Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Do Anything?

There are numerous devices and gadgets available in nowadays in both offline and online markets for you to have a more comfortable sleeping experience in your room.

A similar natural product amongst these is the “Himalayan salt lamp”. So today we’ll be looking at the famous question about these salt lamps, which is whether they do anything for your house or nothing at all?

First, let’s answer the question before checking their validity and the claim that whether they do something if at all?

A Himalayan salt lamp is like a rough pinkish and orangish lump of salt which is carved into a big and almost like your full hand size lamp. Now the pink salt is not only limited for adding spice and flavor to your taste buds but now can help in decorating your home as well or your bedside table.

More on, you might have also seen some of these salt lamps in lavish fashion magazines as well. The pink salt material comprised inside is what we use after refining in our kitchens and all kind of foods which also dear readers is proudly manufactured and mined in huge quantities from the Khewra Salt mines in Pakistan.

Now done with the intro lets focus on the question of them doing anything or not. Focusing on the health aspects related to the lamp it is said, that the pinkish salt of the lamps helps to release some sort of negative ions in your surroundings. Which are said to remove the dust particles which could be affecting your health.

Hence helping to purify your air space and to improve the living standards a bit. Since we all know, a healthy life is a happy life, right?

But I’ll delve a bit more into this claim to explain it properly for our readers, these salt lamps are believed to be “natural ionizers” for our air, meaning that they can ionize our air by changing its ion proportions. This happens through alternations in the air’s moisture and due to factors like humidity, precipitation etc.

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So, it’s suggested that these Himalayan salt lamps help to produce such ions which then later ionize and purify the air of sorts.

While some people also believe that these salt lamps are also important in boosting your energy levels against certain allergies. While at the same time it’s also said that these pink salt lamps can help boost your overall mood and help you in sleeping more soundly and at peace.

Sounds surprising right considering we’re talking about a table lamp? On the contrary, however it’s important to note that no medical or scientific studies have sprung up yet to support these claims (regarding the salt lamps ionizing).

Conclusively, apart from those claims they can be your best pick for choosing something that adds a unique and beautified look in your bedroom or in your over all room décor. As most people find peace looking at these soothing natural Himalayan salt lamps.



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