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A table is one of the most important parts of a home’s furniture. It is needed in almost all the rooms of a home. Whether it be the dining table, coffee table, dressing table or the centrepiece of the drawing-room, it is an essential part of the household ornaments. And if you are a person with artistic taste, then you would love to have a beautifully decorated table for yourself in the room.
Today we will be discussing DIY ideas for table decoration. If you want a pretty table with eye-catching décor but you also do not want to spend a lot of money over this then do not worry! We have classy ideas for you according to your taste and need, that can help you get a gorgeous table better than the readymade ones. Let’s get started.

Make it pretty with Flowers

Whenever we talk about the concept of decoration, flowers are pretty much the first things that come into our minds because nothing can beat the flowers in terms of beauty. Different flowers will not only make the table look beautiful but can bring so many fragrances and colours to your room. These are the natural decorators that can bring life to any dull boring places thing.

Take a beautiful flower vase, fill it more than half with water and put in your favourite flowers. If you do not have any flower vase then no worries because you can make one yourself. Take a fine water glass from the kitchen and use it as the vase. But if you want some extra detailing on it, you can paint it with nice colours and patterns, take some hot glue gun and paste some glittery stones over the surface of the glass with beautiful designs and then add fresh flowers in it. This will give your room a garden-y look.

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Enchanted Forest Look ideas

Natural beauty always attracts everyone’s attention. Especially the floral, woody and muddy ideas can make you feel the real nature inside your room. The very popular idea for this kind of décor is that you can use a wooden slab, taken from a natural healthy tree and you can use that wooden slab as the base of the table. Now decorate it accordingly to give it a forest touch. You can add pines and cones on it along with beautiful wooden vase and wildflowers in it. The outer hardcore of pineapple can also be used as a vase or just as a decoration piece. It gives out natural sweet fragrance for days even after it is fully dried. Add scented candle with sandalwood scent and it will actually give you the aura to feel.

Antique Look ideas

If you are the one who loves antiques and wants your table to give the antique look. You can go for vintage antique decoration pieces. Add old photo frames with old photos in it on the table. Try to give the goldish colour to the environment around, you can spray golden paint yourself to the finishing of the table, it will give the look a definition. Use ashtrays, old crafted symbols on the table. You can give as many details as you want to, as with as many antiques it will never get boring.

Artistic Table ideas

You can give your table an artistic look very easily with the art pieces you have at home. The concept of art is so vast. Add small paintings to the table, glass vase with artistic patterns on it. You can make your own art pieces for decoration all you need is to have pretty glass vase and start painting on it. You can add beautiful patterns with colours, add more stones. Make artificial flowers with artistic techniques and put them in the vase. Sketch something pretty, frame it and place it on the table. Pottery seems to give quite a gorgeous sensation and it will bring the variety to the ornaments, so you can use this idea as well.

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Cosy Table ideas

You can go for cosy table ideas if you do not want to spend much time and resources on the decoration and it seems to give a fine and nice look to the place. You can place pretty fruit basket with seasonal fresh fruits along with a salt pepper try and antique plates. To enhance beauty, you can always add flowers, and place a tissue box with it. To complete the look, add beautiful ashtray, an antique water jug in the corner of the table with the set of glass, a toothpick box and there you go! Do not forget to place a pretty antiquely designed knife with the fruit basket.

Classy Candle Décor with Glass Ornaments

Nowadays, scented candles and glass decoration pieces are the new classy. These are the modern obsessions that have taken the concept of decoration to the other level of not just the physical appearance but also the sweet romantic fragrances can make you feel any emotion you want to. For an instance, if you will have a vanilla-scented candle on your study table, it will make you feel alive and energetic, sweet, light coffee, romantic rose fragrances on the side tables of your bedroom will make you feel relaxed and good to sleep.

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You can put scented candles in beautiful glass candle jars on the table, and by the side of it, take a glass bowl, fill it with scented colourful flowers. Place glass decoration pieces, photo frames around. Try to not to put any stuff around that can catch flame easily and burn as you are going with candles around both the corners but to give it more detailing and vibe, you can specify one corner of the table for the candles and you can add a couple of books to the other corner of the table. Place a comfortable chair by side of the table along with a foot stand to give it a complete mood.

Variety Table

If you are not certain about some specific table decor ideas, then you can always mix and match and add variety to your table. You can always and forever go for flowers as flowers are the oldest source of decoration till the date and it never goes out of style and class with flowers. Place different glass ornaments, antique decoration pieces, books you like to read, you can also specify some space for the newspapers and magazines. Paintings, flower baskets, candles, a stationery glass with some pens and a writing pad aside is one of the presentable ideas. You just need a little more creativity to adjust or combine accordingly to give it a nice artistic view and everything done by your own self will give it an enchanted look filled with the affection of your effort for your home!




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