[Editor’s Pick] Dual Exhaust System For Chevy Trucks

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Dual exhaust systems are named so because the gases are escaping through two pipes rather than one and they also provide addition horsepower gains to the engine. True dual exhaust systems save energy and makes the engine more efficient and also helps to reduce the back pressure. These are mainly used for Chevy trucks. This exhaust system divides the gases in two tube instead of all the gas exit though one opening.

Top 6 Dual Exhaust System for Chevy Trucks

1.Performance Racing Stainless Steel SS409

Performance Racing Stainless Steel SS409

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  • Exhaust system with two mufflers
  • Chevy Silverado exhaust system
  • Aggressive exterior
  • Moderate interior
  • Improves horsepower and torque
  • It costs $ 299.95

Header back exhaust system is a light weight system of 1.1 pounds by MPV auto parts. It has a very smooth interior sound but an aggressive exterior sound. Two tubes of diameter 2.50” with two high flow mufflers are included in this chevy dual exhaust pipe kit. This is an advantageous tool to maintain your engine and to keep it effective and efficient.

  • 1)      It is a cool and nice gadget. An appreciative stuff.
  • 2)      A complete dual exhaust system with two mufflers. And hope to buy again such a great stuff.

2. Dual 4″ Performance Race Racing Cat BackDual 4" Performance Race Racing Cat Back

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  • High performance mufflers
  • Dual 5” inch polished stainless tips
  • Top quality
  • Speed engineering true duals exhaust
  • Affordable product
  • It costs $229.95

This kit weighs 7 ounces. It does not fit in older models 2004 and newer model of 2007 with 6.7L engine. The best universal dual exhaust kit. It needs professional installation and its pipe can be trimmed according to size i.e. long bed or short bed. Moreover it is composed of aluminized steel and is the best one in chevy truck kits.


1) Top quality product with affordable price but extension pipe is required for it to adjust the length.

2) A very positive impression it does not need a professional installer as it is easy to install. It consists of everything that you would need.

3.Performance Stainless Steel Dual 3.00Performance Stainless Steel Dual 3.00

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  • Dual cat black exhaust system
  • TIG Weld & Mandrel-Bent for Maximum Performance
  • Top quality stainless steel
  • Affordable price
  • Requires professional installation
  • It costs $299.95

Cat black exhaust muffler system is a chevy dual exhaust pipe kit. This product weighs 14.1 ounces, it is a light weight product. Customers are going to love its throaty sound during its performance. Moreover, it is expertly engineered by to provide a muscular exterior and to decrease internal resonance.


1) Very well packed, and good delivery time with very well quality.

2) It sounds good and ad a very nice noted tone.

4. Stainless Steel SS409 Dual Split Side ExitStainless Steel SS409 Dual Split Side Exit

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  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Tube diameter 3” inches.
  • Increases horsepower and torque
  • Mandrel belt tubing for maximum flow
  • Dual exhaust chevy trucks
  • It costs $188.83

Stainless steel SS409 Dual split side is a true dual exhaust system for trucks. It has a very bold exterior and a modified interior. A complete dual exhaust system for chevy trucks. The best deal ever a customer can find. Moreover it is a headers and exhaust kit with a very exceptional quality and great sound.


1. Very much pleased with the quality and sound. It is not obnoxiously loud but was according to budget.

2.  A very simple installation is required for it.

5. Flowmaster Super 44 Mandrel-BentFlowmaster Super 44 Mandrel-Bent

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  • 2.5” dual outlet
  • Multi-depth insulated hangers
  • Muffler clamps
  • Dual exhaust kit for chevy Silverado
  • Angle cut chrome tips
  • It costs $259.99

Flowmaster dual exhaust system has been constructed by double Vs equal size. The Super 44 is Flowmaster has street muffler, boosting torque, horsepower, and airflow. Dual Exhaust kits contain premium 2.5″ pipes, with superior quality bends that will improve the exhaust flow for boosted power and fuel economy. This system is designed to fit all wheel base applications.


1) A very good product but needs professional installation and hardwork. Flowmaster sounds good and looks good.

2) It seems to be very good value for the money.  Avoid to buy these types if you do not have access to the welder otherwise a superior product.

6. Stainless Steel SS409 3″ Dual SplitStainless Steel SS409 3" Dual Split

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  • Speed engineering true duals exhaust
  • True dual exhaust for Silverado
  • Dual exhaust system for gmc sierra
  • Headers and exhaust kit
  • It costs $ 279.95

Stainless steel SS409 gives high performance dual at back exhaust system with two 4″ polished tips. Mandrel bent tubing for maximum flow & performance gains. This can be fitted in following models 2014-2019 Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra 1500 Pickup Truck, 4.3L & 5.3L Models. Excludes 6.2L V8 Model.


1) A very well made kit and produces a very nice sound that is not over aggressive.

2) Sounds great a very good product in a very good budget range. A welder is needed for installation.

Factors to know


Dual exhaust systems perform much better then the single exhaust system. One big difference is that it contains X type pipe which. Dual pipe exhaust system lets the gas run out fastly that it may effect the truck’s engine to work more effectively and efficiently.


Although the sound does not matter in front of the working but it is also a factor that may either disturb you or bring comfort to you. There is a calm sound of single exhaust system but dual exhaust system produces loud sound. And this mostly depends upon the type of pipe that either it is X-type pipe of H-type, H-type pipe produces smooth sound and X-type pipe produces noisy sound.

Advantages of dual exhaust system

First of all it provides more performance gains and reduces back pressure. Furthermore, it increases exhaust flow and has a very aggressive look.


These products mentioned above are the best selected as the complete exhaust system for the chevy trucks. Moreover these products will help you to give your vehicles a very cool sound and they will ease the air flow, also improve the fuel efficiency and engine efficiency. It gives two exit ways for the gases instead of only one. We recommend you to buy these products.

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