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Evike Tactical Vest | Best Plate Carrier Vest with Plates

What is a tactical vest?

The tactical vest is usually used to provide protection against the minimum protection. It is used by the military and other law enforcement agencies (security. Bodyguards). They are available in a variety of sizes and can be worn over regular clothing to provide protection or caring for the gear. 

Evike- Avengers Airsoft Tactical Vest

Evike- Avengers Airsoft Tactical Vest

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Product specification

  • One size fitting 
  • 600 denier nylon material
  • 21 x 12.5 x 7 inches dimensions

Evike avengers airsoft tactical vests are quality assured and are further subjected to hand assembly, custom modification, and dry-fire tests with many compact pockets. 

It features a quick and rapid releasing system while you are wearing it. This vest has 600-meter nylon that proves it to be one of the sturdy vests. 

This tactical skin is available in different skins so you can get it according to your desire. Further, it has 3 different slots for the magazine rounds like M4/M16. 

You can easily adjust it according to your size with the fully compatible mode. 

Customer Reviews

1- This one is the best tactile vest jacket with ease. You have to find your perfect fit for yourself. I ordered a wrong sized vest but I knew I was the only one. It is comfortable but around your waist

2- I am a semi-sized person and this vest fits me perfectly.

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