Enhance your security with the best finger scanning door lock


The ache of a safe place lives in everyone’s mind, a place where one can go and feel a sense of security. Whether it is a home or office, everyone wants to feel secure. Security and safety of homes and workplaces have become a basic need of time. So, here we are providing a solution to this problem, with the reviews to find the best finger scanning door lock.

These door locks are more secure and there is no hassle to remember the password or grabbing keys.

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What to contemplate when buying a finger scanning door lock?

When going shopping for biometric door locks, there are many things to consider and to be kept in mind. Before describing our topmost favorite products. Here are some of the features, which are needed to know beforehand.

Low battery indicator:

If you have a single source of power supply in the house or for the lock, then you need a low battery indicator. Often it gets too late and you cannot charge it to provide another source of power supply. As a result, it will lock you outside if it runs out of battery.

Multiple fingerprints:

It’s not convenient having a lock that can only remember one fingerprint. As there are other members in the house or offices too. Even if a person is living alone still the lock must be able to allow multiple people to engage.


Nowadays for almost everything, an LCD is a crucial component and it’s helpful because it shows a number of wrong attempts, if someone other than you tried to open that lock, you’ll be aware of it. Secondly, if some other problems occur or adjustments can be shown on screen.

Built-in alarm:

An alarm that notifies if someone is attempting to open the door is necessary and important. If somehow someone tries to open the lock, a sudden alarm will scare them off.

Mechanical key option:

A mechanical key, as an alternate option for opening the door, is also beneficial because sometimes due to no battery or electricity failure the lock will not work and in this case, a key is needed to enter without any hassle.

Live finger detection

with the advancement in technology to keep everything safe, there are masterminds who work on creating loopholes for everything so in this case too fake fingerprints can be made on silicon and they are effective in opening locks if applied correctly. For this tactic to not work, live fingerprint detection works. It checks whether the finger is still attached to a living body or its artificial.

List of the top 7 best finger scanning door lock

ImageFeaturesRating out of 5Price
Husqvarna Z242F 42

☞Kawasaki 18 HP engine
☞Digital hour meter
4.5View Product
Ariens IKON XD 915267

☞11.5 Automatic
☞2.8 gallons fuel capacity
4.3View Product
Husqvarna Z248F
☞6.5 mph max. speed
☞21.5 hp power engine
4.3View Product
Husqvarna TS 348XD Garden Tractor

☞Alloy Steel
☞48 Inches cutting width
4.2View Product
Husqvarna TS 354XD (54")

☞Alloy Steel
☞54 Inches cutting width
4.0View Product
Troy – Bilt 540cc lawn mower

☞Reliable 540cc engine
☞46” moving deck
3.9View Product
Ryobi Electric Lawn Mower RY48111

☞38” 100 AH battery
☞2.5 hours runtime
3.9View Product
Ariens Zoom 34 – 19 Hp Lawnmower

☞ Kohler 6000 series engine
☞660 cc engine power
3.9View Product
Snapper 2691402 360z Lawn Mover

☞Heavy-duty mower deck
☞Commercial steel frame
3.8View Product
Husqvarna YTH18542 42 Hydrostatic Tractor

☞18.5 hp Briggs and Stratton engine
☞Foot pedal operation
3.7View Product

1. Ultraloq AB UL3 BT Smart Lever Lock, Aged Bronze – finger scanning door lock

Key Features

  • Item Weight: 6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 6.3 x 3.5 inches
  • Manufacturer: U-tec Group Inc. 

This is quite an interesting product as it fits perfectly in old fashioned and antique setting houses. It is an OLED-enabled biometric system that looks very decent as it has a bronze matte black lining in it and its design is antique. It also is quite affordable when it comes to price.

this product is best for average users as it is an optical 3D version of biometric locks. It has no RFID and it enables the feature of mechanical key. It also has a keypad for entering information or accessing functions. this lock provides users with an intrusion alarm and a low false rejection rate, so it’s not easy to break through this lock. The power source type which it uses is 3AA batteries and the best thing about it is that it has a touch display screen which enables it user friendly with undefined fingerprints inability.

It’s the best product for those who have deep interests in fashion and decor particularly in antique-looking kinds of things and they want to get everything that suits their taste and blends in easily. This product has many advantages like its durability and runs even if electricity is out and yes, it is multi-tiered security. With all these advantages and pros, it also has some disadvantages or cons like all products. The AA battery power which it uses is quite a bad feature. The touch screen is quite sensitive, and its knob/handle does not look very appealing.

Title HUltraloq AB UL3 BT Smart Lever Lock, Aged Bronze – finger scanning door lockere


  • • Touch screen. • Multi-tiered security. • Runs during power outages. • Durable.


  • • AA battery power. • The touch screen seems a tad vulnerable. • The knob/handle is a bit meh.


View Product

2. ZKTeco TL400B – durable finger scanning door lock

Key Features

  • Item Weight: 10.3 pounds
    Product Dimensions: 2.83 x 12.2 x 1.34 inches
    Manufacturer: ZKTeco CO., LTD

It is another best standard product like previous but the thing which makes it stand out is, that with biometric security it also has the addition of RFID feature. It’s a kind of aesthetic product but it’s quite reliable and safe for security reasons.

It has an amazing feature that it can be connected and operated through mobile with Bluetooth and RFID is well defined. Its features include optical 3D with support of RIFD.it also has a mechanical key as an option to unlock the door if the battery runs out. It comes with a keypad to enter information and directions. This product is equipped with 4AA batteries as a power source, multiple fingerprints accessibility, touch screen, and also has an intrusion alarm if anyone tries to intrude.

it doesn’t enable too many wrong passwords which are a very good thing. Its old fashioned looking product with a black or blue display and steel finish but yes it’s very much safe to use this product as it provides high security. This product is recommended for those who are not too much into the appearance of the product.

pros of this product are its touch screen, multi-tiered security, and the feature that it also runs when the power supply of the house runs out. And yes, it is a durable product of its kind. The only bad feature of this product is its appearance and the AA battery.

ZKTeco TL400B – durable finger scanning door lock


  • • Touch screen. • Multi-tiered security. • Runs during power outages. • Durable.


  • • AA battery power= • A bit industrial looking.


View Product

3. ULTRA LOW U-Bolt Pro – Wi-Fi enabled finger scanning door lock

Key Features

  • Item Weight: 3.08 pounds
    Product Dimensions: 10.1 x 4.6 x 4.2 inches
    Manufacturer: U-Tec

Ultraloq is a maker of biometric door locks for safety and creativity. Two of their most inspiring products are mentioned here, beginning with the U-Bolt Pro. This is a deadbolt lock, as the name implies. It can be opened in six different ways, has clever burglar dissuasion, and is supported by an excellent application that enables it to be locked from anywhere.

The U-Bolt Pro looks nothing like traditional deadbolts. It has a large rectangular outer case that houses numbers spread out in an arch with a fingerprint reader in its center. Flexibility is the best thing about the fingerprint reader as it works regardless of the angle at which you place your finger. The lock is powered by four AA batteries but has a MicroUSB slot at the bottom for emergency access. The Ultraloq app makes managing passkeys and fingerprints much easier and gives you access to a detailed activity log. It’s easy to add or remove individual fingerprints as well as profiles for up to 60 users. The keyhole is hidden behind the bolt’s face, so burglars won’t even consider looking for it.

It is easy to install and comes with a hidden keyhole. the best feature it has is that it has a companion app and through that, it can be unlocked from anywhere in the world using Wi-Fi.

The only bad feature about it is that it has intermittent issues and fingerprints only work when hands are clean.

Title HereULTRA LOW U-Bolt Pro – Wi-Fi enabled finger scanning door lock


  • • Easy to install • Hidden keyhole • Great companion app • Can be unlocked from anywhere in the world through Wi-Fi


  • • Fingerprints work best with clean hands • Intermittent connection issues

View Product


4.Luckily – highly rated finger scanning door lock

Key Features

  • Item Weight: 5.19 pounds
    Product Dimensions: 3.15 x 1.92 x 7.4 inches
    Manufacturer: PIN Genie Ltd

A different approach to implementation is the keyless biometric door at Lockley. It provides a touch screen device for reading and keyboard input, like the one from Samsung, but uses a more rigorous new generation of 3D print detection but has a considerably lower false-negative rate too.

This is less expensive, and it is an advantage and provides both Bluetooth and autoblock compatibility with iOS or Android. This is much simpler than the Samsung bid, and this is reflected in the reduced price.

The main advantage of this one is that it has dual power sources so you don’t have to mess too much with batteries. Interoperability with mobile devices via Bluetooth is a good idea, but anyone who uses Bluetooth is aware of how long it takes to sync devices. This is nevertheless a good, if rather slow, design.

.Luckily – highly rated finger scanning door lock


  • • Touch screen. • Multi-tiered security. • Runs during power outages. • Durable.


  • • Backup is a 9v battery. • The touch screen seems a tad vulnerable. • Samsung SHS-P718-LMK

View Product

5. SHS-P718-LMK – high-quality finger scanning door lock

Key Features

  • Item Weight: 9.58 pounds
    Product Dimensions: 17.72 x 4.72 x 12.6 inches
  • Manufacturer: SAMSUNG

You know you are working with a product that has years of experience in quality electronics and modern innovation when dealing with Samsung devices. It might be surprising that Samsung is working in the security field, but in any tech pie, they want their fingers. It is a touch-based, biometric system that offers multiple access methods with RFID and code input. It looks elegant and attractive and offers serious business to everyone who wants to find a difficult time with sleek brushed steel. This solution is suggested if you don’t mind its costs and you’re comfortable with no main choice. But honestly, unless you get a lot of good things, it will make home obvious to convey your positive financial situation. It looks a bit overpowered.

Well, it has quite amazing features which include a touch screen, RFID, mechanical key keypad, and an intrusion alarm. It provides a low false rejection rate.it is an optical, biometric type lock and uses an 8 AA alkaline battery with 12 months/10 uses per day lifespan as a power source. the most amazing feature of this lock is that it can capture and save up to 100 unique prints of fingers.

This device is certainly not cheap, but you cannot go wrong with Samsung in general if you want the top of the line.

With all these advantages like modern design, the best quality offered by Samsung, touch screen, multi-tiered security, and durability it also has some disadvantages. Such as it uses AA batteries, instead of a power pack. Its Touch screen seems a tad vulnerable. It has no mechanical key and it is very expensive.

Samsung SHS-P718-LMK – high-quality finger scanning door lock


  • • Modern design. • Samsung quality. • Touch screen. • Multi-tiered security. • Runs during power outages. • Durable.


  • • Uses AA batteries, instead of a power pack. • The touch screen seems a tad vulnerable. • No mechanical key. • Very expensive.


View Product

6. ZKTeco BL10 – Budget friendly finger scanning door lock

Key Features

  • Item Weight: 4.31 pounds
    Product Dimensions: 5.9 x 7.9 x 5.5 inches
    Manufacturer: ZKTeco CO., LTD

The least costly device, that can lock your bedroom door and act as well as an office building. ZKTeco’s BL10 is a stylishly crafted lock with a fingerprint reader and fun app for use. It works as long as it is kept away from the elements and its attractive price makes a good investment to match any interior door in your house.

The ZKBioBL app is nothing special, but it is laid out and all features are readily available. Hours are well defined and have a comprehensive user log. Schedules can be set for any one of 100 registered users with timetables. One can work every day and for as many hours as he likes, with increases of one hour. History lists can be accessed and can be sorted by user and time to more easily locate an instance. The only disadvantage it has is that the reader is slow to respond to fingerprints. It takes a few seconds from the time you turn it on to the door, which can be dangerous in an emergency. Connecting to the app is still frustrating. Any time you turn it on, it looks for the lock, and thus opening a door is not faster.

ZKTeco BL10 – Budget friendly finger scanning door lock


  • • Cool-looking, minimalistic aesthetic • Hidden keyhole • App has comprehensive access history


  • • Suffers from connection issues • Slow to open the door after recognizing prints

View Product

7. Samsung SHS-H700 Digital Door Lock – flexible door lock

Key Features

  • Item Weight: 9.78 pounds
    Product Dimensions: 15.8 x 12.5 x 4.9 inches
    Manufacturer: SAMSUNG

For those who want to refurbish their security system with an easy to use flexible door lock, the Samsung SHS-H700 Digital Door Lock is a solid choice. The attractive design of the device and its ease of operating were praised by the majority of Samsung digital door lock systems users.

However, some users had trouble updating the system because of ambiguous instructions. All in all, the automated door lock system from Samsung is a decent option. Most Samsung wireless fingerprint door locking device users like the system’s sleek look. This system also allows one to use up to 100 new fingerprints.

Its capacity to save up to 100 new prints of fingers and attractive design are the major pros in this system. The negative aspect of this system is its frustrating instructions.

Samsung SHS-H700 Digital Door Lock – flexible door lock


  • • Attractive design • stores up to 100 fingerprints


  • Frustrating instructions

View Product


Finger scanning door locks are revolutionizing the security incredibly. In short, this is the future of the locking systems installed in our homes and offices. There are many important factors to look for while choosing a finger scanning door lock. They can influence the security of the house immensely. To make your choice best and trustworthy we have done a lot of hard work. This is a research-based guide that highlights all the key factors. Go ahead and choose the most suitable system keeping all the factors in mind.


Can I reset my fingerprint for the door lock?

Yes, you can reset it. Also, you can add more fingerprints to existing memory.

Can someone misuse a fingerprint lock?

No, it is very difficult to trick the fingerprint locking system. Only a professional can trick it in some cases.

Is it safe to use a fingerprint locking system?

It is one of the most modern and secure locking systems available in the market. You can trust this system.

Why it is safer than a password locking system?

There is less probability to trick this system. This is the reason why it is more reliable.

Are there any disadvantages to the fingerprint locking system?

It is a costly system. Everybody cannot afford this system. Also, may any physical change affect the performance of the system.

What causes door locks to stick?

Excessive use is the reason why some of the fingerprint locking systems began to stick.



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