Lockheed Martin F 35 Crashed at Hill Air Force Base – Pilot Ejected

Last updated on October 22nd, 2022 at 11:02 am

Hill Air Force Base is a base for the Air Force Materiel Command. By both population and area, it is the second-largest base in the Air Force.

An 8–10 acre fire started as a result of the incident, according to a tweet from Utah Fire Info. The “fire has been suppressed but continues with Haz-Mat and other needs,” according to officials’ tweet, has been put out.
In a plane collision at Hill Air Force Base, the pilot ejected. An F-35 reportedly crashed at the northern end of the runway.

A F-35A Lightning II crashed

at at 6:15 p.m. while returning to base after a training mission, according to the 388th Fighter Wing. Both on-base and off-base emergency crews reacted right away.
The 388th Fighter Wing and Hill Air Force Base are pleading with the public to show respect for first responders and stay away from the South Weber Drive area.

They also ask that anybody who may have witnessed the crash or discovered anything linked to it call 777-3056. Officials are currently looking into what caused the crash, and they can affirm that the pilot was unharmed.

According to officials, the pilot ejected and was retrieved by rescue workers. The pilot was brought to a hospital to be observed.

Smoke rises after F-35 crashes at Hill Air Force Base

Brock Thurgood said

Owner of property in South Weber close to the base, Brock Thurgood, claimed the pilot landed close to his after ejecting. Thurgood, his daughter, and two other locals got on an all-terrain vehicle to investigate after hearing a loud boom and spotting smoke, according to Thurgood.
When searching for a means to get there, we got up there, and as we were going down the Canal Road, we looked over and saw him, Thurgood recalled. “The pilot was approaching us as he was yelling and swinging his arms.

He’s OK, and that’s the most essential thing, is really all that needs to be said.”
Even though “his hands were bloodied up and he was a little beaten up, he was walking and he was coherent,” Thurgood claimed the pilot was in rather decent condition.

According to Thurgood

they assisted the first responders in navigating the terrain to reach the pilot as they sat with him until they arrived. All things considered, he expressed amazement that the pilot was able to avoid colliding with any of the nearby homes.
Thurgood remarked, “He did a dang fine job. “He took it out of homes and from people. He was very hot. I simply think he did a fantastic job and was extremely fortunate.”

Nilson stated,

“I heard this unusual noise, so I looked up and around, and I saw this plane just spewing smoke,”

13-year-old Mitt Nilson, who also lives close to the accident scene, claimed to have seen the entire collision while riding his dirt bike. He claimed it began when he saw smoke coming from the F-35’s engine above him.
Nilson claimed that just before the plane crashed, he witnessed the pilot land in a tree on a nearby piece of property. He claimed to have observed “pieces flying everywhere, bits of the wings, and then just flames.”

He expressed his happiness at the pilot’s survival.
Nilson added, “I’m just incredibly appreciative that they actually had the guts to go and do that.

Phillips said

I was at my home mowing the lawn and watching the F-35 come in for landing as they do this every night. We enjoy seeing them depart and return.

They normally land toward the south, as they did today, Phillips continued to say in a statement to One lost power as it approached and dipped too low beneath the trees. When I looked up, I saw fire.

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