Double the Clicks? on Same Old Shopify Store

Improve ctr of shopify store - quick SEO tips

How to boost website clicks by more than 80% for a Shopify store…

eCommerce brand nearly doubled organic clicks over the previous quarter.

Internals + related product entities = Better Results

A few things that continue to work well with eCommerce organic marketing;


Assist Google 

in trusting your site by using matching entities in collections and products: If your brand can’t match the associated product lines, you should develop them.

Maintain your Google Search Console account! This will offer you a wealth of constantly changing data. Because it’s a gold mine, mine the gold.


Create content silos 

on your website. There are three options: no knowledge buckets, a guess-eternal method, or a completely sealed silo. Which does Google favor?

Internal links are gold dust for you. They’re a magnificent art form that can drive massive attention to your website. Entities associated with compounds

Explain to the buyer how product X solves problem Y, not how “great” or “fantastic” your product is. 

Seriously, you should optimize your product pages with relevant attributes. Please make them one-of-a-kind. Yes, it is difficult work, but begin at the top and work your way down.


Put “User-Experience” on Top

UX! We live in a visual world, and brands’ expectations are rising. Customers prefer to navigate visually appealing websites. You are lagging behind if your store has web pages that appear to use “flash loading.”


Links are still an important ranking element. 

However, if someone mentions “high DA,” back away. Relevance is king in e-commerce; links will drive keywords up, but product coverage will propel your brand to the finish line.

A great SEO strategy is accomplished through collaboration and a team approach. Yes, as SEOs, we require developers, great authors, and complete assistance.

 We also need data analysts (which is why SEOs are so valuable; a data analyst would not be hired for $1k per month).


Final Thoughts

Your team should recognize the importance of SEO and the benefits it provides. By combining SEO, you’ll get a paid digital asset that will make you money and give you a bigger share of the market. Simply trust the process.



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