Drill Press Safety Rules

Drill press could be a dangerous machine to use if you do not take care of the safety rules properly. Knowing the basic know-how about them and then being extra cautious with a drill press is a must.

Before starting your work on the drill press you may have come across a user’s guide manual which would contain all the safety rules.

It is advised that you go through it carefully dear readers in order to get the hang of it. Make sure all the instructions are clearly understood and that you feel properly trained before starting the press.

Normally, many of the people who first start using drill presses are actually new at the field. So, the chance of error is evident and expected. As a friendly tip try going through several safety rules online videos and similar safety rules blogs. That would help you to reduce the chance of error.

More on you would be able to understand the basic parts of the drill press and why to be extra careful with them. The use of Quill for instance, drill chuck, the adjustable table these are the main three of the parts of the drill machine. So, gaining perfection over their use automatically means added safety for yourself.

Now let us take a look at some further aspects and the list of more elaborative safety rules to keep in check while using the drill press. Keep reading with us.

Safety rules when working with a drill press

Take note of these safety rules with the utmost care dear readers as we will try to explain them to you using our advanced researching processing. To make sure you get authentic and reliable information at hand.

  • Correct RPM

Run your drill at the correct RPM, revolutions per minute. This depends upon the diameter of your drill bit and the material you are using.

  • Hold it properly

Always as a safety measure hold your drill bit through a metal clamp attached to the work table on which it is on.

  • Use the correct drill bit for the correct use

    Also known as a rookie mistake made my many of the users who are newbies with the drill pres. Make sure, that your drill bit is correctly suited to the material it is drilled upon.

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Your shop person will help to identify the correct bit easily.

  • Cutting fluid

    It is recommended to use proper cutting fluid as well according to your material being drilled. Your shop person will easily help you to identify this product upon purchase.

  • Removing chips

    As a good friendly tip try removing the chips on your drill press base with a brush instead of your hand. As it may contain some rough steel debris or nail points left which might cut or snip at your finger without being visible to your naked eye.

  • Use the right pressure

    Using the right pressure on your drill press base is also vital. Since if your applied pressure is too much than your material may start to break ruining your drilling press. Or at the worse, cause it to cause some accident by accidentally hitting your eyes or face.

  • Always check drill before using

    As obvious by the point already, make sure to check your drill press thoroughly before buying it and operating it. As a safety check as we told in the start is always a good habit so you can be sure your drill press is safe to use.

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  • Support on the parallel boards

    Always make sure to support the parallel boards first before drilling.

  • Placing correct tools in the drill chuck

Another friendly safety tip to ensure proper and safe working with the drill press is placing your tools where they are meant to be. Meaning, only straight-faced shape tools such as the normal drills should be attached in chucks. Not the large diameter or large sized tools.

  • Cleaning your drill

    Always make sure that your drill sleeve and the spindle support is clean before use.

Some more safety rules along with cautions

Continuing on with our blog on safety rules. These are some of the more unheard safety rules to be followed with drill presses.

  • Wearing some proper safety equipment

    Many people unfortunately ignore this point but it deserves its place in our list so here it is. Wear appropriate CSA approved safety glasses and clothing.

  • The start and off button

    Make sure that the on and off buttons of your drill press are located within easy reach. While you are at it making the check for an emergency stop button will also pay you well in the long run.

  • A shield in place before working

    Making sure of the fact that a shield or a guard is present in place and functions just as it should be before your drill press is turned on.

  • Lubrication

    Normal with many mechanical machines is the process of lubrication to ease the moving of the parts. Same goes with drill press as well lubricate it often for smooth operation and specially when drilling metal.

  • Keeping your drill bit up to date and sharp

    Just as knives are kept sharp for their purpose, the drill bits should be kept clean and sharp for their effective mode of operation.

  • Do not clean when on

    Do not ever even think of cleaning your drill press before it is properly shut off and unplugged. Wait for it to be properly shut off and then clean it as you wish.

  • The drill chuck key

    When using frequently always remove the drill chuck from the spindle moving part.

  • Safety protection for the eye

    Just as wearing safety clothing for your hands it is also a good safety precaution to wear safety goggles for protecting your eyes.

That is all for the drill press safety rules and always remember that safety goes beyond the idea of memorizing. They should be learned as you were living them so others can live similar to that by adopting those methods. Nothing beats safety!



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