washing and energy usage tests, the GE GDT226SSLSS dishwasher obtains excellent results. 

  • Its 125-minute cycle duration makes it the quickest among the best dishwashers under $1,000. 
  • However, this reasonably priced dishwasher has a limited number of functions. 
  • Its filter lacks adjustable tines and needs manual cleaning. 

Additionally, GE dishwashers only obtained a mediocre grade for owner satisfaction in our member surveys.

Why it’s a great bargain:

  • Compared to the average price, you are saving around 25%.

Frigidaire FFCD2413US

  • Stocked at $399.99 Was: $503.00
Image courtesy of

Regarding brand dependability, Frigidaire received a fair grade; nevertheless, owner satisfaction received a poor rating. 

  • But in terms of cleaning, drying, and energy economy, this Frigidaire dishwasher performs well, according to our performance tests. 
  • It is among the best Frigidaire models we’ve ever used in our testing facilities. 

Additionally, it is generally accessible from most of the main merchants, and the cost is constantly inexpensive. It’s rather loud, like most dishwashers at this price.

Why it’s a great bargain:

  • The extra savings make this dishwasher one of the finest under $500.

WDTA50SAKZ Whirlpool

  • Available $748.00 Was: $929.00

This Whirlpool is an excellent choice with a third rack, an upmarket appearance for the budget, integrated controls, and outstanding performance. 

  • Based on the results of our reader poll, Whirlpool also received a high ranking for anticipated dependability and a fair grade for owner satisfaction. 
  • It resembles more affordable KitchenAid models, which Whirlpool also owns.

Why it’s a great bargain:

  • It is already among the better selections under $1,000, and the additional discounts at Home Depot of more than $200 increase its attractiveness.

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Room heaters

A space heater is a perfect solution if you suffer from a chronic cold, live in a drafty home, or want to reduce your heating costs without losing comfort. 

They often go on sale in February as stores prepare to unveil their spring inventory.

  • A nice space heater can make everyone happy and comfortable, whether you work in an office that never seems to be warm enough or you’re tired of bickering over the thermostat at home. 
  • Getting one on sale makes the offer more appealing.
  • The models that perform well in terms of temperature control, safety, and noise often cost less than $100, making them an excellent investment for any budget. 
  • The most thrilling news is this one.

Before you start shopping, it could be a good idea to compare your alternatives using our purchasing guide to choose which is ideal.

Vornado VMH600

  • Stocked at $168.99 Was: $179.99
Image courtesy of

The Vornado VMH600 outperforms all other space heaters in our testing in terms of overall performance. 

  • It performs best in our spot-heating test but slightly better than average in our room-heating test. 
  • It also has safety features, including a tip-over switch and a timer that lets you set when the warmer goes on and off, making it one of the quietest heaters in our testing. 

It is 10 pounds in weight and comes with a remote control and an easy-to-use fan.

Why it’s a great bargain:

  • The top-tested model in CR’s rankings is included in this tiny discount, so it’s more than worth a look.

Storm Mojave Heat

  • Stocked at $94.99 Was: $139.99

The Heat Storm Mojave and the Sahara (not presently on sale), which have names like Heat Storm, exceeded our expectations for spot-heating tests. 

  • The Mojave also has scores that are above average for room heating, hot surface, noise, and use. 
  • It has a fan and remote control and weighs 9.5 pounds.

Why it’s a great bargain:

  • Amazon is the only significant shop offering this model for less than $100.

T22840 Lasko

  • $54.99 in stock Was: $82.90
Image courtesy of

The Lasko T22840 may not be as svelte or eye-catching as some of the other Lasko models CR has tested, but it holds its own when it comes to swiftly heating a room, receiving an exceptional grade in that test. 

  • With just 5 pounds, this model is quite light and simple to transfer from room to room, according to our engineers. 
  • Spot-heating performance is merely average, and it is also quite loud. 

The likelihood that this heater can ignite surrounding flammable objects is modest, even though its surface may burn you if you contact it.

Why it’s a great bargain:

  • Although the next best price (also available at House Depot) is just $5 more expensive, a decent space heater may increase the temperature in your home for less than $50.

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Thermawave 6 HCE870W by Honeywell

  • Stocked at $85.99 Was: $90.99
Image courtesy of

The inconspicuous Honeywell Thermawave 6 HCE870W may be tucked away from the major traffic areas in your room with the confidence that it will keep you warm. 

  • It receives a top-tier rating for room heating but just average marks for spot heating. 
  • It performs mediocrely on our hot-surface test but excels in our fire safety (and noise) tests. 
  • A tip-over safety switch is included.

Why it’s a great bargain:

  • Despite the slight reduction, this is an excellent appliance that efficiently heats a room without significantly increasing your gas price, so any savings are worthwhile. 
  • We expect the price to decrease much further once the weather heats up again since the last time it did so was back in October.




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